How to watch The Gathering 2024 in European countries for free on Channel 4 (Updated)

The Gathering

The Gathering is a thriller drama series that is coming to Channel 4 and revolves around the mystery of an attack on a teenager that shakes the neighborhood with suspicion.

It follows the story of a skilled young gymnast who gets violently assaulted at an illegal rave party, with the culprit among a diverse group of suspects. The show also explores the dynamics of toxic teenagers and addresses issues like social class and bad parenting.

As secrets and lies are revealed, will the true story come to light? You’ll have to wait until May 14 to find out, but if you want to know how you can watch The Gathering in European countries for free, that answer lies right here in this blog.

How to watch The Gathering in Europe for free?

The Gathering is headed to Channel 4, and viewers in the UK will be able to watch this thriller series for free. However, the same cannot be said about those residing in Europe.

This VOD platform isn’t accessible outside the UK, but there’s a simple trick that will allow you to watch The Gathering in European countries for free.

Did that pique your interest? Then check out the easy guide below:

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4- Now open Channel4 in your browser or in-app

5- Search for The Gathering on Channel 4

6- Enjoy

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Why do you need a VPN to watch The Gathering in Europe for free?

The short answer to that question is geo-restrictions.

Now, let us explain in detail. The Gathering will be available to watch on Channel 4, a British VOD platform that is exclusively available in the UK. If you are in Europe and want to access this show or any other title on Channel 4, you will first have to bypass its geo-restrictive barriers.

The only possible way to do that is by having a British IP address, and that is exactly where VPN services come in to save the day. By connecting to a British server via a reliable premium VPN, you can make it seem like you’re accessing the internet from the UK.

Once you have gotten yourself a UK-based virtual location, you will easily be able to bypass Channel 4’s IP-blocker and watch The Gathering in Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, France, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia, Hungary, Netherlands, Czechia, and other European countries for free.

Why is ExpressVPN the best choice to watch The Gathering in Europe for free?

If you understand the true significance of using a VPN to stream The Gathering in Europe for free, finding the right service is essential. ExpressVPN is a top recommendation, receiving high praise from sources like VPNMentor.

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Testing NordVPN to watch The Gathering in European countries for free

If you’re looking for a reliable alternative to ExpressVPN to stream The Gathering in European countries for free, consider NordVPN. With a network of 5800+ servers across more than 60 countries, especially 400+ in the UK, NordVPN makes accessing platforms like Channel 4 easy.

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Where can I watch The Gathering in Europe?

The Gathering is a Channel 4 original series, which means it will stream for free on their official VOD platform in the UK. However, the main problem is that Channel 4 cannot be accessed anywhere beyond the British borders.

This leads viewers to look for local streaming options for The Gathering in Europe, but unfortunately, no luck would be found there either because none of the major European platforms like Canal+, TV2 Play, RaiPlay, Sky Go, ARTE, etc., have been able to secure the rights for this mystery thriller show.

However, premium VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN can allow you to watch The Gathering in Finland, Sweden, Turkey, France, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia, Hungary, Netherlands, Czechia, and other European countries for free.

Where can I watch The Gathering in Ireland?

To watch The Gathering in Ireland, you must change your IP address to the UK because none of the Irish streaming platforms, such as RTÉ Player and Virgin Media Player, will officially offer this series.

The process is simple; all you have to do is rely on a trusted premium VPN service like ExpressVPN and connect to a British server. This will reroute your internet traffic through a UK-based IP and allow you to seamlessly watch The Gathering in Ireland for free on Channel 4.

The Gathering – Release Date

The Gathering is scheduled to debut on Channel 4 on May 14, 2024, at 9pm.

Although the series hasn’t been rated on IMDb yet, its rising hype among fans of the genre is hinting towards a positive score.

If you’re wondering about the European release of The Gathering, nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but we will update this blog if Channel 4 makes an official announcement.

Note: The Gathering 2024 is now streaming on Channel 4.

The Gathering – Official Trailer

The Gathering – What is the Plot?

The Gathering is centered around a group of teenagers and their parents following the aftermath of an attack on Kelly, a talented gymnast, at a beach party in Merseyside.

