How To Watch Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens 2024 in Europe for free On BBC iPlayer (New Episodes)

Monty Don's Spanish Gardens

Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens is a BBC docuseries that invites viewers on a captivating journey with the beloved host of Gardeners’ World, Monty Don, as he explores Spain’s diverse and exquisite gardens.

This delightful series highlights a range of gardens, from intimate private gardens to grand city parks and community projects, while diving into how Spain’s varied landscapes and rich historical essence have shaped these flourishing spaces.

Here’s all you need to know about this horticultural adventure and how you can watch Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens in Europe for free.

How to watch Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens in Europe for free?

Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens is going to be available to watch for free in the United Kingdom on BBC iPlayer, but what about European gardening enthusiasts? Don’t worry; we won’t let you be left behind.

The ultimate solution to watching Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens in European countries for free is by using a premium VPN that can grant you geo-unblocking capabilities.

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens in Europe for free?

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Where to watch Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens in Europe for free?

Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens is a BBC original docuseries, which ultimately means that the exclusive streaming rights to this show will be held by BBC iPlayer.

Unfortunately, due to geo-limitations, viewers residing anywhere outside the UK, such as European countries, don’t have access to this VOD platform. That is why you will need a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN or NordVPN to watch Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens in Europe for free.

As for the local European streaming options, it is expected that Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens might become available on BritBox in Europe sometime later in 2024, but there hasn’t been any confirmation. Additionally, even if docuseries does stream on BritBox, it won’t be free and will require you to get a $9.99/month subscription plan.

The most viable option is to use a reliable premium VPN to unblock BBC iPlayer and watch Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens in Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, France, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia, Hungary, Czechia and other European countries for free without any further hassle.

Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens – Release Date

Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens is going to officially premiere on BBC Two on February 23, 2024, and simultaneously be available for free online streaming on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

The official European release of this docuseries hasn’t been confirmed yet, but you can easily stream Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens in European countries for free on BBC iPlayer with the help of a trusted VPN service.

The next episode of Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens will air on BBC One on Friday, March 8, 2024, and is available on BBC iPlayer.

Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens – Is there a Trailer?

No, Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens hasn’t yet received an official trailer from BBC, but we will be updating this blog with the trailer and new information once they are made available online.

Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens – What is the Show about?

Building on the success of Monty Don’s earlier series like Monty Don’s Adriatic Gardens and Monty Don’s Paradise Gardens, this new series follows Monty as he traverses Spain, starting from its heartland, moving to the southern regions and finally exploring the northern.

Throughout his journey, he visits a diverse array of gardens that showcase the distinctive characteristics of each region.

Monty engages with the creators, caretakers, and designers behind these gardens to uncover the unique qualities and innovations of each space. He delves into how these gardens have been thoughtfully crafted to navigate the challenging local climates and landscapes.

Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens – Episode Details

There are going to be a total of three episodes in the upcoming BBC Two docuseries Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens. Each episode is expected to feature a different Spanish region and a different range of gardening spaces explored by Monty Don.

The episodes are also expected to explore the cultures and traditions of each region, highlighting how they influence the gardening activities in these Spanish locations.

Without keeping you for long, let’s check out the details of all three episodes of Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens below:

Episode 1

Release Date: February 23, 2024

Region: Central Spain

Synopsis: Monty Don embarks on a 4000-km adventure through Spain, beginning in its central region. He marvels at the gardens of the Royal Palace of El Escorial, located north of Madrid, and discovers a remarkable vertical garden within a bank and a tropical oasis inside a railway station in the city.

“Creating the bank’s garden in the 1970s was groundbreaking. It was quite the novelty,” Monty notes. “Luis González-Camino, the designer, was only in his 20s at the time and has since become a celebrated figure in Spanish landscape design. It’s quite remarkable.”

Episode 2

Release Date: March 1, 2024

Region: Southern Spain

Synopsis: In Mallorca, Monty visits a variety of gardens, including La Fortaleza in Puerto Pollensa, which was established in the 1920s within a 17th-century fortress. On the mainland, he explores a vast plantation of 200,000 date palm trees in Alicante and learns of Estepona’s initiative to decorate its narrow lanes with over 16,000 flower pots on the Costa del Sol.

“Estepona is focused on revitalizing its streets,” Monty comments. “It’s about restoring its original allure and enhancing its livability – it’s essentially a massive communal garden. More than 100 streets have been refurbished.”

Episode 3

Release Date: March 8, 2024

Region: Northern Spain

Synopsis: On his journey through Spain’s lush northern regions, Monty is impressed by the famous gardens of Pazo de Oca in Galicia and visits a vibrant community garden in the pilgrimage city of Santiago de Compostela.

In Barcelona, he meets a centenarian dedicated to cultivating produce on his rooftop, and near Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum, he is taken aback by the 40-foot-tall Puppy sculpture adorned with plants.

“I didn’t expect to enjoy the puppy, but it was fantastic!” Monty exclaims. “Its size is breathtaking; it’s made up of around 30,000 plants, and its interior, with wires and an irrigation system, resembles a spacecraft. It’s whimsical, amusing, and striking.”

Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens – Get to Know the Presenter

Montagu Denis Wyatt Don, also known as Monty Don, is a renowned British horticulturist, television presenter, and author. Initially, Monty and his wife ran a successful costume jewelry business until the 1987 stock market crash led them to bankruptcy.

