How To Watch Vera Season 13 In USA For Free on ITVX (New Episodes)

Vera Season 13

Vera is an acclaimed British crime drama adapted from Ann Cleeves’ series of novels. The show follows a detective investigating complex crimes, determined to deliver justice. After wrapping up its 12th season earlier this year, the series is set to return on January 7, 2024.

Vera Season 13 is set to bring back the dynamic duo of Vera Stanhope and Joe Ashworth and is confirmed to continue the story from where we last saw our beloved DCI in Vera Christmas Special 2023.

If you want to get ahead of the clock and be ready to stream the new season, you have come to the right place because this blog will guide you with watching Vera Season 13 in USA for free.

How to watch Vera Season 13 in USA for free?

Get ready for Vera Season 13, coming to ITVX on January 7, 2024. But before that, if you’re in USA or anywhere outside the UK, where ITVX isn’t available, you must use a VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions.

Here’s a quick guide on how to watch Vera Season 13 for free in the USA with a VPN:

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4- Now open ITVX in your browser or in-app

5- Search Vera on ITVX

6- Enjoy Vera Season 13 in USA for free

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Vera Season 13 in USA for free?

The key reason you need a VPN to access Vera Season 13 in USA for free is because ITVX, where the show is exclusively available to watch, is restricted to the UK.

The platform can’t be accessed outside the UK due to geo-licensing constraints, but VPNs can offer a perfect solution to this issue.

These handy tools work by effectively changing your American IP address to one from the UK. By simply connecting to a British server via a trusted premium VPN service like ExpressVPN, you can gain unrestricted access to Vera Season 13 from the USA.

We can assure you that this approach works because we have already watched various other titles like Murder is Easy and The Great British Bake Off Festive Specials 2023 from geo-blocked regions without any hassle.

Why is ExpressVPN the best choice to watch Vera Season 13 in USA for free?

ExpressVPN stands out as a top-tier VPN for bypassing geo-restrictions on platforms like ITVX, making it a great choice for watching Vera Season 13 for free in the USA.

Highlighting its server capabilities, ExpressVPN has over 3500 servers across 100+ countries. This extensive network has already proven effective for streaming shows like The Castaways, Letterkenny Season 12, and The Madame Blanc Mysteries Christmas Special 2023, underscoring its reliability and premium quality.

An essential aspect of our review involved conducting speed tests. Impressively, ExpressVPN offers fast download speeds of up to 96Mbps and upload speeds of up to 85Mbps, ensuring a buffer-free experience while watching Vera Season 13 in USA for free on ITVX.

ExpressVPN also offers a wide array of advanced features and compatibility with numerous operating systems, including Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux. It enhances your streaming and overall internet experience with features like Split Tunneling, MediaStream DNS, an Ad Blocker, AES 256-bit encryption, an Internet Kill Switch, and the Lightway protocol.

Eager to enjoy these benefits? ExpressVPN’s pricing is competitive. Their 15-month plan (12 months plus 3 extra months free) is available at $6.67/month, a 49% discount. This plan not only offers great value for streaming Vera Season 13 in USA for free but also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support for additional satisfaction.

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Testing NordVPN to watch Vera Season 13 in USA for free

ExpressVPN is our preferred choice for streaming Vera Season 13 in USA for free on ITVX, but NordVPN is another high-quality VPN service worth considering. Renowned platforms like VPNMentor have also given it high marks.

Our tests of NordVPN were particularly impressive due to its remarkable speed, achieving download speeds of up to 94Mbps and upload speeds of up to 83Mbps. This ensures a high-definition, buffer-free viewing experience for Vera Season 13 in USA for free.

One of NordVPN’s key strengths is its ability to effortlessly bypass geo-restrictions, making viewing shows like Vera Season 13 in USA for free on ITVX a breeze. This is thanks to its extensive network of 5500+ servers across more than 60 countries.

Our testing confirmed its reliability, as we easily accessed various programs like 25th Annual A Home for the Holidays, All Creatures Great and Small Christmas Special, and Dr. Death Season 2.

