How To Watch CrimeTime: Freefall 2024 in Canada on Hallmark (Updated)

CrimeTime: Freefall

CrimeTime: Freefall is an upcoming crime-mystery TV movie by Hallmark Movies & Mysteries featuring Lyndie Greenwood and Luke Macfarlane in lead roles.

Taking a different direction from its usual romantic format, this new Hallmark movie follows a retired crime series actress who moves to a small town and finds herself solving a real case with a local detective.

This movie is set to premiere on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on February 23, 2024, and we are here today to explore how you can watch CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada. So, without further ado, get ready to solve the mystery.

How to watch CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada?

Looking for a way to watch CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada? You’ve reached the right station. This movie will premiere on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and will be available to stream online on the OTT platform Hallmark Movies Now.

Now, the issue at hand is that Hallmark is a geo-restricted American platform that cannot be accessed in Canada or anywhere outside the USA, but this can be solved with a trusted VPN.

Follow the quick guide we have provided below and watch CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada without any issues:

1- Get ExpressVPN for Hallmark Movies Now (12+3 month free special deal)

2- Download the VPN app on your preferred device

3- Select an American server from the country list in the ExpressVPN app (the New York server is highly recommended)

4- Open Hallmark Movies Now on your browser or in the app

5- Search for CrimeTime: Freefall on Hallmark

6- Enjoy the movie

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Why do you need a VPN to watch CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada?

Canadian viewers are eager to stream Lyndie Greenwood and Luke Macfarlane’s CrimeTime: Freefall when it releases on February 23, 2024, but geo-restrictions can be a big obstacle.

Hallmark is a US-exclusive platform that follows strict geographic restriction policies to prevent its content from being streamed on any other platform or anywhere outside the USA. The reasons behind these restrictions can vary from piracy protection to demographic interest or simply licensing issues with content owners.

We first came across these annoying digital roadblocks of Hallmark while attempting to watch movies like A Taste of Love and An American in Austen, and this led us to discover handy tools called VPNs.

You can use reliable premium VPNs to connect with servers in different countries to change your virtual location, which can help you bypass geo-restrictions of platforms. To watch CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada, you must connect to an American server.

By following this simple step, you will be able to get an American IP address, which will make it seem like you’re accessing the internet from within the USA, allowing you seamless access to CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada on Hallmark.

Why is ExpressVPN the best choice to watch CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada?

ExpressVPN has firmly established itself as the top VPN throughout 2023 and is expected to continue its market dominance into 2024 as well.

Achieving widespread acclaim from respectable review platforms like CNET, its unparalleled performance, enhanced security, and user-friendly experience have set the bar high in the VPN industry, making it our best choice to watch CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada.

With an expansive network of 3800+ servers spanning more than 105 countries, ExpressVPN offers unrivaled access to a wide range of geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world. This extensive server coverage effortlessly allows users to enjoy titles like Laura Whitmore Investigates, Married To The Game, and ITV’s Breathtaking 2024.

Our extensive testing revealed that ExpressVPN’s 20+ American servers easily unlock streaming platforms like Hallmark, enabling smooth and uninterrupted viewing of movies like CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada. It impressed us with download speeds reaching up to 97Mbps and upload speeds up to 88Mbps on a 100Mbps connection, ensuring a buffering-free streaming experience.

ExpressVPN’s commitment to security and versatility is also evident in its support for a broad range of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. Advanced features such as MediaStream DNS and the Lightway protocol boost streaming speeds and solidify online security, particularly while streaming titles like CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada.

Additionally, this premium VPN service employs robust security measures like an Internet Kill Switch, military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, an Ad blocker, TrustedServer technology, and Private DNS.

Designed for convenience and versatility while streaming geo-blocked content like CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada, ExpressVPN supports simultaneous connections on up to 8 devices and offers browser extensions for Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox, making group streaming sessions seamless.

Its competitive pricing includes a 49% discount on its annual subscription, priced at just $6.67/month. This deal is sweetened with three extra months free and a 30-day money-back guarantee. With 24/7 customer support, ExpressVPN stands as an unbeatable option for streaming geo-blocked content like CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada without any risk.

