How To Watch The Apprentice 2024 in European countries for free on BBC iPlayer (New Episodes)

The Apprentice 2024

February 2024 is going to begin with the most ruthless job interview on television, as The Apprentice is back for its much-awaited 18th season. Created by Mark Burnett, this British counterpart of the popular American reality TV series of the same name follows a group of businesspeople competing with each other to win a prize partnership with the business tycoon Alan Sugar.

The show is set to return on February 1, 2024, on BBC One and will be available for free online streaming on BBC iPlayer, but the issue is that Europeans won’t be able to access this VOD platform due to geo-restrictions.

But don’t worry; this blog holds the answer to this problem. If you want to watch The Apprentice 2024 in European countries for free on BBC iPlayer check out this guide now!

How to watch The Apprentice 2024 in European countries for free?

For all business enthusiasts, there’s good news and bad news; the good news is that The Apprentice 2024 is going to be available for online streaming on BBC iPlayer for free; now, the bad news is that BBC iPlayer is inaccessible in Europe and everywhere outside the UK.

To overcome this hurdle, follow the quick steps below and watch The Apprentice 2024 in European countries for free:

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2- Download the VPN app on your device (PCMacOS, LinuxAndroid, etc.)

3- Select a British server from the country list

4- Open BBC iPlayer website or app

5- Search for The Apprentice on BBC iPlayer

6- Enjoy The Apprentice 2024 in Europe for free

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Why do you need a VPN to watch The Apprentice 2024 in Europe for free?

The Apprentice is a BBC One original series that exclusively streams on their cost-free VOD platform, BBC iPlayer. Now, the main issue and reason behind the necessity of using a VPN to watch The Apprentice 2024 in Europe for free is that BBC iPlayer is only accessible to UK residents who possess a British IP address.

If you are attempting to access this reality TV series from Europe, it is pretty obvious that you won’t have a UK-situated IP address, right? Well, that is exactly what a reliable premium VPN service like ExpressVPN can change.

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Why is ExpressVPN the best choice to watch The Apprentice 2024 in Europe for free?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN service for accessing geo-restricted content like The Apprentice 2024 in Europe for free, which is exclusively going to be available on BBC iPlayer in the UK. This premium VPN has received praise from leading review sites like WizCase for good reason.

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Testing NordVPN to watch The Apprentice 2024 in Europe for free

Next, we explored alternatives to ExpressVPN for accessing geo-blocked content like The Apprentice 2024 in Europe for free. After evaluating over 20 VPNs online, we discovered NordVPN, notable for its expansive network of 5800+ servers across more than 65 countries in the world.

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Where to watch The Apprentice 2024 in Europe for free?

The Apprentice 2024 is confirmed to premiere on BBC One in the UK and its official online streaming platform will be BBC iPlayer, which you can access in Europe with the help of a premium VPN to watch the anticipated 18th season of this British reality TV series.

As for the viewers seeking local European streaming options for this show, we have a dissappointing news: none of the OTT streaming platforms in Europe like Pluto TV or Rakuten TV are offering The Apprentice 2024 in Europe for free.

Our team even went through a detailed research process to find if a subscription based platform was offering this reality TV series, such as Sky Go, Canal+, or BritBox, but we had no luck their either, which led us to the conclusion that BBC iPlayer is the only option to watch The Apprentice 2024 in Europe for free.

All you have to do is connect to a British server via a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN or NordVPN, and that will enable you to change your virtual location to watch The Apprentice 2024 in Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, France, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia, Hungary, Netherlands, Czechia, and other European countries for free without any issues.

Where to watch The Apprentice 2024 in Ireland for free?

If you are located in Ireland and want to watch The Apprentice 2024 for free, that won’t be directly possible due to annoying geo-restrictive barriers because RTÉ Player, which is basically the main VOD streaming platform that offers online content for free in Ireland, is not going to premiere this show.