NordVPN also offers a range of advanced features like Mashnet, Double VPN, Dark Web Monitor, Private DNS, Smart DNS, and an Internet Kill Switch. It’s versatile, too, supporting simultaneous connections on up to six devices, including various operating systems like Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux.

Priced at only $3.99 per month, NordVPN’s 24-month plan, which includes an additional three months free and a 65% discount, is a cost-effective option for accessing geo-restricted content. This plan also has a reassuring 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support, making it a solid choice for watching Vera Season 13 in USA for free on ITVX.

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Where to watch Vera Season 13 in USA for free?

Vera Season 13 is confirmed to be heading to ITV1 in the UK, and viewers will be able to stream it online for free on ITVX. However, the thing is that ITVX is the only platform where this captivating crime drama series is available to stream for free.

Whether you are in USA or anywhere else, you won’t find Vera Season 13 on any one of your local streaming platforms. This is an unfortunate reality, but you can easily get past this with the help of a premium VPN.

It is our most recommended option to use a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN to change your virtual location to the UK and access ITVX to watch Vera Season 13 in USA for free.

Vera Season 13 ‚Äď Release Date

Vera has been a long-running, well-received crime drama series on ITV for 12 seasons since it first debuted on May 1, 2011. The show has an impressive IMDb rating of 8.1/10 and is set to officially return for its thirteenth season on January 7, 2023, on ITV1.

Note: Vera Season 13 is now streaming on ITVX.

Vera Season 13 ‚Äď Official Trailer

Vera Season 13 hasn’t received an official trailer yet, but we will update this blog as soon as ITV drops one online. So, our readers are recommended to stay tuned!

Vera Season 13 – Episode Details

Vera season 13 is confirmed to have three feature-length episodes. The official details about these episodes haven’t been revealed yet, but they are expected to both be inspired by Ann Cleeves’ novels and also take a unique narrative.

As of yet, only the synopsis and title of the first episode has been revealed. Check it out the details below:

Episode 1 – Fast Love

Release Date: January 7, 2024

Synopsis: DCI Vera Stanhope is summoned to a secluded rural road where a young man has been discovered deceased, initially appearing to be the victim of a car collision. However, upon further examination, it becomes evident that this was not a mere accident but something far more sinister than a simple hit-and-run.

The Cast of Vera Season 13

Vera Season 13 is going to feature the return of all primary cast members and characters of the show, and we will also see some new faces.

The complete cast list of all three episodes of Vera Season 13 is being kept under wraps, but we have mentioned the names that have been confirmed till now:

  • Brenda Blethyn as DCI Vera Stanhope

Brenda Blethyn, renowned for her character work and versatility, has been a recipient of a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, and a Cannes Film Festival Award, along with nominations for two Academy Awards and two Primetime Emmys.

Blethyn’s significant roles include sitcoms like Chance in a Million (1984‚Äď1986) and The Labours of Erica (1989‚Äď1990). Her breakthrough came with the 1996 drama Secrets & Lies. Other notable films include Saving Grace (2000), Pride & Prejudice (2005), and Atonement¬†(2007).

  • Jon Morrison as DC Kenny Lockhart

Jon Morrison, a seasoned Scottish actor, has made notable appearances in TV series like The Bill, Bergerac, and Taggart. Additionally, he featured in Gary Oldman’s Nil by Mouth (1997).

  • Riley Jones as DC Mark Edwards

Riley Jones, an English actor, has been playing DC Mark Edwards in Vera since 2011. Apart from his long-standing role in crime dramas, Jones appeared in the supernatural series Wolfblood and had a brief stint in the popular British soap opera EastEnders in 2019. He also starred in the 2014 short film Run.

  • Sarah Kameela Impey as Dr. Paula Bennett

Sarah Kameela Impey, known for her diverse roles, has made a name for herself in projects like We Are Lady Parts (2021), where she played the character Saira. She also appeared in Halcyon Heights (2016) and The Tempest (2017).

