How To Watch Me Hereafter 2024 in Canada On Hulu (Updated)

Me Hereafter

ABC News Studio is back with another gripping true crime docuseries. Me Hereafter is a unique blend of investigative footage, interrogation clips, dramatized recreations of murder cases, and interviews, offering a new perspective by representing the voices of murder victims.

The series is set to explore the truth behind these horrifying cases, and we’ll guide you with watching Me Hereafter in Canada on Hulu. So, let us begin.

How to watch Me Hereafter in Canada?

For all the eager streamers who have been on the hunt for an easy solution to watching Me Hereafter in Canada, your search ends here.

Me Hereafter is going to be available for online streaming in the USA on Hulu, and we’ll provide you with a simple trick for accessing it in Canada.

All you need to do is use a VPN and follow the simple steps below to watch Me Hereafter in Canada on Hulu:

1-Ā GetĀ ExpressVPN to unblock HuluĀ (12+3 month free special deal)

2- DownloadĀ the ExpressVPN application on your deviceĀ (Smartphone, PC, Laptop, Tablet, etc.)

3-Ā Connect to anĀ American serverĀ from the country listĀ (New York server is highly recommended)

4-Ā Open the Hulu appĀ orĀ visit theĀ Hulu websiteĀ in your browser

5-Ā Search for Me Hereafter on Hulu

6- Enjoy

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Me Hereafter in Canada?

You will need a VPN to watch Me Hereafter in Canada on Hulu because of the limited accessibility of the OTT streaming platform.

Hulu is only accessible in the United States, Japan, and Puerto Rico. It is important to know that the Japanese and Puerto Rican libraries of Hulu are significantly different and narrower than the original American content library.

This OTT streaming platform uses an advanced IP-blocking system that is there to only allow access to users with an American IP address and block everyone attempting to enter Hulu’s content library from an unauthorized region, such as Canada.

It can be truly frustrating to be unable to access your desired content due to this geo-restriction. However, VPNs can provide the necessary remedy to this issue. You can connect to an American server via a reliable premium VPN, and it will make it seem like you’re accessing Hulu from within the USA.

Once you have virtually relocated yourself to the USA, you can easily watch Me Hereafter in Canada on Hulu. We highly recommend going for our top recommended VPNs, ExpressVPN and NordVPN, for this task. Check out our detailed review below.

Why isĀ ExpressVPN the best choice to watch Me Hereafter in Canada?

ExpressVPN stands out as the top choice for bypassing geographical restrictions, especially for accessing content like Me Hereafter in Canada on Hulu. This isn’t just a personal observation; renowned review sites like WizCase have also highlighted its superior capabilities.

What really impressed us from the outset was ExpressVPN’s impressive speed. On a 100Mbps connection, it achieved download speeds up to 96Mbps and upload speeds up to 85Mbps.

Moreover, ExpressVPN offers an extensive server network, with over 3500 servers across 105 countries, enabling users to effortlessly unlock geo-blocked content worldwide. It provided a seamless viewing experience for shows such as Survivor Season 46, Sense and Sensibility, and CrimeTime: Freefall.

Particularly noteworthy are ExpressVPN’s 24+ American servers optimized for accessing US-exclusive content, like Me Hereafter in Canada on Hulu.

ExpressVPN comes loaded with advanced features designed to enhance your streaming of geo-restricted content like Me Hereafter in Canada while also ensuring the highest security standards for other online activities.

These include Split Tunneling, MediaStream DNS, an Internet Kill Switch, TrustedServer technology, the Lightway protocol, AES 256-bit encryption, Threat Manager, and more. The comprehensive suite of features offered by ExpressVPN ensures an enhanced streaming of Me Hereafter in Canada and secure online browsing.

For those who enjoy watching TV shows and movies with friends, ExpressVPN supports connecting up to 8 devices simultaneously, ensuring everyone can join in on the fun.

Compatibility is another strong point of ExpressVPN, supporting a wide range of operating systems and devices, including Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, Firestick, and Smart TVs. This means you can enjoy Me Hereafter in Canada across any device of your choosing.

In terms of pricing, ExpressVPN offers a 12-month plan at an affordable rate of $6.67/month, which includes a 49% discount and an additional three months free, totaling a 15-month subscription. Additionally, thanks to a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support, trying ExpressVPN to watch Me Hereafter in Canada is risk-free.

