How to watch Naruto Shippuden the movie (2007) on Netflix in 2023| Is it worth watching?

Watch Naruto Shippuden the movie on Netflix

A potent spirit that once posed a danger to the entire world has resurfaced. It is Naruto’s responsibility to guard a priestess named Shion, as she is the only one who possesses the ability to keep the monster at bay. She also has the remarkable ability to foretell what will happen to others. Her most recent prognostic statement is that Naruto will pass away very soon.

The only way for Naruto to save himself is to give up on Shion, but it goes against his nature. If you are here to watch Naruto Shippuden the movie on Netflix, then you have landed on the right page.

How to Watch Naruto Shippuden the movie on Netflix in 2023

Naruto Shippuden the movie is available on Netflix but in a limited number of regions. If you are residing in France, then all you need is an active Netflix account, and you are all set to stream Naruto Shippuden the movie on Netflix. But if you are residing in a country in which the Naruto Shippuden movie is not available, then follow these steps:

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  4. Open Netflix in your browser or refresh the app
  5. Search “Naruto Shippuden the movie” on Netflix
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Where else can you watch Naruto Shippuden, the movie online?

The Shippuden movie is available on Netflix and other streaming platforms, some of which are listed below:

  • In the United States, Naruto Shippuden the movie is available on Netflix. The anime movie is also available for rent on Google Play Movies, YouTube, Apple iTunes, etc.
  • In the UK, you can watch the Shippuden movie on Funimation Now.
  • In Canada, this anime movie is streaming on Netflix and available for rent on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, etc.
  • In Australia, you can not stream Naruto Shippuden the movie, however, the movie is available for rent on Fetch and Apple iTunes.

What else can you watch on Netflix with a VPN?

Netflix has hundreds of movies in its library but not all movies are available worldwide. This is because of distribution rights that other VOD services hold for a particular movie. However, with a VPN you can bypass geo-restrictions and watch your favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix:

Naruto Shippuden the Movie- Trailer

The trailer hinting at Naruto’s death surprised viewers, given the recent airing of the second animated version and the movie’s popularity.

Naruto Shippuden the Movie- Plot

Naruto is impaled by a monster’s tail, killing him and the Nine-Tailed Fox inside him. Yomi attacks a shrine to collect the spirit of Mouryou, a demon that wanted to rule the world for a thousand years. Yomi offers his body as a temporary substitute until they find Mouryou’s.

Shion, a priestess, can seal Mouryou’s spirit again. He awakens a stone army to destroy the Earth while his subordinates kill Shion. They get powerful chakra animals.

Konohagakure deploys advanced teams to stop the stone army. Shion prophesizes Naruto’s death after they defeat his four assassins. The assassins ambush them again as they approach the shrine, killing Shion.

Sakura, Lee, and Neji beat the assassins, and Naruto and Shion find the stone army at Mouryou’s temple. Shion begins the sealing ceremony while Naruto fights back the soldiers. Yomi fools Shion into starting the method with him inside the barrier, reuniting Mouryou’s spirit and body. Naruto rescues her after Kakashi, Shikamaru, Gai, and Temari destroy the stone army. Naruto stops Shion’s death and builds a giant Rasengan by uniting their chakras. Naruto destroys Mouryou with Rasengan.

Naruto asks Shion what she’ll do after all this. She says Mouryou was a demon produced by men’s wicked thoughts, and there will be another someday. Shion requests Naruto to aid her, shocking Sakura, Kakashi, and Lee. As usual, Naruto accepts without grasping her second meaning.

Naruto Shippuden the Movie- Release & Ratings

The movie was released on August 4, 2007, and gained a lot of popularity within a short interval of time. The anime movie has successfully secured a 6.7/10 ratings on IMDb and an 83% positive audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Wrap UP

Naruto Shippuden the Movie is available on Netflix but only in France and the US. If you are located in the UK, Australia or Canada then employ a VPN. We highly recommend ExpressVPN to unblock American Netflix in Canada and watch your favorite movies and TV show which are not streaming in your region.

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