How To watch Chasing Flavor 2024 in Canada on Max (Updated)

Chasing Flavor

Chef Carla Hall is set to host a new original series on Max titled Chasing Flavor, premiering on February 1, 2024. In this mouth-watering six-episode journey, the famous Food Network star brings her passion for cuisine, travel, history, and diverse cultures to the forefront.

Chasing Flavor explores the roots of some of the most beloved American dishes. Carla Hall’s natural enthusiasm for culinary exploration and deep appreciation for people and their food traditions are at the heart of this savory global adventure.

If you want to watch Chasing Flavor in Canada, you must read this easy-to-understand guide that will allow you to enjoy this series on Max without any problems. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

How to watch Chasing Flavor in Canada?

Chasing Flavor is officially confirmed to premiere on Max in the USA. But there’s an unfortunate fact that you should know: Max isn’t available in Canada and various other regions outside the American borders.

However, a premium VPN called ExpressVPN can save the day by unlocking Max with its IP-changing capabilities.

All you have to do is follow the quick steps below and watch Chasing Flavor in Canada on Max with ExpressVPN:

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5- Search for Chasing Flavor on Max

6- Enjoy

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Chasing Flavor in Canada?

Chasing Flavor is exclusively going to stream on Max in the USA, and due to licensing restrictions of Warner Bros. Discovery Network, Max is not accessible in various international locations, including Canada.

If you attempt to access Chasing Flavor in Canada with your local IP address, you are only bound to face the annoying location error saying:

“Sorry, HBO MAX isn’t available in your region yet.”

To bypass this IP-blocking firewall of Max, using a VPN is a practical solution because it can mask your Canadian location with one from a different country, like the USA.

This is done by a simple process of connecting to your desired country server from the list available within your VPN app. Premium VPN services like ExpressVPN offer optimized American servers that can grant you an encrypted American IP address, which will be your golden ticket into Max’s content library to watch Chasing Flavor in Canada.

Our team of streaming experts has already verified the effectiveness of this method for watching geo-restricted content on Max in Canada, such as Love & Translation, True Detective Season 4, and 90 Day: The Single Life Season 4, and can confirm you will have the same satisfactory experience while accessing Chasing Flavor in Canada on Max.

Why is ExpressVPN the best choice to watch Chasing Flavor in Canada?

ExpressVPN emerges as an ideal solution for accessing Chasing Flavor in Canada. Renowned for its efficient servers and comprehensive features, it offers value for money.

Offering 20+ American servers, in addition to 3800+ servers across more than 100 countries, it’s not just useful for Chasing Flavor in Canada on Max, but also for a variety of other shows like Married at First Sight Australia Season 11, A Bloody Luck Day, and Miners’ Strike 1984: The Battle for Britain globally.

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Exploring further, ExpressVPN introduces the Lightway protocol, enhancing the security and smoothness of your streaming experience.

Additional features include MediaStream DNS for compatibility with non-VPN devices and Internet Kill Switch for data protection during connection drops, along with Split Tunneling, Private DNS, and TrustedServer technology, all contributing to a seamless VPN experience.

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Testing NordVPN to watch Chasing Flavor in Canada

NordVPN stands out as an excellent alternative choice for those looking to stream Chasing Flavor in Canada. Recognized by various tech review platforms like Techradar, NordVPN is celebrated for its ability to bypass geographical restrictions and its top-notch features.

Our evaluations of this service for streaming shows like Domino Day, Sophie Turner’s Joan, and Name That Tune Season 3 were successful, with NordVPN performing exceptionally well.

Focusing on its suitability for Chasing Flavor in Canada on Max, NordVPN provides access to an expansive network of 5800+ servers in more than 60 countries, including 1900+ American servers tailored for unlocking services exlclusive to the American borders.

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It works seamlessly on Windows, Android, iOS, Firestick, Linux, and macOS, and its SmartDNS feature extends compatibility to devices like PS4/PS5, Xbox, Roku, and Apple TV that don’t typically support VPNs.