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TestingĀ NordVPN to watch Me Hereafter in Canada

Exploring different VPN options is crucial when accessing geo-restricted shows like Me Hereafter in Canada on Hulu. NordVPN emerges as a formidable alternative to ExpressVPN, known for its vast server network and swift connection speeds.

It’s not just the user experience that places NordVPN in the upper ranks of VPN providers; it’s also backed by positive evaluations from leading tech review sites like VPNMentor.

Our personal testing confirmed NordVPN’s reputation for excellence. With over 5500 servers across more than 65 countries, it facilitated the smooth streaming of geo-blocked content like The Voice Season 25.

Its 1900+ servers in the US proved especially useful for enjoying US-exclusive shows like The Family Stallone Season 2 and Jellystone! Season 3, and they ensure easy access to Me Hereafter in Canada on Hulu as well.

During our speed tests using, NordVPN impressed us by reaching download speeds up to 95Mbps and upload speeds up to 83Mbps, ensuring HD streaming of Me Hereafter in Canada on Hulu or any of your desired content without any buffering.

Beyond its speed and extensive server network, NordVPN’s array of sophisticated features stands out. These include Meshnet, Private DNS, AES 256-bit encryption, an Internet Kill Switch, the Nordlynx protocol, and specialized servers such as Double VPN, P2P, and Obfuscated servers, all designed to safeguard your online privacy and enhance your streaming and browsing experience.

NordVPN’s compatibility extends across multiple devices and platforms, including PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs, and Firestick devices, and even offers browser extensions for Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.

Offering great value, NordVPN’s two-year plan comes at an affordable $3.39/month due to a 59% discount. This makes choosing NordVPN for watching Me Hereafter in Canada on Hulu a budget-friendly option. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, it presents a secure and cost-effective solution for accessing geo-blocked content from anywhere in the world.

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Where to watch Me Hereafter in Canada?

You will have two streaming options for Me Hereafter in Canada: one is accessing the series directly on Disney+ with a $14.99/month subscription, and the other one is using a premium VPN to watch it on Hulu.

We personally recommend going for the latter approach. First of all, a Hulu subscription is going to cost almost half of what a Disney+ subscription does at $7.99/month. Secondly, the main reason why we recommend this method is that using a VPN expands your streaming horizon to an exceptionally wider range.

When equipped with a trusted premium VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN, not only would you be able to watch Me Hereafter in Canada on Hulu, but also be able to access other geo-restricted titles like Married To The Game and Laura Whitmore Investigates without any issues.

All you have to do is connect with an American IP address and mask your original location to trick Hulu’s geo-restrictive firewall into granting you access to Me Hereafter in Canada.

Me Hereafter ā€“ Release Date

Me Hereafter is headed for a television premiere on ABC News on February 29, 2024, and will be simultaneously available for online streaming on Hulu in the USA and Disney+ in Canada and other countries outside the USA.

The docuseries hasn’t received an official IMDb rating yet, but that is expected to change after its premiere.

Note: Me Hereafter 2024 is now streaming on Hulu.

Me Hereafter ā€“ Is there a Trailer?

ABC News hasn’t released an official trailer for the upcoming documentary series Me Hereafter, but we are planning on updating this blog once a trailer is dropped online. So, stay tuned!

Me Hereafter ā€“ What to Expect from the Show?

Me Hereafter is an innovative four-part series that blends documentary and drama to offer an unprecedented look into intense murder investigations, giving the impression that the victims can speak from beyond the grave.

The series redefines the true crime genre by mixing unseen investigative footage, interrogation clips, dramatized scenes, and heartfelt interviews with the victims’ families and the officials involved in the investigations.

Across its four episodes, the series employs voice actors to narrate the story from the victims’ viewpoints, guiding viewers through the twists and turns of each case, including the examination of clues, alibis, and motives, ensuring the audience is engaged and intrigued.

Me Hereafter ā€“ Episode Details

Me Hereafter is confirmed to be a 4-episode documentary series that is going offer a chilling new perspective at some of the most horrifying and confusing murder cases in the USA.

The show is going to premiere on Hulu on February 29, 2024, and we have mentioned the brief episode details of Me Hereafter to provide you with a better idea of what you can expect from this deeply insightful docuseries.