Although RTÉ Player has a vast content library that offers various TV shows like Kin and Obituary, content licensing issues with BBC has led to the unavailability of the popular British reality TV series. However, there’s no need to lose hope because where there’s a problem, there’s also a solution.

You can stream The Apprentice 2024 in Ireland for free on BBC iPlayer, bypassing all the geo-restrictions of the platform with a top-quality VPN service like ExpressVPN.

The Apprentice 2024 – Release Date

The Apprentice first began on BBC One on February 16, 2005, and even after 19 years, this series has maintained an impressive viewership and notable IMDb rating of 7.2/10.

It is worth noting that in its 17-season run, The Apprentice has received several award nominations, including National Television Awards and TV Quick Awards, and has won BAFTA TV Award, Broadcasting Press Guild Award, and Golden Rose.

The highly anticipated premiere of The Apprentice 2024 is scheduled for February 1, 2024, on BBC One, and the series is also going to be available for free streaming on BBC iPlayer after every episode’s TV broadcast. If you are into reality shows, watch Love Island All-Star in Canada with ExpressVPN.

Note: The Apprentice 2024 is now streaming on BBC iPlayer.

The Apprentice 2024 – Official Trailer

The Apprentice – What is the Format of the Show?

The Apprentice begins with nationwide auditions and interviews, selecting candidates after thorough assessments, including psychological evaluations. In the show, these candidates are divided into teams to tackle a series of business-related tasks, testing skills like salesmanship, negotiation, and teamwork.

Each task, detailed by Lord Sugar, often involves creating and selling a product within a set budget and timeframe. A Project Manager, chosen by the team or appointed by Sugar, leads each task, with teams often reorganized as the series progresses. During tasks, teams are observed by Sugar’s aides, who note performance and issues for later discussion in the boardroom.

The teams convene in the boardroom, where their performance is scrutinized in three stages: results, task review, and final boardroom. The losing team undergoes a detailed review, with the PM selecting two members for a final debate. Sugar then decides who to fire.

The remaining candidates face intense individual interviews, probing their CVs, performance, and business plans. Based on these interviews, Sugar shortlists finalists for the last task, where they lead teams of previously fired candidates to demonstrate their business proposition. The winner, chosen based on overall performance, is declared with “You’re hired!” and receives a significant investment in their business venture from Sugar.

The Apprentice 2024 – Who are the Candidates?

Just like every other gripping season of The Apprentice, the upcoming 18th season is also set to feature a diverse lineup of businesspeople competing in the race to be the winner of the grand prize.

This year, the candidates include people ranging from a pharmacist to a pie company owner, and we have explored each of them below:


Pharmacist and Entrepreneur, Ilford

With a decade-long career in pharmacy, Amina has also established a thriving skincare and supplement business. Her goal is to demonstrate her deep business insights to Lord Sugar.

“I’m unique in my field. Starting from scratch, I earned my first million in two years. I take big risks but always with careful thought.”


Medical Doctor and Wellness Brand Proprietor, Sheffield

Describing himself as a combination of “beauty, brains, body, and business,” Asif, a physician, has developed a business centered on health supplements.

“Balancing my business with 12-hour COVID shifts, I’ve shown my high IQ and physical strength. I’m also easy on the eyes.”


Recruitment Specialist, London

Flo, who established her own recruitment firm, is known for her strong performance and embraces challenges.

“My business is built on equality, diversity, and inclusion. To my competitors: don’t underestimate me. I’m in it to win it.”


Project Manager, Manchester

Foluso aims to be the first Social Enterprise leader to win Lord Sugar’s backing, focusing on youth business education.

“I consider myself the Mary Poppins of the business world. Money isn’t my driver; making a difference is. I’m a unique, profitable investment.”


Recruitment Director and Food Critic, Bristol

Jack is an ambitious recruitment director, quickly ascending in his field. He sees Lord Sugar’s investment as a key step in his career.

“My biggest business failure? None. Failure isn’t in my vocabulary. I always succeed in what I set my mind to.”


