Where to watch I Am Ruth in the United States for free| Watch it on Channel 4!

watch I Am Ruth in the United States?

The new Channel 5 drama I Am Ruth follows the story of Ruth, a mother trying to protect her teenage daughter Phoebe from the dangers of social media. The series has a heart-touching story, and Kate Winslet does the job of a perfect mom.

In this blog, you will learn everything related to the series and where and how to watch I Am Ruth in the United States.

How to watch I Am Ruth in the United States?

I Am Ruth is now streaming on Channel 4 in the UK. Since Channel 4 is only accessible from the United Kingdom and Ireland. You will need a workable VPN to change your IP address to a British IP and access Channel 4 from USA.

Here are the steps you need to watch I Am Ruth in the United States for free.

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Where to watch I Am Ruth in the United States for free?

I Am Ruth is available on different streaming services and VODs. Sadly, the movie is not streaming in the United States, Canada, or Australia. The best way to watch I Am Ruth in the USA for free is on Channel 4 with an ExpressVPN account.

However, the previous two seasons of I am.. can be watched with the Stack TV addon on Amazon Prime in Canada and on Moviestar Plus in Spain.

I Am Ruth’s release date

I Am Ruth is the third season in the I am… series. The season has one episode featuring Kate Winslet, and she won an award for her remarkable performance.

I Am Ruth aired on 8 December 2022 on Channel 4 and was widely praised by viewers and critics. The series was nominated for several awards and won the Royal Television Society Programme Awards for Leading Actor: Female, British Academy Television Awards for Best Single Drama and Best Actress. The series is still available on Channel 4, and you can watch it with ExpressVPN from the US or Canada.

I Am Ruth’s trailer

Why is I Am Ruth so popular?

This show tackles important issues around social media and mental health in a relatable way. Ruth’s character represents concerned parents trying to protect their kids from the pressures and dangers of the online world. Many teenagers can relate to Phoebe’s struggles with body image and desire for approval from others.

The show is fast-paced and emotional, as we see the strain this puts on Ruth’s family. The writers don’t hold back in portraying the scary situations teenagers can find themselves in today. While sometimes difficult to watch, this show hopefully sparks important conversations between parents and teens about using social media responsibly.

What to expect from I Am Ruth?

I Am Ruth is popular because of Kate Winslet and the powerful story, which is stated below.

Ruth becomes increasingly concerned about her daughter Phoebe’s mental health as she obsesses over her appearance and popularity online. Phoebe is an aspiring influencer who is desperate for likes and followers. She compares herself to other girls at school and starts editing her photos to make herself look thinner.

Ruth tries to get Phoebe to spend less time online and more time with her family and friends. But Phoebe sees social media as an escape and starts rebelling against her mother. Ruth worries that Phoebe is developing an eating disorder and suicidal thoughts due to cyberbullying.

Things come to a head when Phoebe goes missing one night after receiving messages from an older man online. Ruth reports her missing to the police and frantically tries to find her daughter.

Overall, I Am Ruth is a compelling, eye-opening drama highlighting teen struggles with social media. The excellent acting and writing make this a must-watch show for families.

The cast of I Am Ruth

The cast of I Am Ruth brings together experienced actors who have starred in many popular films and TV shows. Oscar-winner Kate Winslet leads the show as the title character Ruth. Winslet is best known for her roles in blockbuster hits like Titanic, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and the Divergent series.

Relative newcomer Mia Threapleton plays Ruth’s daughter Phoebe. Threapleton made her on-screen debut alongside her mother Kate Winslet, in the 2020 film Shadows.

Other cast members include Joe Anders as Billy, Ruth’s husband. Anders has appeared in shows like Casualty and Father Brown. Royce Pierreson plays Miguel, Phoebe’s teacher. Pierreson may be recognized for his role as Jamie Laing in the hit series The Windsors.

Seroca Davis and Simon Kingsley-Pallant also feature as Ruth’s friends, bringing experience from shows like Killing Eve, Top Boy, and Bulletproof.

With its talented cast of veterans and promising newcomers, I Am Ruth is poised to be another compelling drama. Fans of the actors will enjoy seeing them take on these complex, emotional new roles.

Can I Watch I Am Ruth in USA with a free VPN?

We don’t recommend the use of free VPNs to watch I Am Ruth from the United States. We have tested several free VPNs, and none of them performed exceptionally. Free VPNs often come with security issues and data limits.

Hotspot Shield has annoying ads that you must watch every 15 minutes to continue using the free package. Tunnel Bear only offers 500Mbs of free data, which is insufficient to stream I Am Ruth in the USA.

Therefore, we highly advise you to invest in a premium VPN like ExrpessVPN and enjoy watching movies and tv shows you like. We have tested ExpressVPN to unblock Channel 4 from USA in the past and watched The Great British Baking Show in USA.

Why is ExpressVPN a good choice to watch I Am Ruth in USA?

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ExpressVPN has highly optimized servers in the United Kingdom, perfect for watching I Am Ruth from the United States. We used the East London server to stream the Kate Winslet movie, which worked perfectly in unblocking Channel 4 from USA.

The VPN works on almost every device and has dedicated apps for Windows, iOS, Android devices, and Linux systems. ExpressVPN also unlocks British Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and ITV outside the UK. We recently watched Tenet on Netflix on our smart TV with it.

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What else can you watch on Channel 4?

Channel 4 is one of the most popular British streaming services and channels. Here are a few TV shows you should check out on Channel 4.

I Am Ruth is streaming only on Channel 4 in the UK. Gee a reliable VPN to unblock Channel 4 from outside the UK and watch Kate Winslet's I Am Ruth online for free.

I Am Ruth is based on a fictional story co-authored by Dominic Savage and Kate Winslet. The story deals with a mother and her daughter suffering from endemic mental health crisis.

I Am Ruth is part of the I Am.. series. The series has three seasons and I Am Ruth is in the third.

I Am Ruth is not streaming on Netflix globally. The movie is likely to get its release date on Netflix in late 2023. We will keep this blog update for any future changes.

I Am Ruth is not available on Hulu or Disney Plus in the Untied States. The movie is only available on Channel 4 and can be watched on channel4.com with a reliable VPN.

The series has three seasons and seven episodes. The first season was released in 2019 with three episodes. The second season aired in 2021 and had three episodes. The series became famous after the release of Kate Winslet's I Am Ruth in late 2022.

Here is the complete breakdown of I Am... episodes.

Episode No. Season Episode Name Release date
1 Season 1 I Am Nicola 23 July 2019
2 Season 1 I Am Kirsty 30 July 2019
3 Season 1 I Am Hannah 6 August 2019
4 Season 2 I Am Victoria 5 August 2021
5 Season 2 I Am Danielle 12 August 2021
6 Season 2 I Am Maria 19 August 2021
7 Season 3 I Am Ruth 8 December 2022

Wrap Up

Looking to watch I Am Ruth from the United States? We have discussed the topic in detail, and now you can easily watch the Kate Winslet movie.

I Am Ruth is streaming on Channel 4, which is accessible from the UK. We recommend getting a reliable VPN to change your IP to a British IP and watch I Am Ruth from USA. Our team has tested ExpressVPN to access Channel 4, BBC, and ITV from the US, and it worked perfectly. Therefore, we highly recommend it to all our readers.

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