Check them out below:

Episode 1 – First She Stole My Baby

A young woman, eight months into her pregnancy and only 22 years old, vanishes close to her home, leaving her family in a state of despair as they uncover the harrowing circumstances of her disappearance.

Episode 2 – A Message, A Murder

The discovery of a young mother’s body in an alleyway in Minneapolis on New Yearā€™s Eve sets off a complex investigation, leading detectives through three different crime scenes to capture her murderer.

Episode 3 – Last Seen at the Mall

The absence of Kira Steger from work amidst a record-setting snowstorm alarms her family, prompting a desperate search against time to locate her.

Episode 4 – The Funeral Home Murders

In 2002, the grim discovery of a funeral director and his intern murdered prompts an investigation that leads to an unexpected perpetrator, shocking everyone involved.

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1- Will Me Hereafter be available in Canada?

Yes, Me Hereafter is officially going to be available for streaming on Disney+ in Canada, and you’ll be able to watch it with a subscription costing $14.99/month.

However, there is another option as well: you can connect to an American server via a reliable premium VPN like ExpressVPN, which can grant you the ability to change your IP address from Canada to the USA.

This simple trick will allow you to watch Me Hereafter in Canada on Hulu, along with various other geo-restricted titles on the popular OTT streaming platform.

2- Can I watch Me Hereafter on Netflix in Canada?

Are you looking for a way to watch Me Hereafter on Netflix in Canada? We’re sorry to inform you that this OTT platform won’t be streaming the new documentary series.

This is due to the fact that The Walt Disney Company and ABC News haven’t lent the rights of Me Hereafter to Netflix in Canada or anywhere else.

Don’t worry because an easy solution exists: utilize the services of a premium VPN to watch Me Hereafter in Canada on Hulu.

3- Can I watch Me Hereafter on Prime Video in Canada?

Prime Video won’t be offering the four-part docuseries Me Hereafter in Canada due to geo-licensing issues. However, there is an alternative that will not only allow you to watch Me Hereafter in Canada but open limitless streaming possibilities for you as well.

Using a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN or NordVPN is your best option to access Me Hereafter in Canada on Hulu, along with other geo-restricted titles on various other platforms.

4- Is it possible to watch Me Hereafter in Canada on Hulu with a free VPN?

No, you won’t be able to access Me Hereafter in Canada on Hulu with a free VPN, and this method is strongly advised against by our online streaming experts due to various connectivity and security issues that come with these unreliable services.

Instead, a viable option is to rely on premium-quality VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, which ensure you the best experience while accessing geo-blocked content and platforms.

We have used these tools to access shows like Monty Donā€™s Spanish Gardens and The Sidemen Story, and it worked flawlessly. Thus, they are highly recommended by us for watching Me Hereafter in Canada on Hulu.

5- Who is the producer of Me Hereafter?

The fresh new true crime docuseries Me Hereafter is produced by ABC News Studios alongside Committee Films.

The production team includes Andy Awes and Maria Awes from Committee Films, who are known for America Unearthed and In an Instant, serving as executive producers.

Overseeing the project, Eamon McNiff is the senior producer, with David Sloan taking the role of senior executive producer, all under the banner of ABC News Studios.

6- What is the genre of Me Hereafter?

The upcoming Hulu original series Me Hereafter falls under the genre categories of True crime and Documentary.

What else can you watch on Hulu?

When it comes to content collection, Hulu is one the best in the game. However, the geographic restrictions on this platform make it challenging for viewers outside the USA to access its content.

With premium VPNs like ExpressVPN, you can bypass these restrictions and check out some of the best TV shows and movies on Hulu in Canada, like the following recommendations:

Wrap Up

Me Hereafter is a groundbreaking new entry in the true crime collection of ABC News, offering a unique narrative to the stories of unfortunate murder victims. This must-watch series not only uncovers the truth behind these cases but also gives a voice to those who can no longer speak for themselves.

With our detailed instructions on how to watch Me Hereafter in Canada on Hulu using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, viewers can join this chilling exploration of crime and justice without any limitations.

Written by Jacob Ant

Jacob Ant is a seasoned entertainment writer over a decade of experience in film, TV, and media. With a deep passion for streaming content, he not only enjoys engaging with it but also shares valuable writing hacks and insights to assist others in the field