How to watch The Great Pottery Throw Down online for free| Watch it on Channel 4 (tested)

watch The Great Pottery Throw Down in the United States?

Have you ever watched a mound of clay transform into a stunning work of art? If not, you’re missing out on an aesthetic, therapeutic, and entertaining spectacle that “The Great Pottery Throw Down” offers. This show hailed as the ‘Bake Off’ for pottery, is a fascinating television series that takes both the contestants and viewers on a journey of creativity, craftsmanship, and captivating pottery transformations.

In this blog, we will talk about everything you need to know about the show and where and how to watch it online for free.

How to watch The Great Pottery Throw Down online for free?

watch The Great Pottery Throw Down online for free
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The Great Pottery Throw Down Season 6 is available on Channel 4 in the UK for free streaming. If you reside in the UK, head over to Channel 4’s website and enjoy the pottery show. But you will need a reliable VPN if you try to watch The Great Pottery Throw Down from the United States due the Channel 4’s unavailability in the USA.

Follow these steps to watch every episode of The Great Pottery Throw Down Season 6 online for free from the US.

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5- Search The Great Pottery Throw Down 2023 on Channel 4 from the USA

6- Enjoy

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Watching The Great Pottery Throw Down online with ExpressVPN

We have tested ExpressVPN to watch The Great Pottery Throw Down 2023 online on Channel 4 from the United States, Canada, and outside the UK. ExpressVPN has dedicated servers in the UK that are perfect for fast streaming.

Here are the detailed steps you should follow to access Channel 4 from outside the UK and watch The Great Pottery Throw Down online free from anywhere.

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3- Connect To A British IP address

After downloading the ExpressVPN app on your device, select a British IP address from the country list in the ExpressVPN app. Since Channel 4 is only accessible from the UK, you will need to connect to a British server to access Channel 4 and watch The Great Pottery Throw Down 2023 from the United States.

4- Enjoy

After connecting to a British IP address, open and search for The Great Pottery Throw Down 2023. You can now watch the pottery show for free on Channel 4 from USA or Canada, enjoy.

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The Great Pottery Throw Down 2023 trailer

Where to watch The Great Pottery Throw Down in the United States?

The Great Pottery Throw Down is streaming on a number of OTT platforms. In the United States, you can watch five seasons of the pottery show on Max and on Amazon Prime with the Max channel. An HBO Max subscription will cost you around $9.99/m.

Alternatively, you can watch The Great Pottery Throw Down on Channel 4 with an ExpressVPN subscription from the US. An ExpressVPN subscription will cost you $6.67/m with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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When is The Great Pottery Throw Down 2023 starting?

The Great Pottery Throw Down Season 6 started on January 8, 2023, continued airing for ten episodes, and ended on March 12, 2023. Every episode was available on Sunday, 7.45 pm on Channel 4.

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The Great Pottery Throw Down 2023- Contestants

Twelve new potters will put their skills to the test to win the Throwdown crown. Here are the contestants for The Great Pottery Throw Down Season 6.

  1. CAITLIN, 23 from Glasgow — Medical Student
  2. CHRISTOPHE, 36, from London (originally France) — Architect
  3. DEREK, 57, from Tunbridge Wells (originally Belfast) — Journalist/Editor
  4. FABIOLA, 52, from London (originally Colombia) — Nanny
  5. FLISS, 24 from London — Oil Painter
  6. GEORGE, 27 from Hampshire — Junior Doctor
  7. HELEN, 65 from Kent — Retired Headteacher
  8. JAMES, 44 from Banbury — Art Teacher
  9. JON, 46 from Corsham — Chartered Structural Engineer
  10. LOÏS, 36 from Ramsgate, Kent — Teacher turned jewelry designer
  11. REBECCA, 32 from Scarborough — Teacher
  12. VITHU, 29 from Manchester — Bartender/Waiter

Who is hosting The Great Pottery Throw Down 2023

Siobhán McSweeney has returned to host the sixth season of The Great Pottery Throw Down. She has replaced Ellie Taylor, who has presented several British shows and was a part of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Now! in 2014.

McSweeney, a renowned Irish actress, has become a household name for her role as the brusque but lovable Sister Michael in the award-winning comedy-drama “Derry Girls”. Known for her distinct charm and comedic timing, she has effortlessly made the transition from a convent in Derry to the pottery studio in Stoke-on-Trent as the new host of ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’ in 2023.

Siobhán began her career on the stage, captivating audiences with her performances in productions at The Royal Shakespeare Company and The National Theatre. Her transition to the small screen has been equally successful. Apart from Derry Girls, her impressive portfolio includes roles in The Fall with Gillian Anderson and No Offence, a police procedural drama.

While she might not be a potter by trade, Siobhán’s ability to create a welcoming and enjoyable environment has been pivotal in making ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’ a hit. Her quick wit, her knack for bringing out the best in contestants, and her evident delight in the artistic process have quickly made her a fan favorite.

Not only does Siobhán inject a refreshing light-heartedness into the show, she also brings a keen appreciation for the craft. Her respect for the potters’ artistry and her infectious excitement when witnessing their creations unfold adds a unique layer to the series.

From the stages of Shakespearean drama to the comedy of “Derry Girls” and now, the heart-warming world of pottery, Siobhán McSweeney continues to impress with her versatility and charisma. Her tenure on The Great Pottery Throw Down 2023 has not only validated her reputation as a remarkable entertainer but has also showcased her genuine passion for creative pursuits. She remains an inspiration to many, both within the world of pottery and beyond.