  • Rhiannon Clements as DC Steph Duncan

Rhiannon Clements, joining the Vera team as the ambitious DC Steph Duncan, has previously showcased her acting skills in notable projects. She appeared in the 2022 film Death on the Nile and in the TV series Hollyoaks¬†(2020‚Äď2021), where she played the role of Summer Ranger.

Clements was also part of the cast in Big Boys (2022) and even made an appearance in the iconic series Doctor Who.

Additionally, the guest cast list of Vera Season 13’s first episode, titled “Fast Love,” has also been revealed. Check it out below:

  • Nimmy March¬†(The Sex Business and Common as Muck)
  • Amit Shah¬†(Klokkenluider and Crashing)
  • Stephen Lord¬†(The Shepherd: Border Patrol and The Violators)
  • Patrick McNamee¬†(The Pebble Boy and Our Girl)
  • Andrew Dunn¬†(Dinnerladies and Between Two Women)
  • Bryan Dick¬†(All the Small Things and Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky)
  • Samantha Seager (The Lakes and The Hello Girls)
  • Beruce Khan¬†(War of the Worlds and The Capture)

Vera ‚Äď How did Season 12 end?

The final episode of the twelfth season of Vera ended on a highly personal note. The character Vera, known for her usual disinterest in family matters, found herself compelled to take refuge in her family’s Brockburn House during a severe storm.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Vera had with her an abandoned baby she discovered in a car, and a corpse was discovered on her family’s property. These developments are likely to be addressed in the upcoming thirteenth season.

Vera Season 13 – News

It was reported on RadioTimes by Molly Moss that Kenny Doughty, known for his role as DS Aiden Healy in the ITV series Vera, has announced his departure from the show on Instagram. He’s been a part of the series for eight years, appearing in 35 episodes. Doughty expressed his gratitude to ITV, Silverprint, the cast and crew, and especially to his co-star Brenda Blethyn, who plays the titular character Vera Stanhope.

He praised Blethyn for being both an inspiration and a friend, acknowledging her significant influence on his time in the series. He also thanked the show’s fans for their unwavering support and love, which he credited as a key factor in his long tenure with the series.

In another report by Steven Murphy on Mirror, Brenda Blethyn, who leads the series Vera, has expressed mixed feelings about continuing the show. After each filming season, which can last up to 10 months, she often feels drained and considers quitting.

However, following a period of rest, she usually regains her enthusiasm. Currently, Brenda remains open to the possibility of another series but hasn’t committed definitively.

Vera Season 13 on Twitter


1- Will Vera Season 13 be available in USA for free?

As you might already know, none of the previous seasons of the captivating crime drama series Vera are currently available on any American streaming platform, and there haven’t been any official announcements either that may hint at Vera Season 13’s release in USA.

This calls for an effective alternative, like using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to access Vera Season 13 in USA for free on ITVX via an encrypted British IP address.

2- Can I watch Vera Season 13 on Netflix in USA?

Regrettably, fans of the acclaimed British TV series Vera in USA face a setback. Due to licensing constraints, Vera Season 13 will not be accessible on Netflix in USA.

However, an excellent solution is readily available. American viewers can enjoy Vera Season 13 in USA for free by using a high-quality VPN service like ExpressVPN or NordVPN to connect to a British server and unblock ITVX.

4- Vera Season 13 Filming Location?

Vera Season 13 is mainly filmed in Northumberland, North East England, which has been the primary filming location for previous seasons of the crime drama as well.

5- What is the genre of Vera?

Vera is categorized as a Crime, Drama, and Mystery TV show.

Wrap Up

Vera Season 13 is going to be nothing short of a treat for all the crime drama fans out there. The feature-length episodes are going to begin on January 7, 2024, and will be available to stream for free on ITVX. But this platform is, unfortunately, only accessible in the UK, and to watch Vera Season 13 in USA for free, you’ll need a reliable VPN.

ExpressVPN is the top choice for accessing geo-restricted content like Vera Season 13 from anywhere in the world. We have already tested this service to watch various titles and also recommend it to all our readers who are seeking a secure and seamless experience of Vera Season 13 in USA for free.

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