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Testing NordVPN to watch CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada

Looking for another reliable VPN service to access CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada? Your journey might just have reached a successful conclusion. Through a detailed research process and hands-on testing, we’ve identified NordVPN as an exceptional choice for streaming geo-blocked content from anywhere in the world.

NordVPN has proven its excellence in performance across numerous tests, allowing us to enjoy a variety of geo-restricted titles like BBC’s The Way 2024, Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens, and Jellystone! Season 3, all without the hassle of buffering or connectivity issues.

Its expansive network offers 5800+ servers in more than 60 countries, delivering remarkable download speeds of up to 95Mbps and upload speeds of up to 87Mbps. This network ensures seamless streaming of CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada on Hallmark.

Beyond its efficiency in streaming geo-blocked content, NordVPN is known for its suite of advanced security features. With Meshnet, Internet Kill Switch, Private DNS, NordLynx, Onion Over VPN, Double VPN, SmartDNS, and Dark Web Monitor, this premium VPN goes beyond a mere streaming tool.

It significantly enhances your internet privacy and security, making it an outstanding solution for both watching CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada and online safety. Compatibility is another highlight of NordVPN, supporting various devices and operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Smart TV, Firestick, and Linux.

It allows you to connect 6 devices simultaneously, making it ideal for sharing with family and friends. Whether you’re looking to watch CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada or access other geo-restricted content, NordVPN offers the flexibility and ease you need.

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Moreover, with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support, trying NordVPN to watch CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada is totally risk-free.

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Where to watch CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada?

CrimeTime: Freefall will be available for online streaming on Hallmark Movies Now, and you can easily watch it by getting a platform subscription at just $5.99/month. However, this straightforward approach is, unfortunately, limited to viewers residing in the USA.

For the ones who want to watch CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada, the most viable and easy solution is to access the TV movie on Hallmark Movies Now with the help of a premium VPN, such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

These tools can allow you to change your Canadian IP into an American one, circumventing the geo-restrictions of Hallmark and ensuring easy access to CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada.

Other than that, if you are looking for a local streaming option for CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada, the disappointing news is that there hasn’t been any announcement from major Canadian platforms like CBC, CTV, and Crave about the TV movie’s release.

CrimeTime: Freefall – Release Date

CrimeTime: Freefall is going to officially premiere on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on February 23, 2024, and will be available to watch online on Hallmark Movies Now after its television debut.

This mystery drama movie hasn’t yet received an official IMDb rating, but its hype among the fans is hinting toward a positive score.

Note: CrimeTime: Freefallis now available on Hallmark.

CrimeTime: Freefall – Official Trailer

CrimeTime: Freefall – What to Expect from the Movie?

Hallmark hasn’t revealed details about the plot of the upcoming movie CrimeTime: Freefall, but the official synopsis on their website reads:

“Crime series actress Hadley Warner retires to a small town where she encounters her first real case. Using her TV crime knowledge, she teams up with Detective Shawn Caden to solve the case.”

The Cast of CrimeTime: Freefall

One thing that we all love about a Hallmark original movie is the talented cast that always seems to bring the characters and narrative to life with perfection, and the upcoming mystery drama movie CrimeTime: Freefall is no exception.

We have explored the two talented lead cast members of CrimeTime: Freefall; get to know them now:

  • Lyndie Greenwood as Hadley

Lyndie Greenwood, a Canadian actress, is currently featured in the CTV comedy show Shelved. She has also been part of Hallmark Channel’s productions, including Holiday Heritage with Holly Robinson-Peete and Magic in Mistletoe alongside Paul Campbell.

Greenwood has played significant roles in other notable projects, such as the Emmy-nominated Lifetime movie Flint with Queen Latifah, and was part of the main cast in Sleepy Hollow on Fox and Nikita on The CW.

Additionally, she has had recurring roles in series like S.W.A.T. on CBS, The Expanse on Amazon, and Star on Fox. Her filmography includes The World Without You, where she starred with Radha Mitchell and P.J. Byrne.

Follow her on Instagram @lyndiegreenwood.