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Where to watch Chasing Flavor in Canada?

The Max original docuseries Chasing Flavor is only going to be streaming on the Warner Bros. Discovery-owned OTT streaming platform in the USA and specific other international regions, and unfortunately, Canada is not one of those regions.

It is quite regretful to inform you that after thorough research, we have concluded that none of the Canadian streaming platforms, like CBC Gem and Crave, have made any announcements of adding this upcoming food adventure series to the TV show lineup of February 2024.

Geographic restrictions and licensing issues are the ones to blame for this, but you don’t have to worry because a best-in-class VPN service like ExpressVPN provides a ray of hope in this situation.

You can stream Chasing Flavor in Canada on Max by changing your virtual location by connecting to an encrypted server located within the USA, granting you an American IP address and seamless access to all geo-restricted Max original content like Chasing Flavor in Canada.

Chasing Flavor – Release Date

Chasing Flavor is scheduled for an exclusive Max premiere on February 1, 2024. The series is confirmed to have a total of six episodes, which are expected to be released weekly on Max.

There is currently no information about the show’s release date in Canada, but we’ll update this blog if there is any official announcement regarding the matter.

Additionally, the show doesn’t have an official IMDb rating yet either, but that is also expected to change after its anticipated premiere on February 1, 2024.

Note: Chasing Flavor 2024 is now streaming on Max.

Chasing Flavor – Official Trailer

Chasing Flavor – What to Expect from the Show?

Chasing Flavor features Carla Hall exploring the origins of America’s favorite foods. Ranging from chicken pot pie to ice cream, Hall’s journey takes her to various countries, including Ghana, Italy, and Turkey.

In her travels, she delves into the histories and roots of these dishes, uncovering how diverse global influences and cultures have shaped what is now known as American cuisine.

Hall expresses her enthusiasm for Chasing Flavor, highlighting that it combines her love for food, family, storytelling, history, and travel. She emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the diverse cultural contributions to these dishes. Proud of the show, she mentions that everyone involved, including herself, invested deeply in its creation. She eagerly anticipates sharing this adventure with viewers.

Chasing Flavor – Who is the Presenter of the Show?

Carla Hall is going to be the presenter of the Max original documentary series Chasing Flavor. She is known for her multiple roles as an American chef and TV personality and her past career as a model.

Hall gained recognition through her participation in the fifth and eighth seasons of Top Chef, the well-known cooking competition show aired on Bravo.

Additionally, she co-hosted The Chew, a talk show focused on various aspects of food, which debuted on ABC in September 2011.

What has Carla Hall said about Chasing Flavor?

Carla Hall shared her insights on the making of Chasing Flavor, describing it as a journey filled with surprising discoveries and emotional connections. In the series, she explores the culinary world, including an episode where she delves into the origins and cultural significance of hot chicken, a dish close to her heart as a Nashville native.

Hall recalls a personal moment when she wanted to open a hot chicken restaurant in New York and faced criticism for allegedly taking the dish out of Nashville. This experience led her to contemplate the concept of recipe ownership and origins.

A poignant part of the series is when Hall meets the Black family in Nashville, credited with serving the first hot chicken. She discusses the emotional impact of learning about the Prince family and the Jeffries, as well as their dedication to preserving their recipe and family legacy. This interaction, particularly with Mrs. Jeffries, was so moving that it brought Hall and her crew to tears, deeply impacting their perspective on recipes and cooking.

Hall also travels to Accra, Ghana, with Food Network chef Eric Adjepong to investigate the African roots of the spices used in hot chicken. Through this exploration, Hall emphasizes the importance of understanding a dish’s cultural background, stating that without this knowledge, one cannot fully appreciate the dish’s history and the journey of food.