The Judges of The Great Pottery Throw Down 2023

When it comes to assessing the artistry and skill of pottery, ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down 2023’ has assembled a formidable trio of judges: Rose Schmits, Richard Miller, and Keith Brymer Jones. These three bring an exceptional wealth of expertise, insight, and passion to the show.

Rose Schmits, an internationally acclaimed ceramic artist, has been making waves in the pottery scene with her strikingly original and tactile pieces. Drawing inspiration from nature and her Dutch roots, Rose’s work has been showcased in exhibitions worldwide, earning her numerous accolades. She brings to the show a keen eye for innovative design and a profound understanding of the physicality of clay.

Known for his signature mix of functional design and artistry, Richard Miller is more than just a skilled potter. He shot to fame through his appearances on the BBC’s “The Great British Throw Down” and is also the owner of Froyle Tiles, a company producing bespoke ceramic pieces. His extensive knowledge of ceramics and its practical application provides contestants invaluable insight into the industry’s professional side.

Rounding out the trio is Keith Brymer Jones, a name that needs little introduction. Keith is a master potter known for his simple yet beautiful ceramic designs under the “Make International” brand. However, he’s perhaps most renowned for his heartfelt, often emotional responses to contestants’ pieces, becoming an endearing figure in the pottery world.

Together, this powerhouse trio evaluates, guides, and inspires the participants of ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down 2023’. Their collective experience spans not just years but a vast spectrum of pottery, from fine art to commercial design, providing contestants with well-rounded feedback. More than just judges, Schmits, Miller, and Jones are mentors, their passion for pottery is evident in every critique, every suggestion, and every tear shed in awe of a contestant’s creation.

What to Expect from The Great Pottery Throw Down 2023?

“The Great Pottery Throw Down” is a unique competition-based reality TV show where contestants from different backgrounds test their pottery skills under time constraints and a watchful jury. Originally aired on BBC Two, the program took off in 2015, swiftly capturing the hearts of viewers worldwide. Contestants have to mould, glaze, and fire clay into beautiful, practical pieces, showcasing their talents and creativity under pressure.

The Emotional Roller Coaster: Breaking More than Just Pottery

The thrill of competition, the potential for creative genius, and the inevitable heartbreaking moments when a piece doesn’t survive the kiln make “The Great Pottery Throw Down” an emotional roller coaster. It’s not just about pottery; it’s about the individuals behind each piece, their stories, their passion, and their resilience. The show beautifully intertwines the art of pottery with the art of storytelling, thus ensuring an emotional connection between the audience and the potters.

The Artistic Evolution: Masterpieces from Mud

Each episode presents a new challenge, pushing the boundaries of what can be created from clay. From miniature porcelain teapots to giant garden sculptures, the range and scale of projects continually evolve, illustrating the unlimited possibilities of this ancient craft. The show isn’t just a competition; it’s an education, a historical exploration, and a celebration of the artistic versatility of pottery.

The Jury: Experts Guiding the Clay Crusade

The critical and essential part of the show is the panel of judges, bringing years of expertise and passion for pottery. Renowned ceramist Keith Brymer Jones, with his tearful appreciation for beauty, and acclaimed pottery designer Sue Pryke provide invaluable critiques and guidance. Their insights not only benefit the contestants but also enlighten viewers about the nuances of pottery. Their emotional investment in each piece exemplifies their commitment to the craft, making the show more engaging.

Community Impact: Inspiring a New Generation of Potters

“The Great Pottery Throw Down” has undeniably sparked a new wave of interest in pottery. Across the globe, pottery classes are seeing a surge in enrollment as viewers get inspired to try their hands at the craft. The show’s impact extends beyond entertainment, fostering a sense of community and reigniting passion for this nearly forgotten art form.

A Masterpiece of Reality TV

In a reality TV landscape filled with dramatic antics and flashy productions, “The Great Pottery Throw Down” stands out for its sincerity, creativity, and heartfelt respect for the craft. It masterfully combines competition, personal growth, artistry, and history, with each episode delivering a unique experience. This show isn’t just for pottery enthusiasts; it’s for anyone who appreciates the transformative power of art and the compelling stories of the people who create it.

Can you watch The Great Pottery Throw Down with a free VPN?

You can give it a try, but we don’t recommend it. A free VPN can not provide you with the ultimate online security leaving you open to hackers and cyber-attacks. We have tested dozens of free VPNs, and none of them provided the ultimate streaming experience we were looking out.

We often faced slow internet issues along with frequent disconnection. Therefore we highly recommend you invest in a premium VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN and enjoy watching The Great Pottery Throw Down 2023 online for free in the United States or Canada.

What else can you watch with a VPN?

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Wrap Up

So, whether you’re an aspiring potter, an art enthusiast, or simply a fan of well-crafted reality television, “The Great Pottery Throw Down” is sure to captivate, inspire, and warm your heart, one pot at a time. The show gives you a front-row seat to the magical process of turning an unremarkable lump of clay into a breathtaking work of art, reminding us all that beauty can be found in art.

We have tested ExpressVPN to unblock Channel 4 and watched The Great British Baking Off from the US, and it worked perfectly. Therefore we are recommending it to all our readers.

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