Yoga Business Owner, Wexford

Maura’s yoga business promotes client well-being in a profitable manner. She seeks to expand with Lord Sugar’s support.

“I deserve the investment because I fuse positivity and well-being with profitability. My business is a haven of self-love.”


Jewellery Entrepreneur, Liverpool

Noor runs a high-end jewelry business and is confident that Lord Sugar would benefit from investing in her venture.

“My discipline in business operations is strong. I have an inherent drive to compete and win this competition.”


Sales Leader, Yorkshire

With a background in market sales and retail management, Oliver is eager to showcase his sales prowess in the show’s challenges.

“I’ve managed multiple retail stores for our family distillery. I’m a sales powerhouse, ready to impress Lord Sugar.”


Corporate Secretary, London

Onyeka, with a solid corporate background and a promising tech venture, aims to attract Lord Sugar’s first tech investment in years.

“I project my business to reach £10 million in five years. For serious profits, Lord Sugar needs me on board.”


Pie Business Owner, Lancashire

One of two pie business entrants, Paul is proud of his big-name clients and seeks to blend his passion with Lord Sugar’s strategic insight.

“My creativity and hard work, combined with my ideas, can make Lord Sugar the ‘Lord of the Pies.’”


Dentist and Business Owner, Leeds

Having built his dental practice from the ground up, Paul is eager to learn about business expansion from Lord Sugar.

“My talents led me to a Britain’s Got Talent audition and a Disney show extra role. I aim to innovate in healthcare attire.”


Pie Business Owner, Bognor Regis

Phil, 2020’s ‘Supreme Pie Champion,’ aims to prove his worth to Lord Sugar with his family’s long-standing pie business.

“Each first attempt has its failures, but that’s key to success. You don’t build a multi-million business by being lenient.”


Fitness Studio Proprietor, Leeds

A born entrepreneur, Rachel has managed her business independently and sees a partnership with Lord Sugar as a significant step.

“At seven, I was already a roadside entrepreneur. In business, hard work is key, but I work the hardest.”


Mortgage Advisor, Leamington Spa

Dedicated and target-driven, Raj is a ‘dog with a bone’ in business, aiming to identify and exploit market gaps.

“I only learn and improve in business, never fail. I’m determined to be a multi-millionaire by 50.”


Fitness Coach for Mothers, Essex

Known for her keen eye for deals, Sam runs an online fitness platform for mothers and expects to impress Lord Sugar with her business acumen.

“I’m extremely resourceful and ambitious. My business merges my passion with profitability – a perfect combination.”


Management Consultant, London

Steve believes he shares Lord Sugar’s wit and intelligence. Consulting for major companies, he’s prepared for the boardroom challenges.

“I’m more than a corporate figure. I’ve made films, won at Pinewood Studios, and screened at Cannes. Lord Sugar will be the real winner with me.”


Music and Wellness Innovator, London

Former UK garage band member Tre is focused on his wellness venture, leveraging his diverse industry experience.

“Creative success is more than just money. I plan to change the world and leave a lasting legacy.”


Music Producer, Leicester

DJ Virdi, balancing roles as an auditor and producer, sees music as an untapped market for Lord Sugar.

“I aim to star in a Marvel movie as an Avenger. The other contestants are merely supporting actors in my journey to the top.”

Alan Sugar – Get to Know the Business Magnate of The Apprentice 2024

Alan Sugar, also known as Baron Sugar, is a prominent figure in the UK as a business tycoon, television personality, writer, and political advisor. He founded Amstrad, a consumer electronics firm, in 1968, and later sold his shares in 2007 to BSkyB for £125 million.

Sugar also held significant roles in the sports world, serving as the chairman and co-owner of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club from 1991 until 2001. He eventually sold his shares in the club in 2007 for £25 million.

Other than being widely recognized for hosting the BBC reality show The Apprentice, he expanded his television presence by hosting The Celebrity Apprentice Australia as well.

