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If you are a fan of period shows with royal costumes, struggles for power, and forbidden love stories, then wait no more. Staz is set to premiere an American-British drama series by the name of Becoming Elizabeth. Created by Anya Reiss and produced by George Ormond, the show will be released by June 12, 2022, on Starz.

While most of us are aware of the story of Queen Elizabeth II well, thanks to many shows and series based on her life, Becoming Elizabeth will entirely focus on the younger years of Princess Elizabeth I before she claimed the queen’s throne. If you are here to watch Becoming Elizabeth from New Zealand and Australia then read on.

How to watch Becoming Elizabeth in New Zealand & Australia | On Starz

The brand new TV show “Becoming Elizabeth’ will be streaming on Starz in the United States and the UK. If you are residing in a country in which Starz is not available then here is your quick fix:

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  2. Download the VPN app on your preferred device
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  5. Search Becoming Elizabeth on Starz from New Zealand & Australia
  6. Enjoy the show
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How to get a Starz subscription from New Zealand & Australia

Starz is yet to launch its services in Canada, but that does not mean you can have a Starz subscription. Follow these steps to get a Starz account from Canada:

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  9. Enjoy the show

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Becoming Elizabeth- Trailer

Becoming Elizabeth- Plot

The main lead is Princess Elizabeth, played by Alicia von Rittburg as the young Elizabeth Tudor. The other characters include Romola Garai as Queen Mary I, Jessica Raine as Catherine Parr, Tom Cullen as Thomas Seymore, and others. As the name suggests, the show’s story is based on the early life of Princess Elizabeth, who is an orphaned teenager tangled in the English court politics.

In the power game between the English royal families, viewers will watch how Elizabeth struggles for her rights and stands strong among the men who try to snatch away her sovereignty. 

With the shooting that took place in one of the most fantastic heritage attractions in Wales, The Cardiff Castle, viewers can expect royalty, and glamorous scenes in the show, with an excellent storyline.

The show looks promising with the Princess’s fascinating journey to secure her crown and rightful throne. You can expect schemes, threats, betrayals, and false relationships with each character on the edge of the fortune wheel that might take them to cloud nine and back to the executioner’s block in a nanosecond. The eight-episode show will premiere every Sunday starting from June 12, 2022, on Starz.

Wrap Up

Becoming Elizabeth is an upcoming TV show about Queen Elizabeth I, if you are into the British drama and history genre then you will love this TV show. Watch Becoming Elizabeth on Starz from New Zealand & Australia with a VPN. 

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