Chasing Flavor – Story Behind the Show’s Creation

The concept for Chasing Flavor, a six-part series, originated from a 2019 dinner conversation between Carla Hall and her literary agent, Janis Donnaud. Hall recounted her unique way of engaging with car service drivers by asking about their favorite dishes, which led to deeper, more personal conversations about their identities through food.

Peter Gethers, present at the dinner, found this approach intriguing but didn’t comment at the time. However, this idea eventually reached the CEO of Original Productions, sparking the creation of the show for the Max streaming service.

The series, which began filming in late 2020, explores the connections between American culture and food. Starting in U.S. cities like Nashville, Memphis, and New York, the team delved into the familial and cultural histories behind popular American dishes. Hall highlighted the diversity within the U.S. and the importance of understanding each other’s cultures.

The team then faced pandemic travel challenges to investigate the global roots of dishes like hot chicken and ice cream. For example, in Italy and Turkey, they explored the origins of ice cream, including Italian gelato and Turkish dondurma.

A memorable off-screen moment for Hall was in Turkey, where she received a ceremonial knife crafted with local materials and traditions, symbolizing the unique cultural significance of the places visited.

Chasing Flavor – Episode Guide

Max hasn’t yet released any information about the upcoming episodes of Chasing Flavor. As of now, the only detail confirmed is that the series is going to debut on February 1, 2024, and is expected to release weekly episodes.

We will update this blog when official details about the episodes of Chasing Flavor have been made public. Feel free to check back in later.

Chasing Flavor on Twitter


1- Will Chasing Flavor be available in Canada?

As of writing this blog, it does not seem likely that the upcoming documentary series Chasing Flavor will be available to watch in Canada because this series is currently only confirmed to be premiering on February 1, 2024, as a Max original series.

Now, as you might already know, Max is not accessible in Canada; however, you can use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to unblock it by changing your IP address to USA.

Just follow the simple process of connecting to an American server and seamlessly gain access to Chasing Flavor in Canada or in any geo-blocked region on Max.

2- Can I watch Chasing Flavor on Netflix in Canada?

No, it won’t be possible for you to watch Chasing Flavor on Netflix in Canada because this Carla Hall-starring documentary series is exclusively owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, and they do not lend the rights to their content to other streaming platforms that easily.

However, you can stream Chasing Flavor in Canada on Max by utilizing the services of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

3- What is the Chicken Pot Pie connection in Chasing Flavor?

In Chasing Flavor, Carla Hall discovers that the chicken pot pie originated in 16th-century Rome, involving literal chicken in a pastry pot.

She also explores Jamaican influences on the dish’s crust, contrasting it with traditional British pasties, leading to her surprised appreciation of the spicier, more vibrant Jamaican version.

4- Who is the producer of Chasing Flavor?

Chasing Flavor is produced by Fremantle’s Original Productions. They have also made popular shows like Too Hot To Handle, The Responder, and Planet Sex with Cara Delevingne.

5- Chasing Flavor Filming Locations?

Chasing Flavor has been filmed at various locations around the world as Chef Carla Hall traveled to New York, Philadelphia, Turkey, Jamaica, and even Italy for the documentary series.

6- What is the genre of Chasing Flavor?

Chasing Flavor is a Documentary series that could be further categorized into Travel and Food genres.

7- How many episodes will there be in Chasing Flavor?

Chasing Flavor, the upcoming Max original documentary series is confirmed to have a total of 6 episodes in its debut season. Furthermore, it is also confirmed that each episode will have a runtime of 30 minutes.

Wrap Up

Chasing Flavor is a new documentary series on Max that promises to be a captivating cooking journey presented by the charismatic American Chef Carla Hall. It offers a unique blend of travel, history, and delicious cuisines, and you can hop on this ride on February 1, 2024.

Whether you’re in Canada or any other region where Max isn’t available, ExpressVPN and NordVPN can provide you with easy access to this show. Just connect to an American server and bypass restrictions to watch Chasing Flavor in Canada on Max.

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