How To Watch The Doll Factory 2023 In USA For Free| Watch it on Channel 5

The Doll Factory

The Doll Factory is a thrilling British drama series that explores the journey of a skilled doll painter whose life takes an unexpectedly interesting turn as she decides to escape her confined life and explore the unknown world outside the doll shop she worked in with her twin sister.

Inspired by Elizabeth Macneal’s 2019 novel of the same title, The Doll Factory is a Paramount+ UK original that debuted on the platform on November 27, and is set to arrive on Channel 5 in UK on December 5, 2023.

For all the eager streamers who want to watch The Doll Factory in USA for free, we have created this quick and easy guide. So, let’s dive right in.

How to watch The Doll Factory in USA for Free?

The Doll Factory is going to premiere on the cost-free British streaming platform, Channel 5, on December 5, 2023. If you want to access it from USA, you will have to change your IP address to UK because Channel 5 is a geo-restricted platform only accessible in the UK.

Follow the simple steps below to watch The Doll Factory in USA for Free:

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6- Enjoy The Doll Factory in USA for Free.

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Why do you need a VPN to watch The Doll Factory in USA for Free?

The Doll Factory is a Paramount+ original TV series that is going to be available for streaming on Channel 5 in the UK for free. The problem here is that Channel 5 is not accessible in USA or anywhere outside the UK. Only viewers who possess a British IP address, can access the content library of Channel 5.

VPNs are the essential tools you can utilize to solve this problem. You can connect to a British server from the country list of a premium VPN, and this will virtually relocate you to the UK.

Once you have acquired an IP address based in the UK, you will be able to watch The Doll Factory in USA for free on Channel 5. Our team already used a trustable VPN service, ExpressVPN, for watching The Big British Beef Battle for free in the USA, and it worked flawlessly, and we recommend you do the same.

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Where to watch The Doll Factory in USA for Free?

If you are in the UK, watching The Doll Factory will be super-easy because British viewers have two viable streaming options: Paramount+(Paid) and Channel 5(Free).

However, things are a little more challenging for American viewers. The Doll Factory is currently not confirmed to be streaming on any streaming platform in USA, neither for free or with a paid subscription.

This means you must look for alternate options, and our recommendation for enjoying this thrilling British drama in USA is through a VPN on Channel 5 for free.

You must utilize a premium VPN that can grant you a secure British IP address to unblock Channel 5. This will allow you to watch The Doll Factory in USA for Free without waiting for its American release.

The Doll Factory ‚Äď Release Date

The Doll Factory originally premiered on Paramount+ UK on November 27, 2023, but all 6 episodes of the season will be released on the platform on December 1, 2023. The series will also be available for streaming on Channel 5 for free in the UK starting December 5, 2023.

The Doll Factory is a critically well-received drama series with an IMDb rating of 6.0/10.

If you are into British TV shows, you can also try The Couple Next Door, Kin, Blue Light, Such Brave Girls, and Two Doors Down.

The Doll Factory ‚Äď Official Trailer

The Doll Factory ‚Äď What to Expect from the Show?

The Doll Factory is a story set in the Victorian era, centered around Iris and her twin sister Rose. They work in a shop owned by the strict Mrs. Salter, where they paint dolls’ faces. Iris harbors a deep desire to become an artist and secretly practices painting on canvas at night.

Her life takes a turn when she encounters the pre-Raphaelite artist Louis Frost. Iris agrees to model for Louis with the condition that he teaches her professional painting techniques.

This opens a door for Iris to leave her current life and pursue her dreams, but it comes with the cost of leaving her sister, risking her reputation, and diving into uncertainty.

In the midst of these events, Iris briefly meets Silas, a taxidermist. While Iris quickly moves on from this encounter, Silas develops an intense obsession with her.

The Cast of The Doll Factory

There are some notable names in the primary cast of The Doll Factory. In the text below, we have explored the characters they are playing along with their previous projects that they have been a part of:

  • Esm√© Creed-Miles as Iris

Esmé Creed-Miles portrays the aspiring artist Iris in The Doll Factory. She has previously showcased her acting skills in Hanna, The Legend of Vox Machina, Pond Life, Wasteland, and Mister Lonely.

  • √Čanna Hardwicke as Silas

√Čanna Hardwicke takes on the role of Silas, a character filled with jealousy and obsessive feelings. Hardwicke’s acting portfolio includes appearances in Normal People, The Sixth Commandment, Fate: The Winx Saga, The Sparrow, and the series Smother.

  • Mirren Mack as Rose

Mirren Mack, playing the role of Rose, Iris’s twin, has built a strong connection with her character. Mack is also known for her performances in Sex Education, BBC1’s drama The Nest, The Witcher: Blood Origin, and Mudlarks.

  • George Webster as Louis

George Webster portrays Louis, a member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and a rising star in the art world. Webster’s previous roles include parts in Wedding Season, Finding Alice, Us, Industry, and Versailles.

Speaking with, Webster discussed the inspiration drawn from the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, stating, “Initially, my knowledge was quite limited, but once I started delving deeper, I discovered a wealth of fascinating information.”