Financially, Sugar reached billionaire status in 2015 as noted by the Sunday Times Rich List. By 2021, his wealth was estimated at around £1.21 billion, making him the 138th wealthiest individual in the UK.

The Apprentice 2024 – Who are the Advisors to Lord Sugar?

In The Apprentice 2024, Lord Sugar will be joined by Baroness Karren Brady and Tim Campbell as his advisors.

Baroness Brady, a renowned business executive and vice-chairman of West Ham United, has been a key figure on the show since 2010. She initially stepped into the role previously held by Margaret Mountford, making her debut on Young Apprentice and then joining the main show in its sixth season.

Tim Campbell, notable for being the first-ever winner of The Apprentice, has been an advisor to Lord Sugar since the show’s 16th season. He stepped into this role, succeeding Claude Littner, who had to step down due to an injury sustained in a cycling accident.

Who won The Apprentice 2023?

Lord Sugar chose Marnie Swindells as his new business associate following her victory in The Apprentice 2023. Her winning pitch was an innovative boxing gym that prioritizes inclusivity and emotional engagement.

In declaring her the winner, Lord Sugar expressed his penchant for taking risks and exploring new ventures, affirming his decision by stating, “I’m going to try a new horizon… Marnie, you are going to be my business partner.”

The Apprentice 2024 – Episode Details

The Apprentice 2024 is going to be a 12-episode series on BBC One, premiering February 1, 2024, and is expected to release weekly episodes that are going to be available for online streaming on BBC iPlayer for free.

Major details about the upcoming episodes of The Apprentice 2024, haven’t been revealed by BBC yet, but you can check out brief information about the first two episodes of The Apprentice Season 18 below:

Episode 1 – Highlands Corporate Away Day

Release Date: February 1, 2024

Synopsis: The search for Lord Sugar’s newest business collaborator begins, and this season’s contenders start their journey in the stunning Scottish Highlands.

Overseen by Baroness Karren Brady and Tim Campbell, the contestants are challenged to organize a corporate retreat. Amidst the activity, they face turmoil in their catering efforts and issues with maintaining the schedule of their tours. In the boardroom, the journey concludes for one of the candidates, marking their exit from the competition.

Episode 2 – Cheesecakes

Release Date: February 8, 2024

Synopsis: In the second week, Lord Sugar assigns the candidates the task of making and selling mini cheesecakes to both the public and a corporate client. The team that generates the most profit will be declared the winner.

One team struggles with their fruit-based cheesecake, while the other team makes errors in their financial calculations. In the boardroom, the underperforming team faces intense scrutiny. From this team, one candidate is ultimately dismissed from the competition.

Episode 3 — Thursday, Feburary 15, 2024

In the third week, the competition heats up as Lord Sugar challenges the contestants to develop and pitch virtual escape room games to corporate clients. One team opts for a medieval theme, while the other team’s project spirals into chaos with an illogical bear-themed game. Both teams face harsh criticism in the boardroom, resulting in at least one person being eliminated from the competition.

Episode 4 — Thursday, Feburary 22, 2024

In the fourth week, the contestants head to Jersey, the biggest of the Channel Islands, equipped with a map and a list. Their task is to find and negotiate the best deals for nine items closely associated with the island, from its castles to its coastline. The challenge is a race against time to acquire these items at the lowest cost, with penalties for delays and overspending. The boardroom session ends with the departure of another contestant.

Episode 5 — Thursday, Feburary 29, 2024

Week five sees the competition intensify as the remaining contestants are tasked with launching a new Formula E team, including car design and sponsorship acquisition. While one team gets sidetracked by flashy branding, the other struggles with an uninspiring logo and promotional video. Despite their efforts to secure lucrative deals, the tension mounts in the boardroom, where at least one more hopeful sees their chance at winning the competition come to an end.

