Is Doc Martin on Netflix| How to watch Doc Martin in the United States on Netflix in 2023?

Doc Martin Netflix

Doc Martin is a British comedy-drama series starring Martin Clunes as Dr. Martin Ellingham, a brilliant but socially introverted surgeon of London forced to move to the small Cornish fishing village of Portwenn to work as a general physician. Martin is not used to the slow-paced village environment and struggles along his journey.

Wondering how to watch Doc Martin in the US on Netflix? Read on to find the easiest guide to streaming Doc Martin on Netflix from the US.

Is Doc Martin on Netflix?

Doc Martin is available on Netflix only in the Russian Region. So, if you reside in the United States or Canada, then you won’t find it in your Netflix library, and that is due to copyright issues.

However, you can watch Doc Martin on Netflix from anywhere with a reliable VPN.

How to watch Doc Martin on Netflix in 2023?

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Doc Martin – Netflix Countries

Doc Martin is a charming British comedy that received decent fame, making the audience curious about where to watch the movie online.

Our team of experts has checked several Netflix libraries and found the series in the Netflix libraries of the following countries:

  • Russia
  • South Africa
  • Turkey

Doc Martin – Release Date

Doc Martin was released in the United Kingdom on September 2, 2004, and since then aired 10 seasons. With an IMDb score of 8.4/10, the movie also got nominated for several awards and won the British Comedy Awards.

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Doc Martin – Official Trailer

Doc Martin – What to Expect from the Show?

Dr. Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes) is a brilliant but socially awkward surgeon forced to move to the small Cornish fishing village of Portwenn to work as the new general practitioner. Martin is used to the fast-paced and sophisticated world of London medicine but struggles to adjust to the village’s slow pace and laid-back attitude.

The Doctor Who Doesn’t Fit In

The villagers of Portwenn are initially wary of Martin. They are used to their local doctor, a kindly old man who knows everyone in the village by name. On the other hand, Martin is more interested in his work than socializing with the villagers.

Martin’s Arrogance

Martin’s social awkwardness and arrogance make him difficult to get along with. He often clashes with the villagers, and he makes several enemies. However, a few villagers are willing to give Martin a chance.

Pauline’s Positive Perception

One of these villagers is Pauline Pickles (Stephanie Cole), Martin’s housekeeper. Pauline is a kind and understanding woman who helps Martin to adjust to his new life in Portwenn. She also allows him to see the good in the villagers.

Ruth the Widow

Another villager willing to give Martin a chance is Ruth Ellingham (Celia Imrie), the widow of Martin’s old friend. Ruth is a strong and independent woman who sees something in Martin that no one else does.

Martin’s Transformation for Portwenn

As Martin spends more time in Portwenn, he begins to learn to appreciate the slower pace of life and the kindness of the villagers. He also starts to develop relationships with the villagers and see the good in them.

In the end, Martin comes to realize that he belongs in Portwenn. He has found a place where he is accepted and appreciated for who he is.

The Cast of Doc Martin

Doc Martin is a delightful British drama with a robust and diverse cast that brings life in the story’s characters. Below are the main cast members mentioned that you could check:

  • Martin Clunes (Dr. Martin Ellingham): Clunes’ impeccable embodiment of the grumpy yet brilliant Dr. Ellingham has made waves within the television community. Beyond Portwenn’s borders, Clunes has showcased his versatile acting prowess in series like Men Behaving Badly and Warren, and films such as Shakespeare in Love and Saving Grace, illustrating a captivating range from comedy to drama.
  • Caroline Catz (Louisa Ellingham): The effervescent Caroline Catz, playing Louisa, has forged an enduring presence with her portrayals of strong, intelligent women. She is celebrated for her work in series like Murder in Suburbia and DCI Banks, where her performances continue to resonate with viewers, striking a chord with those who appreciate depth and relatability in character crafting.
  • Ian McNeice (Bert Large): Veteran actor Ian McNeice, who breathes life into the affable Bert Large, boasts an extensive resume with memorable roles in historical dramas like Rome and iconic films such as Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, McNeice’s body of work reflects longevity in the industry and a magnetic screen presence that audiences adore.
  • Joe Absolom (Al Large): As the lovable Al Large, Joe Absolom has etched a place in the hearts of Doc Martin fans. Absolom’s career also twinkles with other noteworthy performances, including his chilling role in The Level and his earlier work in the long-running British soap opera EastEnders.
  • John Marquez (PC Joe Penhale): The delightfully bumbling PC Joe Penhale, portrayed by John Marquez, brings moments of fun and warmth to the series. Marquez’s talents aren’t confined to the small screen; he has also graced the stage with acclaimed performances and appeared in the dark comedy series In The Club.

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Doc Martin – FAQs

Executives of Doc Martin concluded that the beloved series had naturally finished following its tenth season. When the cancellation news was publicized, Martin Clunes emphatically stated that the termination decision of Doc Martin did not incorporate the viewpoint of the series' fans.

Yes, the popular British comedy series Doc Martin is indeed based on a real doctor, who is also ironically named Martin. The series' main character is inspired by Dr. Martin Scurr.

Doc Martin follows the journey of Dr. Martin Ellingham, a highly skilled yet socially inept surgeon, as he grapples with hemophobia, ultimately prompting him to transition into the role of a general practitioner in the charming and idiosyncratic village of Portwenn, located in Cornwall.

The series delves into his encounters with a diverse array of peculiar village residents and his ongoing challenges in adapting to the intricacies of life within this tightly-knit community.

The British comedy-drama Doc Martin is not streaming on Hulu in the US. To watch this engaging show, you can turn to other streaming options.

Netflix is a good alternative to Hulu when watching Doc Martin. You just have to connect to a Russian server with a trustable premium VPN such as ExpressVPN.

Doc Martin is actually available to watch on Prime Video. However, the thing is that the British comedy series is only accessible on Prime Video in Germany.

If you are a Prime Video subscriber in the US, you will have to get a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN to change your IP address to German and access Prime Video Germany to watch Doc Martin from the US.

Doc Martin concluded in 2022, and Netflix still hasn't made any announcement to add it to their American content library. Fans of the series have been eagerly waiting for its arrival on Netflix in the US.

Well, the wait is over; you can watch Doc Martin from the US on Netflix right now. All you need to do is change your Netflix region to Russia with the help of the remarkable IP-changing capabilities of ExpressVPN.

There is a good news for streaming enthusiasts and eager viewers of Doc Martin. All 10 seasons of the widely popular British medical-comedy drama Doc Martin are streaming for free on ITVX in the UK.

By relying on a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN, you can easily connect to a British server and virtually relocate yourself to the United Kingdom.

This will allow you to access the British streaming service ITVX from the US without any issues, and you'll be able to watch Doc Martin for free in the US.

Throughout its production, Doc Martin utilized various filming locations throughout Cornwall. Particularly significant among these filming locations is Port Isaac, which served as a prominent setting for many of the show's scenes.

Wrap Up

Doc Martin is a charming and funny film shedding light on the struggles of settling into a different environment. The movie is sure to please fans of British comedy-dramas. It is a well-made film with a great cast and crew.

We tested ExpressVPN to watch Doc Martin on Netflix, which worked perfectly. Therefore, we highly recommend it to all our readers and subscribers.

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