How to watch Make It to Market season 2 in Australia for free| on BBC iPlayer

How to watch Make It at Market Season 2

The inspirational crafting series Make It at Market returns this November for a second season to help hobbyists turn their artistic talents into businesses. A group of entrepreneurial crafters are each paired with industry expert mentors tasked with evaluating the marketability and profit potential of their creative pursuits.

Through hands-on training and market tests, the mentors dispense real-world advice for establishing successful and sustainable ventures from their passions. Here is everything you need to know about the series and where and how to watch Make It at Market Season 2 in Australia.

How to watch Make It at Market Season 2 in Australia for free?

Make It at Market is back with another season, and this time, the stakes are higher. The series will be available on BBC iPlayer at 4.30 pm in the UK. You can access BBC iPlayer and watch Make It at Market Season 2 in Australia for free with these steps.

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5- Search Make It at Market Season 2 on BBC from Australia

6- Enjoy

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Make It at Market Season 2 in Australia?

Make It at Market Season 2 is heading to BBC and BBC iPlayer in the UK. Since BBC is a regionally restricted streaming platform only accessible from the UK. The series will also stream on BirtBox in USA and Canada and may arrive on SBS in Australia.

You will need a reliable VPN with a highly optimized British server to unblock BBC and watch new episodes of Make It at Market Season 2 from Australia.

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Watching Make it at Market Season 2 in Australia with NordVPN

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Where to watch Make It at Market Season 2 in Australia?

Make It at Market Season 2 is heading to BBC iPlayer in the UK. We are anticipating seeing it on Hulu in the US, but no international release date has been announced.

Therefore, if you are into crafting, watch Make It at Market Season 2 in Australia on BBC iPlayer with a VPN.

Make It at Market Season 2 release date

The second season of Make It at Market is set to premiere on BBC iPlayer on November 27 at 4.30 pm. The number of episodes for Make It at Market Season 2 has been kept secret, however, the first season had fifteen episodes.

Make It at Market Season 1 was loved by viewers and received a whopping rating of 8/10 on IMDb. Let’s see if the second part is as good as the first.

Make It at Market Season 2 trailer

BBC has not released the official trailer for Make It at Market Season 2. Here is a glimpse of what’s in store for you.

What is the show about?

Make It at Market Season 2 is an inspirational crafting series returning to BBC One. The series focuses on helping budding entrepreneurs transform their hobbies into businesses. It features a team of expert mentors who guide the crafters, assess their readiness to monetize their crafts, and provide practical advice. The mentors also challenge the participants with tests to evaluate the viability and profitability of their business ideas.

Make It at Market rating and reviews

According to Dionne Ible from Luton Today, Make It at Market showcases a range of gifted hobbyist artisans from across the United Kingdom aiming to build thriving businesses from their artistic pursuits.

Among them is contestant Dionne, who was prompted to apply by a friend and was shocked to be chosen. “I was in disbelief when I learned I’d been selected from thousands of applicants to be one of the 30 makers featured,” Dionne shares. She will be guided by London collage artist and curator Sharon Walters, who is serving as her industry mentor.

Through the mentorship and marketplace tests, the show provides opportunities for Dionne and the passionate creator community to elevate their crafts into successful livelihoods, reaching audiences nationwide.

Make It at Market Season 2 hype on X

Make It at Market Season 2 Episodes

The number of episodes in Make It at Market Season 2 has not been disclosed. However, we anticipate seeing 15 episodes in Make It at Market Season 2.

Here is what will happen in Make It at Market Season 2, Episode 1.

The premiere episode introduces Rachel, a hesitant Birmingham-based cleaner who lacks confidence in her jewelry-crafting abilities, along with former IT professional Roy, who recently left his career to pursue coppersmithing full-time in Wiltshire.

Rachel fashions an array of striking earrings while Roy makes dazzling copper floral sculptures, including a maple leaf sphere and flame-adorned nautilus shell. Mentors Rachel Jeffrey and Ian Gill help guide these hobbyists toward recognizing their latent business acumen.

By the finale, prepare to be moved – in an uplifting way! – as the mentees’ creative doubts give way to conviction about manifesting their visions in the marketplace. With nurturing support, the spark of potential artistic livelihoods is stoked into flaming possibility.

Where was Make It at Market Season 2 filmed?

Make It to Market season 2 was shot this past summer at Waterperry Gardens, a beautiful garden destination located in Oxfordshire.

The show’s previous season was filmed further north at Stoneywell cottage near the village of Markfield. This quaint cottage is tucked within Leicestershire’s Charnwood Forest.

By changing filming locations between seasons, Make It to Market is able to provide some scenic variety as crafters develop their small businesses with guidance from veteran artist-entrepreneurs. Audiences get to see creative dreams being pursued across diverse English countryside backdrops.

Who is hosting Make It to Market season 2

Host Dominic Chinea and skilled craft-business advisors are back for more life-altering mentorship in the new season of Make It to Market.

“I’m thrilled to return empowering dedicated hobbyists alongside our expert mentor team,” Chinea remarked regarding the upcoming episodes filmed this summer. “The filming location of Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire provided a picturesque backdrop brimming with creativity as mentees developed their ventures. Guiding these passionate entrepreneurs at this inspirational site was incredibly rewarding.”

By leveraging the specialized talents of its business-savvy coaches, Make It to Market continues its uplifting mission of converting artistic talents into viable commercial enterprises. Transformational mentorship unfolds against the lush scenery of Oxfordshire’s gardens, further cultivating the blossoming potential of crafters ready to share their unique gifts at the market.

Who are the contestants and Craftsmen in Make it to Market Season 2?

The upcoming season of Make It to Market will feature 30 talented crafters in total.

These include Des, a former teacher now pursuing willow weaving. Hayley, a mom aiming to start an upholstery business for her family, and Will, a colorblind pointillist artist.

The hobbyists will be paired with expert mentors in their craft field who can evaluate their business viability. The mentors also provide practical guidance to help them profit from their passions.

To test market-readiness, the mentors assign two key challenges: First is a high-volume test requiring quick, affordable production. The other is crafting a High-End specialty piece using pricier materials for premium pricing.

Additionally, makers identify their favorite item to produce – but will what they enjoy making actually sell?

Through hands-on training, Make It to Market empowers crafters to determine if a delighted hobby can translate into a money-making livelihood.


1- Is Make It to Market season 2 coming to SBS in Australia?

There is no word on Make It to Market season 2 heading to NBC in Australia. We will keep this blog updated if anything changes.

2- Can I watch Make It to Market season 2 on Australian Netflix?

Netflix hasn’t announced a release date for Make It to Market season 2. But anything can happen in the streaming business. We will write a separate blog on the Make It to Market season 2 Netflix release date if it happens.

3- What is the genre of Make It to Market season 2?

Make It to Market season 2 has been put in the Factual genre.

4- Who is the director of Make It to Market season 2?

Rob Unsworth is the director of the series, and Rachel Platt performs her duties as the editor.

5- Who is the creator of the series?

Flabbergast produces the series. Andrew Snowball is the executive producer.

Wrap Up

If you are into handicrafts, this series is for you. We have listed the best methods to watch Make It to Market season 2 in Australia for free on BBC iPlayer. The series will also be available on BirtBox in the US and Canada.

We tested ExpressVPN and NordVPN to watch Make It to Market season 2 in Australia, and both worked perfectly. However, we would recommend ExpressVPN due to its highly effective servers in the UK. We have also mentioned their features, prices, servers, and devices they work on so you can make a better decision.

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