How To Watch My Norwegian Holiday 2023 In Canada| On Peacock

My Norwegian Holiday

My Norwegian Holiday is an upcoming Hallmark original movie that centers on JJ, a young woman on an eventful journey of self-discovery, but here’s the twist: she finds herself unexpectedly traveling to Norway.

Get ready to join JJ in this exciting festive trip as My Norwegian Holiday is heading to The Hallmark Channel on December 1, 2023. Will it be streaming in Canada? Unfortunately, no.

But don’t worry; just read this blog from start to finish, and you’ll find an easy method to watch My Norwegian Holiday in Canada.

The movie has been released on Peacock and now streaming in the USA.

How to watch My Norwegian Holiday in Canada?

Viewers may find it challenging to access the upcoming feel-good movie My Norwegian Holiday in Canada. But we have found a reliable solution; you can seamlessly dive into this nostalgic festive story no matter where you are located in the world with the help of a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN.

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Why do you need a VPN to watch My Norwegian Holiday in Canada?

For viewers trying to access the upcoming Hallmark Channel movie My Norwegian Holiday in Canada or anywhere outside USA, using a VPN service is a must requirement. Since the streaming platform, Peacock is exclusively available within the American borders.

Connecting to an American server through a trustworthy VPN provider like ExpressVPN or NordVPN will grant you a new encrypted IP address that will help you bypass Peacock’s IP-tracking firewall, effectively breaking the regional streaming barriers and watching My Norwegian Holiday in Canada.

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Testing NordVPN to watch My Norwegian Holiday in Canada

NordVPN stands out as an affordable, top-tier VPN choice compared to ExpressVPN for bypassing geographic restrictions, enabling access to movies like My Norwegian Holiday in Canada on Peacock.

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Where to watch My Norwegian Holiday in Canada?

Right now, My Norwegian Holiday is only confirmed to be released on the Hallmark Channel on December 1, 2023, and be available on Peacock for online streaming in USA from December 2-4, 2023.

But for those residing outside USA, like in Canada, accessing this charming story can be challenging because none of the local Canadian TV channels or streaming platforms have made any announcements of its release.

If you’re keen to experience the Christmas adventure, My Norwegian Holiday in Canada, but face geographic limitations, using a VPN, you can bypass these restrictions.

My Norwegian Holiday – Release Date

The official airing date of My Norwegian Holiday on The Hallmark Channel is December 1, 2023. Following that, from December 2 to December 4, the movie will be accessible for streaming exclusively on Peacock in USA.

My Norwegian Holiday hasn’t received an official IMDb rating yet, but we will update this blog once it does.

If you are looking for some other Christmas movie recommendations, you can also watch Time for Her to Come Home for Christmas, A Biltmore ChristmasOur Christmas MuralHaul Out the Holly: Lit Up, and Holiday Road.

My Norwegian Holiday – Official Trailer

My Norwegian Holiday – What to Expect from the Movie?

JJ is mourning the recent passing of her grandmother when she meets Henrik, a Norwegian man visiting from Bergen. JJ is also struggling to find inspiration for her dissertation. When Henrik sees that JJ has an old troll figurine from Bergen, he becomes very interested in its origins.

Hoping to learn the story behind her grandmother’s troll and find dissertation ideas, JJ agrees to accompany Henrik on a trip to Norway to explore the figurine’s history.

In Bergen, JJ is welcomed into Henrik’s family and their Christmas traditions, as his sister is getting married the day before Christmas Eve. As JJ participates in the wedding preparations and customs, she finds herself on an unexpected holiday adventure.

Through Henrik’s family and the lore behind the troll figurine, JJ begins to uncover clues about her grandmother’s past connection to Norway.

Over the course of her journey, JJ starts finding a path towards healing from her grief, discovering love with Henrik, and gaining an adopted family in Norway.

Here is the official synopsis by Hallmark.

The Cast of My Norwegian Holiday

Following is the confirmed leading cast of My Norwegian Holiday:

  • Rhiannon Fish as JJ

Rhiannon Fish is globally recognized for her portrayal of Ontari in The 100. Her cinematic journey includes Hallmark’s original movies, such as Remembering Love and You’re Bacon Me Crazy, along with notable contributions to films like Playing for Charlie, Relentless, and Occupation.

  • David Elsendoorn as Henrick

David Elsendoorn has gained international acclaim for his portrayal of Dutch footballer Jan Mass in two seasons of the Emmy Award-winning Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso.

The remaining cast members of My Norwegian Holiday are listed below:

  • Peter Vollebregt as Johan Strom
  • Conor Mullen as Anders
  • Deirdre Monaghan as Astrid Strom
  • Karen Connell as Nora Strom
  • Ian Lloyd Anderson as Marc
  • Francesca Europa as Mia
  • Paul Tylak as Bill Chisholm

My Norwegian Holiday on Twitter


1- Will My Norwegian Holiday be available in Canada?

Crave and CBC Gem are the main streaming platforms in Canada, and they have not announced if the new Christmas movie My Norwegian Holiday will be available in Canada.

However, using ExpressVPN to connect to an American server will allow Canadians to bypass geographic restrictions and stream the movie on Peacock.

2- Can I watch My Norwegian Holiday on Netflix in Canada?

Netflix Canada’s holiday movie lineup is still a mystery, but if you’re eager to watch Hallmark’s My Norwegian Holiday without waiting for an official announcement, Peacock is a great option.

Use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN and connect to an American server to unlock Peacock in Canada and enjoy the movie effortlessly.

3- Can I watch My Norwegian Holiday on Prime Video in Canada?

Canadians won’t find the latest Christmas movie, My Norwegian Holiday, on Prime Video. But here’s a trick: change your IP address to watch it without any problems.

By changing your virtual location to USA via a VPN, you can access Peacock and watch the movie when it releases on the platform a day after it airs on Hallmark Channel.

ExpressVPN helps you overcome geo-blocks, so you can enjoy My Norwegian Holiday in Canada from the cozy spot of your home.

4- Is It possible to watch My Norwegian Holiday in Canada with a Free VPN?

Using a free VPN for streaming My Norwegian Holiday in Canada might seem like a money-saver, but it comes with its downsides, such as slow speeds, blacklisted IPs, and poor online security of users.

Personally, we recommend you choose a paid premium VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN. It may not be free, but the strong encryption, faster speeds, and strict no-logs policy make it a more reliable option, and the price tag will be worth it.

5- Who is the director of My Norwegian Holiday?

The upcoming Hallmark original My Norwegian Holiday is directed by David Mackay, who is known for directing other movies like Ten Inch Hero (2007) and The Lesser Evil (1998).

6- Who is the writer of My Norwegian Holiday?

Besty Morris is the writer of My Norwegian Holiday. She has previously worked with David Mackay as the writer of Ten Inch Hero and is also known for writing movies like Guiding Emily (2023) and Match Me If You Can (2023).

7- What is the genre of My Norwegian Holiday?

My Norwegian Holiday is an upcoming Romance-Holiday movie set to premiere on The Hallmark Channel.

8- What is the runtime of My Norwegian Holiday?

My Norwegian Holiday is going to have an official runtime of 1 hours and 24 minutes.

Wrap Up

The new Hallmark Christmas film My Norwegian Holiday weaves together romance, family bonds, and festival spirit against the enchanting backdrop of Norway. Though it’ll initially debut on the Hallmark Channel, Canadians can access it by using ExpressVPN on Peacock.

So, get ready to enjoy this delightful journey and kick off the Christmas season with My Norwegian Holiday in Canada.

Written by Jacob Ant

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