Where to watch Big Bet in the US| Watch Big Bet (2022) on Disney Plus from the United States

Big Bet (2022) on Disney Plus in Untied State

Ready for another South Korean thriller that would make K-drama fans yearn for more and hook the non-fans? 

Disney + has announced a premiere date for the upcoming South Korean drama Big Bet and gripped the audience with an enticing teaser trailer starring Dong-hwi Lee, Sohn Seok-gu, and several other famous K-drama stars. 

Read on if you are here to find out where to watch Big Bet in the United States.

Where to watch Big Bet in the United States

The first season of Big Bet is heading to Disney Plus in the United Kingdom and Canada. If you are in the United States, get a Disney Plus subscription for $10.99/month and enjoy thousands of movies and tv shows.

You will also need a reliable VPN service to change your IP address because Big Bet (2022) is not coming to Disney Plus in the United States.

How to watch Big Bet (2022) on Disney Plus from the United States

The first season of Big Bet is heading to Disney Plus in the UK, Australia, and Canada. If you have a Disney Plus subscription, all you need is an ExpressVPN subscription to change your IP address and Disney Plus library and watch Big Bet from the USA. Follow these steps:

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  3. Select a Canadian IP address/server from the country list
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  5. Search Big Bet (2022) on Disney+ in the US
  6. Enjoy the show
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Big Bet (2022)- Release Date

Set and shot in the Philippines, viewers can stream the premiere of Big Bet, which was released on Disney+ on November 23.

The first three episodes of this two-season series (with the first season set to contain eight episodes) will be released on December 21, 2022, with a new episode coming out weekly. So don’t forget to catch this entertaining mix of violence, crime, and thrill played by your favorite Korean stars!

Also check out another Korean film on Disney Plus by the name of Connect. It was just released on Disney Plus in December.

Big Bet (2022)- Trailer

What to Expect from Big Bet

Big Bet tells the story of a gambler who wants to become rich. He tries out his luck to win the casino but ends up losing his life savings.

The Cutthroat World of Gambling 

This new Korean series, previously named King Of Savvy, covers the gripping tale of a man struggling to make his mark in the world of gambling and become a casino mogul. However, the drama becomes interesting as his way to success is hindered by a disastrous chain of events that prompts the man to risk everything he owns, including his own life, to get back to the path he desires. 

Disney+ announced on November 16 that this much-awaited K-drama would make a worldwide premiere on December 21 on its streaming service. It also offered the anticipating audience a glimpse into the new series through a one-minute-long teaser trailer that shows the cutthroat gambling world, with taking risks being the only mode of survival.

Big Bet also covers the thrilling turn of events when Phillipine’s legendary casino king gets tangled in a murder case and faces the ultimate dilemma of his efforts to get back into the gambling game. 

The Comeback You Have Been Waiting For 

Although the audience is yet to receive insight into an extensive synopsis, the show is set in a casino’s background and exhibits the turbulent life of a man in this business. This original Disney+ production shows the legendary TV debut of director Kang Yoon-sung – widely acclaimed for “The Outlaws,” and the revival of Choi Min-Sik, who is making a comeback to television after a whopping 25 years. 

As if Choi Min-sik’s comeback was not reason enough to stream this show, man-of-the-moment Son Suk-ku is also set to play a critical role in the series. He plays the role of the police officer sent to the Philippines to deal with international cases, which leads him to chase Mu-sik to solve the murder case. Jin Sun-kyu, Heo Sung-Tae, and Lee Dong-hwi will also join this thrilling cast. 

How Many Episodes of Big Bet Are There?

The first season of Big Bet has eight episodes. Four episodes have been released, with four to follow on a weekly basis. Here is a complete list of Big Bet episodes with release dates:

Episode Number

Episode Title

Release Date

1 Casino Bar December 21, 2022
2 Tax Bomb December 21, 2022
3 The Ten-Year Debt December 21, 2022
4 Rolling December 28, 2022
5 TBA January 4, 2023
6 TBA January 11, 2023
7 TBA January 18, 2023
8 TBA January 25, 2023

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Wrap Up

If you like watching movies and tv series with gambling and hardcore action. Watch Big Bet on Disney Plus from the United States with an ExpressVPN subscription. We have tested ExpressVPN to change Disney’s library several times, and it worked. Therefore we highly recommend it to all our readers and stream enthusiasts.

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