Transitioning to television in 1989 with a segment on This Morning, Monty quickly became a familiar face on British TV, hosting shows on both BBC Television and Channel 4, including Gardeners’ World from 2003, a role he took over from Alan Titchmarsh.

His tenure on the show was interrupted by illness from 2008 to 2011, but he returned to present from his own garden, Longmeadow, in Herefordshire. Monty Don is also recognized for his writing, having published over 25 books and contributed columns to The Observer and the Mail on Sunday.

His television career is notable for a variety of gardening and travel series, including Around the World in 80 Gardens, Monty Don’s Italian Gardens, Monty Don’s American Gardens, and his latest three-part series, Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens, among others.

His work often focuses on the beauty and importance of gardens and gardening, including therapeutic and social benefits projects, such as the 6-acre smallholding for young drug offenders documented in Growing Out of Trouble.

What is Monty Don saying about the new Docuseries?

Monty Don expressed surprise at Spain’s rich gardening diversity, initially doubting its prominence in horticulture but finding the country to be a vast, varied landscape with unique regional gardening traditions. He noted that Spanish gardens are characterized by adapting to challenging conditions, creativity, and a blend of cultural influences, reflecting Spain’s proud heritage and innovative spirit in gardening.

Don explored different regions, highlighting the central area’s extreme climate, Andalusia’s patio gardens with Muslim influences, and the lush vegetation of the Basque Country.

Discussing climate change, Don emphasized the importance of sustainable gardening practices observed in Spain, like the water-conserving garden in Mallorca, as lessons for gardeners worldwide.

He found inspiration in gardens that integrate educational and ecological principles, such as a school in Madrid that uses gardens as learning spaces and a garden designed around the natural paths of dogs, showcasing the adaptability and inventiveness of Spanish garden design.

Don concluded with reflections on the impact of his visit on his gardening philosophy, advocating for mindful gardening that respects environmental limits. Looking ahead, he expressed interest in exploring gardens in Central Europe and South America for further inspiration and insight into global gardening practices.

Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens – News

In a Telegraph interview, Monty Don, ahead of his BBC series, discusses his optimistic view on gardening amidst challenges like heavy rains at his Longmeadow home. He emphasizes gardening’s resilience and explores Spain’s varied horticultural practices.

Don addresses the idealized portrayal of gardens on Gardener’s World, advocating for a more inclusive approach that reflects the diverse realities of British gardeners and stresses the importance of diverse voices in gardening.

He shares personal stories on gardening’s therapeutic impact on his life, including dealing with health issues and depression. Don also commends the King’s gardening passion, highlighting its cultural significance and potential for hope. Reflecting on his future and the show’s direction, Don underscores the value of adaptability, inclusivity, and the therapeutic benefits of nature.

Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens on Twitter


1- Where does Monty Don do his gardening?

Monty Don does his gardening at Longmeadow, his private garden located in Herefordshire, England.

This garden serves as the primary filming location for the BBC television series Gardener’s World, where viewers can see various garden areas and projects he undertakes throughout the seasons.

2- Will Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens be available in Europe for free?

Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens is confirmed to stream on BBC iPlayer in the UK, but its international release date is not revealed yet.

It is expected that, similarly to a lot of BBC content, Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens might become available to watch on BritBox in Europe, but even that seems uncertain for now due to the lack of any announcements.

This calls for a fool-proof solution to watch Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens in European countries for free: using a reliable VPN service to unblock BBC iPlayer.

3- Is Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens on Netflix in Europe?

Netflix doesn’t hold the official streaming rights for Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens in Europe or any other region around the world, but a better option exists to watch this docuseries.

You can watch Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens in Europe for free by unblocking BBC iPlayer with the help of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

All you have to do is connect to a British server, and the VPN will take care of everything else, granting you seamless access to BBC content like Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens in Europe for free.

4- Can I watch Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens on Prime Video in Europe?

Prime Video subscribers in Europe are in for some unfortunate news as our detailed research has revealed that Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens is not going to stream on any of Prime Video’s regional libraries in the world, including Europe.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t watch Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens in European countries for free. BBC iPlayer and a trusted VPN service like ExpressVPN will be your best companions.

By connecting to a British server and virtually relocating yourself within the UK, you will gain unrestricted access to not just Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens in Europe for free but a range of other BBC iPlayer titles as well.

5- Who is the producer of Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens?

Natalie Barb is going to serve as the series producer for Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens. She has previously been a director for shows like Love Your Garden and Garden Rescue.

6- How many episodes will Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens have?

Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens is confirmed to have three episodes in total, each featuring a different region of Spain.

7- What is the genre of Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens?

BBC Two has categorized the docuseries Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens by Factual, Home & Gardens, and Gardens genres.

What else can you watch on BBC iPlayer?

BBC iPlayer has one of the vastest content libraries in all online streaming platforms around the world, and you can use premium VPNs like ExpressVPN or NordVPN to watch various UK-exclusive titles from Europe for free.

Check out some of our top suggestions below:

Wrap Up

It’s time to join Monty Don on the exciting horticultural journey with BBC Two’s latest three-part docuseries, Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens, offering a unique opportunity to explore the heart of Spain’s rich gardening heritage.

We highly recommend you follow our instructions and try out the services of our top-rated VPNs, ExpressVPN and NordVPN, which can enable you to experience a deeper connection to the natural world by watching Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens in Europe for free on BBC iPlayer.

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