Kelly is aiming to be selected for the national team. Still, her life is complicated by helping her widowed father, Paul, raise two children and by her association with a group of free runners, which jeopardizes her future.

Another gymnast, Jess, is under intense pressure to succeed from her overbearing mother, Natalie, and becomes romantically involved with Adam, a free runner and DJ who faces his own familial challenges.

The incident at the party exposes the intertwined relationships, rivalries, and sexual dynamics among the teens, all while their parents monitor their every move. Amidst this, the question remains: who is responsible for the attack?

The Gathering – Who is in the Cast?

The Gathering blends the intense world of competitive sports with family drama, loyalty, and teen rebellion. The diverse and talented cast, ranging from newcomers to experienced actors, paints a compelling picture of youthful turmoil and parental pressure.

As we get ready for this thrilling series, let’s explore the cast of The Gathering in detail:

  • Eva Morgan as Kelly

Eva Morgan, a 22-year-old actress from Liverpool, portrays Kelly, a working-class gymnast committed to her rigorous training regime while finding solace and thrill in free running. Kelly is a protector with a strong bond with her widowed father, Paul, whom she helps raise two kids.

Despite her dedication to gymnastics, she balances her passion for free running, which provides her with the adrenaline and freedom she craves.

Morgan, who graduated from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, takes on her first screen role in The Gathering, promising a relatable and dynamic performance.

  • Warren Brown as Paul Morgan

Warren Brown plays Kelly’s father, Paul, a hardworking but impulsive man struggling to make ends meet while raising his children after the death of his wife. Despite his good intentions and protective nature, Paul is known for his hot-headed demeanor.

Warren Brown is a familiar face to many, known for his roles as Raymond Mullen in The Responder, Sgt. Thomas McAllister in Strike Back, and as Andy Holt in the long-running soap Hollyoaks. He’s also appeared in series like Luther, Trigger Point, and Doctor Who.

  • Vinette Robinson as Natalie

Vinette Robinson plays Natalie, the controlling mother of Jess, Kelly’s friend and fellow gymnast. Natalie embodies a pushy parent who imposes her agenda on her daughter, adding significant pressure to Jess’s life.

Vinette is recognized for her roles as Janet in the sci-fi series The Lazarus Project and Carly in Boiling Point.

She has also been featured in shows like Six Four, Code 404, Waterloo Road, and The A Word, as well as movies like Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and The Pod Generation.

  • Sadie Soverall as Jessica

Sadie Soverall stars as Jess, Kelly’s fellow gymnast and friend who faces immense pressure from her overbearing mother, Natalie. Jess gets caught up in the party incident’s aftermath while trying to succeed in gymnastics and maintain a relationship with Adam.

Sadie is known for her role as Beatrix in Fate: The Winx Saga and her most recent appearance in the film acclaimed movie Saltburn.

  • Sonny Walker as Adam

Sonny Walker plays Adam, a free runner and DJ with a troubled family background who becomes Jess’s love interest and Kelly’s friend. Walker previously appeared in The Responder.

  • Richard Coyle as Jules

Richard Coyle takes on the role of solicitor Jules. He is widely recognized for his roles in shows like Crossbones, Born to Kill, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, along with playing Abernathy in Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.

  • Ryan Quarmby as Charlie

Ryan Quarmby plays Charlie, a character whose role intertwines with the various suspects in the series. Quarmby is known for his work in The Last Kingdom.

  • Luca Kamleh-Chapman as Bazi

Luca Kamleh-Chapman makes his screen debut in The Gathering as Bazi, bringing new talent to this ensemble cast.

The Gathering – Episode Details

The Gathering is a six-episode series that will air on Channel 4 with two episodes each week, beginning on May 14, 2024. Additionally, it is also worth noting that all six episodes will be available as a box set starting May 14 on Channel 4’s VOD streaming service for free.

Channel 4 hasn’t released the plot details about all episodes of the series yet, but here is what we know about the first three episodes of The Gathering:

Episode 1

Release Date: May 14, 2024

In the first episode, tensions between top gymnasts Kelly and Jessica escalate when Kelly earns a spot on the national team.

Episode 2

Release Date: May 15, 2024

Natalie successfully secures her daughter Jessica’s place on the national gymnastics team, but this achievement comes at Kelly’s expense. Jessica faces backlash from her teammates, which causes her performance to deteriorate.

