Where to watch Leopard Skin in Canada| Watch Leopard Skin on Peacock from Canada

watch Leopard Skin in Canada

Leopard Skin is an upcoming television series revolving around the aftermath of a failed heist and two women who get inadvertently involved in criminal affairs. The show stars The Haunting of Hill House actress Carla Gugino in the main role. She is also joined by Amelia Eve, Ana de la Reguera, Margot Bingham, Gaite Jansen, Gentry White, Philip Winchester, and Nora Arnezeder.

The crime thriller is heading to Peacock on November 17, 2022. Sebastian Gutierrez, the screenwriter behind the movie Snakes on a Plane, will serve as its showrunner and director. Meanwhile, its production companies include AGC Television and Lantica Studios. Here is everything you need to know about watching Leopard Skin in Canada.

Where to watch Leopard Skin in Canada?

Leopard Skin is heading to Peacock in the United States. The series will be streaming on November 17, 2022, and if you want to watch it get a Peacock subscription for $4.99/month.

If you are in Canada, then bad luck because Peacock is not availabe here. But don’t worry. You just need a workable VPN to change your IP address and watch Leopard Skin from Canada on Peacock.

How to watch Leopard Skin in Canada on Peacock

The first season of Leopard Skin is heading to Peacock in the US and is set to release on 17th November. Since you are in Canada and Peacock is not accessible here, get ExpressVPN to watch Leopard Skin on Peacock from Canada. Follow these steps:

  1. Get ExpressVPN for Peacock (12+3 month free special deal)
  2. Download the VPN app on your preferred device (PC, Mobile, or gaming Console)
  3. Select a US IP address from the list (USA – Sanfrancisco)
  4. Now open Peacock.com on your browser or in the app
  5. Search Leopard Skin on Peacock TV from Canada
  6. Enjoy the series
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How to get a Peacock Premium Subscription from Canada or Outside the US

Unfortunately, Peacock is not available in Canada, but that does not mean you can not have a Peacock account subscription in Canada. Follow these steps to get a Peacock account:

  1. Get ExpressVPN for Peacock ($6.67/mo with 12+3 months free special deal)
  2. Download the VPN app on your device of choice (Mobile, Smart TV, or Tablet)
  3. Connect a US server from the list (USA – San Francisco)
  4. Open Peacocktv.com on your PC, Moblie or Smart TV
  5. Click Sign In on the top right corner
  6. It will take you to the sign-in screen, it will ask, “New to Peacock? Join for Free”
  7. Click join for free
  8. Enter your details; email address, name, password, and zip code (any US zip code will work, Peacock does not verify)
  9. Your account is done, and now you can stream Leopard Skin in Canada on Peacock.

Leopard Skin- Release Date

The first season of Leopard Skin is set to debut on November 17, 2022 exclusively on Peacock TV in the United States. If you reside in Canada or anywhere outside the US, get a VPN and unblock Peacock.

Leopard Skin- Trailer

The trailer for Peacock’s Leopard Skin is yet to release on YouTube.

Leopard Skin- Plot

When a risky jewelry robbery goes wrong, the criminals behind the botched attempt have no other option but to hide from law enforcement agencies. With things getting out of hand, the gang decides to take refuge in a beachside estate. The only problem is that the secluded house is already occupied by two women living on their own.

Secrets Get Revealed, Trusts Get Broken

Since the women are forced to harbor wanted criminals, tensions in the estate will undoubtedly run high as the series progresses. The gang may find itself at a crossroads as secrets get revealed, and people begin to betray each other. The showrunner has already teased a more provocative long-form story that appeals to international viewers, so the series will certainly draw the attention of those who love heist dramas. 

Possibility of a Budding Romance

Although the logline does not reveal whether there will be any elements of romance in the series, it does mention that the robbers will find themselves in a hotbed of desire. However, it is yet to be seen how it will play out during the runtime of Leopard Skin. In addition, the age rating for the crime saga is yet to be revealed.

What else can you watch on Peacock?

Peacock has become of the leading streaming services in the United States. It has moved to several other regions and plans to expand even more. Once Upon a Time in Londongrad, The Calling and One of Us Is Lying season 2 is set to debut on Peacock this November.

Peacock has released the Vampire Academy, which gained a 6.3/10 rating on IMDb. The series was released in September, clashing with House of the Dragon and Amazon Prime’s The Rings of Power. Still, the series did well in generating views and gaining members to the streaming platform.

Wrap Up

If you enjoy watching intense crime dramas focusing on heists and robberies, this show may be for you. Don’t forget to check out Leopard Skin, as it airs on Peacock this November!

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