Following are some other notable names in the cast of The Doll Factory:

  • Pippa Haywood as Mrs Salter
  • Reece Kenwyne-Mpudz as Albie
  • Nell Hudson as Clarissa
  • Saoirse Monica-Jackson as Bluebell

The Doll Factory Episode Details

The Doll Factory has a total of six episodes in its first season. We have briefly explored each episode below:

Episode 1

Release Date: Nov 27, 2023

Synopsis: Iris, alongside her twin sister, spends her days painting dolls, yearning for a life beyond her limited world. Her encounter with Silas, a skilled taxidermist, and subsequently with Louis, an artist, presents her with a chance to break free. However, seizing this chance involves significant risks.

Episode 2

Release Date: Nov 27, 2023

Synopsis: Leaving her job at the doll shop, Iris embarks on a new journey as Louis’s inspiration in exchange for painting lessons. Silas, deeply affected by her decision, confronts Louis, leading to a dispute. Amidst embracing her newfound liberty, a startling crime unfolds.

Episode 3

Release Date: Nov 28, 2023

Synopsis: As Iris’s bond with Louis strengthens, she keeps in contact with Silas, who cautions her against Louis. Meanwhile, the Madame launches a hunt for Bluebell’s killer. Determined, Iris submits her self-portrait to the Royal Academy exhibition.

Episode 4

Release Date: Nov 29, 2023

Synopsis: Iris joins the PRB at The Royal Academy Exhibition, while Silas eagerly anticipates her visit to the Great Exhibition to see his displays. The Madame and Albie collaborate to uncover Bluebell’s murderer.

Episode 5

Release Date: Nov 30, 2023

Synopsis: A startling revelation about Louis compels Iris to leave The Factory, driving her back to the doll shop for a crucial talk with her sister. Albie, now aware of Bluebell’s killer, is determined to safeguard Iris.

Episode 6

Release Date: Nov 30, 2023

Synopsis: With the truth out in the open, Iris is thrust into a dangerous predicament. Relying on her intelligence and fortitude, she must fight to reclaim her freedom.

What are reviewers saying about The Doll Factory?

Rebecca Nicholson from The Guardian describes The Doll Factory as a mix of elements from Perfume and The Miniaturist, with a strong influence of Dickens’ style.

She notes that the show starts off slowly, gaining momentum only towards the end of the first episode, which might result in some viewers losing interest.

The series is portrayed as having a moody and atmospheric tone, gradually setting up its storyline and evoking an increasing sense of unease. While the show may lack brisk pacing, it compensates with striking visual elements, like specimen jars that effectively convey its themes.

By the second episode, the show intensifies the suspense, and the oppressive environment surrounding the character Iris becomes increasingly tangible. It delves into some grim details, fully embracing its gothic nature and meriting recognition for this aspect.

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1- What is The Doll Factory book about?

The Doll Factory, a popular novel from 2019 by Elizabeth Macneal, tells the story of Iris, a young woman living a dull but respectable life. She works alongside her sister Rose in the uninteresting environment of Mrs. Salter’s doll store. However, Iris dreams of becoming an artist one day.

2- Will The Doll Factory be available in USA?

Unfortunately, none of the major streaming platforms in USA, including the parent platform of The Doll Factory, Paramount+, have made any official announcement of the show’s release.

The show is currently only available on Paramount+ UK and Ireland and will be accessible on Channel 5 in the UK starting December 5, 2023.

If you want to watch The Doll Factory in USA for free, you must connect to a British server and access the show on Channel 5

3- Can I watch The Doll Factory on Netflix in USA?

The American Netflix library will not include The Doll Factory in its TV show collection any time soon or ever, because Paramount+ UK exclusively owns the show.

The only other platform that is authorized to stream this show is Channel 5 in the UK.

Paramount+ USA might stream the show in the future, but nothing is confirmed yet. The most viable option is to use a premium VPN to unblock Channel 5, and watch The Doll Factory in USA for free.

4- Can I watch The Doll Factory on Prime Video in USA?

You won’t be able to watch The Doll Factory on Prime Video in USA or anywhere else because the streaming platform hasn’t been able to secure the rights for this show yet.

Our most recommended option is to watch this thriller drama on Channel 5 with a VPN. You can connect to a British server and stream The Doll Factory in USA for free without any issues.

5- Is It possible to watch The Doll Factory in USA with a Free VPN?

Free VPNs don’t offer the required level of encryption for watching geo-restricted content like The Doll Factory on platforms like Channel 5.

You might face proxy errors and frustrating connectivity problems while using a free VPN to watch The Doll Factory in USA.

Instead of these unreliable free alternatives, you should rely on premium quality paid VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN to ensure a seamless experience of watching The Doll Factory in USA for free.

6- What is the genre of The Doll Factory?

The Doll Factory is a Thriller British drama series.

7- The Doll Factory Filming Locations?

The Doll Factory was mainly filmed in Ireland across various locations in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow and Meath. Powerscourt and Kilruddery House were the additional filming spots for the thriller drama series.

8- Who is the creator of The Doll Factory?

Charley Miles is the writer and producer of the Paramount+ thriller series The Doll Factory.

Wrap Up

The Doll Factory is a captivating tale of an aspiring female artist exploring the dark complexities of the world outside her workplace. This period drama is heading to Channel 5, and will be totally free to stream in the UK.

You don’t have to miss out on the fun, thanks to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN. Follow the instructions in this blog, and watch The Doll Factory in USA for free on Channel 5 with ExpressVPN.

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