Episode 6 — Thursday, March 07, 2024

Lord Sugar is getting serious now. We’re at the midpoint of the competition, and it’s time to distinguish the strong contenders from the weak ones. The participants are called to a morning meeting to discover their next challenge: to develop a new cereal aimed at children aged six to eight. Following some tough feedback from focus groups (children can be brutally honest), will pitching the product to potential buyers be just as challenging, or could it turn out to be their pathway to victory? Everything comes to light in the boardroom, where at least one contestant ends up regretting their earlier statements.

The Apprentice 2024 – News


1- Who was the first winner of The Apprentice?

The first winner of the British version of The Apprentice was Tim Campbell. He won in the show’s inaugural season, which aired in 2005. After winning, Campbell worked with Lord Alan Sugar, the host of the show, gaining valuable business experience.

2- Who is the most famous Apprentice winner?

Ricky Martin, the champion of the eighth season of The Apprentice in 2012, secured a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar for his recruitment firm, Hyper Recruitment Solutions.

This investment has paid off significantly, with the company now boasting net assets worth £2.26 million, positioning him as the most famous and most successful winner of the show to date.

3- How to apply to be on The Apprentice?

Alan Sugar announced in an official Twitter post that the applications for The Apprentice 2025 are open, and you can easily apply to be on the show by visiting the BBC website. However, it is important to know that the applications are set to close on January 28, 2024, so apply as soon as possible.

4- What is the prize for winning The Apprentice 2024?

The Apprentice 2024 will have the same prize as the previous seasons of the reality TV show, which is a substantial business investment of £250,000 from Lord Sugar.

This financial partnership is designed to enhance the winner’s business. Additionally, the winner will benefit from Lord Sugar’s mentorship and expertise to steer their business towards prosperous outcomes.

5- Will The Apprentice 2024 be available in Europe for free?

European online streaming enthusiasts will have to face the disappointing reality that The Apprentice 2024 is currently not going to be available to watch in Europe for free on any of the local streaming platforms like Canal+, Sky Go, and Pluto TV.

Does that mean you can’t watch The Apprentice 2024 in Europe for free at all? Of course not, because a premium VPN like ExpressVPN is there to save the day.

You just need to connect to a British server, which will unblock BBC iPlayer for you to access The Apprentice 2024 in European countries for free without any issues.

6- Can I watch The Apprentice 2024 on Netflix in Europe?

Despite being one of the biggest OTT streaming platforms in the world, Netflix won’t be of any help to you if you want to watch The Apprentice 2024 in Europe because it does not possess the official rights to stream this reality TV series anywhere around the world.

So, is there an alternative? Yes! BBC iPlayer is going to offer all episodes of The Apprentice 2024 for free, and you can use a premium VPN to access it in Europe or anywhere outside the UK.

We recommend using ExpressVPN or NordVPN to get a British IP address for unblocking this geo-restricted platform and watching The Apprentice 2024 in Europe for free.

7- The Apprentice 2024 Filming Location?

The Apprentice 2024 filming locations range from London to various locations in England and Scotland. Specifically, the boardroom, which is used by Alan Sugar in the show, is actually situated at Black Island Studios in West Acton, London.

8- Who is the creator of The Apprentice?

Mark Burnett is the creative genius behind the popular British reality TV series The Apprentice. He is also known for creating other shows like Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? and Shark Tank.

9- What is the genre of The Apprentice?

The Apprentice is a BBC One reality game show series that is categorized by genre on their website as Entertainment and also falls under the genre of Business.

Wrap Up

The iconic business tycoon Alan Sugar and 18 hopeful candidates are coming to shake up the business and television realm in The Apprentice 2024 on BBC One on February 1, 2024.

You can enjoy all episodes of The Apprentice 2024 in European countries for free on BBC iPlayer, but you will have to apply a little trick by connecting to a British server via a trustable premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

Written by Jacob Ant

Jacob Ant is a seasoned entertainment writer over a decade of experience in film, TV, and media. With a deep passion for streaming content, he not only enjoys engaging with it but also shares valuable writing hacks and insights to assist others in the field