Is Teen Wolf Streaming on Netflix| How to Watch Teen Wolf on Netflix in 2022

How to Watch Teen Wolf on Netflix

Teen wolf was a supernatural American teen TV show aired on MTV from 2011-2017. Jeff Davis based this teen drama on the plot of a 1985 film with the same name. Its first episode premiered on June 5, 2011, and the final episode aired on September 24, 2017.

It had six seasons and a total of 100 episodes. This series shows the journey of a bunch of high school teenagers who had supernatural powers, and the six seasons cover their three years of high school journey. If you are looking to watch Teen Wolf on Netflix, then you have landed on the right page.

Is Teen Wolf on Netflix?

Yes, all seasons of Teen Wolf are on Netflix but in specific countries. If you search Teen Wolf on Netflix from the United Kingdom, you will find all seasons of this tv show, but if you do the same from the United States, Canada, or anywhere else, then you won’t find the series on your Netflix library.

This is due to the copyrights that other streaming services hold for the series. Like in the United States, Hulu and Prime Videos have the official broadcasting rights to stream Teen Wolf, not Netflix.

But that does not mean you can not watch Teen Wolf on Netflix from Canada or the US, this guide will show you how you can do it.

How to Watch Teen Wolf on Netflix| Is Teenwolf Streaming on Netflix

Teen Wolf is an American tv show about the supernatural world. The show is availabe on Netflix but in limited regions. If you reside in the United States or Canada and wish to watch Teen Wolf on Netflix, then you will need a workable VPN.

Follow these steps to watch Teen Wolf on Netflix from anywhere:

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  3. Select a British IP address from the country list
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  5. Search Teen Wolf on Netflix
  6. Enjoy the movie
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Teen Wolf Netflix Countries

Here is a list of countries where you can watch Teen Wolf on Netflix. A team of our experts created the list.

  • Albania
  • Brazil
  • Cambodia
  • Chile
  • Denmark
  • Egypt
  • France
  • UK

Teen Wolf- Trailer

Teen Wolf- Plot

The protagonist of this series, Scott McCall was an average teenager living in Beacon Hills with his mother. One day, he and his friend Stiles Stilinski learned about half a corpse that police found in the woods. In the night, they both set out to find the other half in the woods where Scott was bitten by a werewolf. And from here, his journey of struggle started.

Becoming a werewolf had its perks but also its challenges. He enjoyed supernatural abilities such as extra fast speed, super-hearing, and a boost in confidence, which led him to become the captain of his high school team. But, it also had some challenges too- controlling anger, werewolf, and human enemies, hiding his identity, and controlling the shift on the full moon. In the journey of struggle, Stiles Stilinski remained at his side as a true friend. They also met Derek (a born werewolf), who taught Scott how to control the shift even during a full moon. Now, he had to balance his daily routine with this new identity and protect his hometown from supernatural powers.

A new girl, Allison Argent, came into Scott’s classroom with whom he developed a romantic relationship. She belonged to a family of werewolf hunters, which included her father, Chris Argent, and her merciless aunt, Kate. They both decided to hide their romantic relationship from Allison’s parents. Scott had to hide his real identity from her family, which was a challenge and caused a lot of trouble in their relationship.

Lydia Martin was an intelligent girl in high school but became the victim of supernatural events happening in her town. Peter (a born werewolf) bit her, and she became a banshee. Later on, Derek killed Peter and became the alpha of his werewolf pack.

Lydia’s boyfriend, Jackson Whittemore, was also affected by these supernatural events. He was the captain of his school’s lacrosse team and was jealous of Scott’s popularity. Later on, he also became a part of Scott’s journey as a sincere friend. In the second season, he found that he was the Kanima and suffered because of it. Lydia saved him with the power of her love.

In the journey of war and survival, Allison died because of a deadly wound. Later on, Malia came into Scott’s life and remained with him until the end of the season.

Gerard Argent was Allison’s grandfather and the main antagonist of this series. He joined hands with Tamora Monroe, who wanted to expand Hunters Agenda. The last war took place with them, which Scott won. Unfortunately, Monroe escaped alive.

In his journey, Scott was joined by different high school students and born werewolves which helped him in saving his family, friends, and hometown.

In the last scene of the 100th episode of this series was Scott saving a new werewolf, Alec, and asking him to join his pack.

Teen Wolf- Cast

  • Tyler Posey as Scott McCall
  • Crystal Reed as Allison Argent
  • Dylan O’Brien as Stiles Stilinski
  • Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale
  • Holland Roden as Lydia Martin
  • Colton Haynes as Jackson Whittemore
  • Shelley Hennig as Malia Tate
  • Arden Cho  as Kira Yukimura
  • Dylan Sprayberry  as Liam Dunbar
  • Linden Ashby as Sheriff Noah Stilinski
  • Melissa Ponzio  as Melissa McCall
  • JR Bourne  as Chris Argent

What else can you watch on Netflix with a VPN?

There are many shows and movies on Netflix that are geo-restricted and can be watched with a VPN. Here are some of them:

Wrap Up:

There is hope among the lovers of this series that there will be season 7 of this drama. It has received a lot of positive reviews from critics and won three Saturn Awards, thirteen Teen Choice Awards, and four for Choice Summer TV Series.

All seasons of Teen Wolf are on Netflix but not in the United States, Canada or Australia. If you wish to watch it, get ExpressVPN and stream Teen Wolf on Netflix from anywhere. We have tested ExpressVPN to change Netflix regions, and it worked flawlessly.

Therefore we highly recommend getting an ExpressVPN subscription to cater all your streaming needs.

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