An asthma attack, brought on by anxiety, should have served as a warning sign, but instead, Natalie sees a new opportunity. Her relentless ambition drives Jessica closer to Adam, and Jessica is ultimately forced to make a life-altering decision.

Episode 3

Release Date: May 21, 2024

Adam divides his time between the working-class high-rise where his mother Nina lives and his father’s middle-class neighborhood with his stepmother Dawn and their family.

When his mother’s mental health worsens, Adam is caught in a difficult situation: will his father and Dawn accept his half-brother Kyran into their home?

At the same time, Adam confronts Jessica about ghosting him and learns she has been making false assumptions about Kyran. During his father’s birthday party, Adam’s world is turned upside down when Jessica is rushed to the hospital, and Kelly seems to know why.

You can also check out the release schedule of the remaining episodes below:

  • Episode 4 – May 22, 2024
  • Episode 5 – May 28, 2024
  • Episode 6 – May 29, 2024

Note: We will update this blog with additional details about The Gathering’s episodes when they become available online.

What has Warren Brown teased about The Gathering? had an exclusive interview with Warren Brown, who plays the father of Kelly, the lead character of The Gathering. Brown shared what attracted him to the character, saying:

“I just thought Helen’s script was fantastic, and the world that she created and these characters that were in the same world but with different dynamics. It just felt so authentic, and so real, and really gripped me. I guess also knowing it was World Productions, they’ve got pretty good track record of doing decent things.”

Brown also teased what viewers can anticipate from the series, stating that The Gathering can sometimes get intense and emotional, like a roller coaster, but there’s also a lot of fun.

The Gathering on Twitter

Wrap Up

The Gathering’s premiere on Channel 4 is almost here, and the hype of mystery-thriller fans is going off the charts. Promising a suspenseful story full of secrets and gripping performances from a talented cast, this show is a worthy addition to your summer watchlist.

Geo-restrictions might’ve been a reason for being unable to access this show on Channel 4 outside the UK, but not anymore. Just get an ExpressVPN or NordVPN subscription today and get ready to enjoy watching The Gathering in European countries for free.


1- Where can I watch The Gathering in Europe?

Channel 4 will be exclusively streaming its new thriller drama, The Gathering, in the UK, but there is a way for European viewers to access it as well. All you need is a reliable premium VPN.

By connecting to a British server via ExpressVPN or NordVPN, you can easily change your virtual location to the UK and unblock Channel 4 to watch The Gathering in European countries for free.

2- Can I watch The Gathering on Netflix and Prime Video in Europe?

At the time of writing this blog, it is hard to say if Netflix and Prime Video will offer The Gathering in Europe or anywhere else because currently, the rights for this show are owned exclusively by Channel 4 in the UK.

However, you can go for the next best option, which is watching The Gathering in European countries for free on Channel 4’s VOD platform. All you have to do is get a British IP address with the help of a premium VPN, which will allow you to access this show without any issues.

3- Who is making The Gathering?

The Gathering is made by World Productions, who are known for producing award-winning dramas for the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4, and have also made shows like Line of Duty and Vigil.

4- Who is the writer of The Gathering?

Helen Walsh, the renowned British novelist, is the writer of The Gathering. She is also known for the 2015 movie The Violators and award-winning novels, such as Once Upon a Time in England.

5- Who are the producers of The Gathering?

The Gathering is executively produced by Simon Heath, Laura Cotton, Helen Walsh, and Gareth Bryn, while Graham Drover takes on the role of producer for the series.

6- Who is the director of The Gathering?

Gareth Bryn is the director of episodes 1, 2, 5, and 6 of The Gathering, while Amanda Blue is directing episodes 3 and 4.

Bryn is best known for directing shows like The Hunt for Raoul Moat and Hidden, whereas Blue’s previous works include Newark, Newark and The Windsors.

7- The Gathering Filming Location?

The Gathering was filmed mainly in Liverpool and around Merseyside.

8- How many episodes will there be in The Gathering?

There will be a total of 6 episodes in Channel 4’s The Gathering.

9- What is the genre of The Gathering?

The Gathering is a Channel 4 series that mixes Mystery, Crime, Thriller, and Drama genres.

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