Where to watch Aftershock (2022) in Canada| Watch it on Hulu

watch Aftershock (2022) in Canada on Hulu

Exposing discrimination and bias in the healthcare system in the US, Aftershock is an upcoming documentary that tackles one of the most pressing issues faced by African-American families across the country: the high maternal mortality rate. While activists have been speaking about this crisis for ages, it has not received the level of attention from the concerned authorities and masses that it truly deserves.

Directed and produced by Paula Eiselt and Tonya Lewis Lee, this heartbreaking documentary not only aims to raise awareness about the tragedy happening to countless Black women in delivery rooms all over the country but also shows the aftermath of the misfortune faced by their spouses and children. 

Aftershock is heading to Hulu on July 19, 2022, after premiering at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.

How to watch Aftershock (2022) in Canada on Hulu

Aftershock is about to release on Hulu in the United States, if you are located outside the US or in a location where Hulu is not accessible then all you need is a workable VPN and you are all set to watch it.

If you want to watch Aftersock (2022) in Canada on Hulu then follow these steps:

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How to get a Hulu subscription in Canada

Hulu is not available in Canada but that does not mean you can not have a Hulu subscription. Follow these steps to get a Hulu account from Canada:

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  7. Open Hulu.com and watch Aftershock from Canada

Aftershock (2022)- Trailer

The official YouTube channel of Hulu released the trailer of Aftershock on June 13, 2022. The 2-minute clip is heartbreaking, showing what happens when a Black mother dies and leaves her grieving family behind.

Aftershock (2022)- Plot

Aftershock revolves around two women who lost their lives to natal-based complications due to a lack of proper medical care. The documentary follows the family members of the late Shanny Gibson and Amber Rose Isaac as they continue to fight for justice by bringing the crisis to the forefront through press conferences, gatherings, marches, and other forms of activism.

According to the official synopsis, Shanny was only 30 years old when she had her son. However, she died two weeks later due to the negligence of healthcare providers. Following her untimely death, her mother, Shawnee Benton Gibson, and partner, Omari Maynard, started raising their voice about the injustice faced by women like Shanny. 

Similarly, Amber Rose Isaac was 27 years old when she passed away due to poor medical care during her emergency c-section. After the news of her death reached Gibson and Maynard, they reached out to Amber’s widowed partner Bruce McIntyre. The two families, bonded by trauma and sadness, hope to take the story of their loved ones to the top.

Aftershock (2022)- Release and Reception

Aftershock is yet to release on Hulu, so its ratings are not presently available. However, it is worth noting that the documentary won the special Impact for Change accolade at Sundance Film Festival.

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Wrap Up

If you like watching content with a racial touch then Aftershock is for you. Watch Aftershock in Canada with ExpressVPN and also enjoy other upcoming movies and TV shows on Hulu from Canada.

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