  • Luke Macfarlane as Shawn

Luke Macfarlane is recognized for his role in the Netflix movie Single All the Way and the indie film Lone Star Bull. He gained fame from the ABC series Brothers & Sisters and has led in the Syfy series Killjoys for five seasons, appeared in both seasons of PBS’s Mercy Street, and had roles in FX’s Over There and Supreme Courtships.

His first film role was in Bill Condon’s Kinsey, and his theater work includes performances on Broadway in The Normal Heart, which won a Drama Desk award for best ensemble and off-Broadway roles.

A Juilliard graduate, Macfarlane has also starred in Bros, a Universal Pictures rom-com, opposite Billy Eichner, and in the 2023 Apple TV+ series Platonic with Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen.

His recent Hallmark credits include titles like Notes of Autumn, Catch Me If You Claus, and Moriah’s Lighthouse, among others, with a special mention of Christmas in My Heart for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

You can follow Luke Macfarlane on Instagram @ten_minutes_younger.

Additionally, CrimeTime: Freefall also features a talented and noteworthy supporting cast, including the following names:

  • Danny Dworkis as Saunders
  • Babak A. Motamed as Jay Bax
  • Diego Stredel as Lloyd
  • Jason Tremblay as Anson Erickson
  • Kyle Warren as Kirk Brown
  • Katrina Kwan as Assistant
  • Sam Spear as Park Ranger

CrimeTime: Freefall on Twitter


1- Will CrimeTime: Freefall be available in Canada?

Unfortunately, it’s not looking good for CrimeTime: Freefall’s availability in Canada because none of the major streaming platforms in Canada, such as CBC Gem and Crave, have released any statement regarding the movie’s premiere.

This is mainly due to licensing issues and Hallmark’s geo-restrictions policies, which only allow its content to be streamed within US borders.

However, an easy solution to this problem is a premium VPN that can hide your original IP and grant you an American virtual location for accessing CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada on Hallmark.

2- Can I watch CrimeTime: Freefall on Netflix in Canada?

Hallmark hasn’t released any official word regarding CrimeTime: Freefall’s Netflix release in Canada or any other region due to licensing issues.

But there’s an easy alternative: you can watch CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada on Hallmark with the help of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

You just need to connect to an American server so that you’ll be virtually relocated to the USA. This will allow you unrestricted access to Hallmark content like CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada.

3- Can I watch CrimeTime: Freefall on Prime Video in Canada?

Prime Video subscribers are out of luck as well when it comes to watching CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada because, according to our research, the Hallmark original movie is not going to stream on any Prime Video regional library around the world.

This unfortunate news stems from geo-limitations on Hallmark content, making it only accessible on Hallmark Movies Now in the USA.

If you want to watch CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada, a viable option is to use a premium VPN to break through Hallmark’s geo-restrictions.

4- CrimeTime: Freefall Filming Location?

CrimeTime: Freefall was filmed at various locations in Los Angeles, California, including Griffith Park and Interstate 405, among others.

5- Who is the director of CrimeTime: Freefall?

Stacey N. Harding takes the helm as the director of CrimeTime: Freefall. She is also known for directing other Hallmark titles like Love, Classified and Round and Round.

6- Who is the writer of CrimeTime: Freefall?

CrimeTime: Freefall is written by Arthur Vandalay, who is also the writer of the well-received TV movie Haunted Harmony Mysteries: Murder in G Major (2023).

7- What is the runtime of CrimeTime: Freefall?

As reported by Rotten Tomatoes, CrimeTime: Freefall has a runtime of 1hr 30mins.

8- What is the genre of CrimeTime: Freefall?

The upcoming Hallmark original movie CrimeTime: Freefall is categorized under the Drama and Mystery genres.

Wrap Up

The much-anticipated CrimeTime: Freefall is just around the corner, with the premiere set on February 23, 2024, and fans in Canada are on the edge of their seats, looking forward to watching the dynamic duo of Lyndie Greenwood and Luke Macfarlane leading the charge.

We have mentioned all the details you need to know about watching CrimeTime: Freefall in Canada in this blog, so follow our simple instructions and unlock the fun. Happy streaming!

Written by Jacob Ant

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