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Tour de Suisse 2022 live online

Have you heard about the Tour de Suisse? This is an international cycling championship that is held every year in Switzerland. 2022 will be the next time this prestigious event will be held in Switzerland, and a total of 4 stages will run throughout the country.

The Tour de Suisse is the oldest cycling event in the world. Its core values ​​of friendship, partnership, and passion for sport are unique. Whether you like Classic cycling, mountain biking, or time trials, no other race offers a wide range of disciplines – from family-friendly mass participation events to the elite racing of stars and pro cyclists.

Tour de Suisse is expected to be a fascinating new tournament in 2022 and will most likely have a great reception. This event is probably right up your alley if you’re into sports cycling. We’re going to learn more about it, so brace yourself!

How to watch Tour de Suisse 2022 live online for free

Tour de Suisse 2022 will be streaming for free on RTBF only in Belgium. If you are located in Belgium then all you need is an RTBF account (which is free) and you are all set to strema Tour de Suisse 2022.

If you are located outside Belgium then follow these steps to stream Tour de Suisse 2022 live for free:

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  2. Download the VPN app on your preferred device
  3. Select a Belgium IP address from the country list
  4. Now open RTBF.com on your browser or in-app
  5. Search Tour de Suisse 2022 on ITV from outside Belgium
  6. Enjoy the event
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Tour de Suisse 2022

The 85th edition of the amazing Tour de Suisse takes place two weeks before the Tour de France. It is viewed as an ideal prelude to the showdown in July and the Critérium du Dauphine. 

Traditionally, the Tour de Suisse combines time trials with hilly stages and several days in the high mountains. This year’s race will begin on Sunday, June 12, and concludes on Sunday, June 19.

Stats and History of the event

Tour de Suisse is a sports cycling event that takes place in Switzerland. It’s one of the longest-running annual sporting events globally and was first held in 1933. The Tour de Suisse has been called “one of cycling’s five monuments” because it attracts some of the best cyclists worldwide, making it a huge draw for spectators.

The Tour de Suisse consists of 21 stages and lasts about two weeks, with each phase covering between 100km and 200km. There are two rest days: one after the tenth stage and another after 13. Many different teams compete in this event, including Pro Conti teams (second-tier or amateur teams), Continental teams (third-tier teams), and national teams.

The race grabs the attention of some of the best riders worldwide. It features many different types of terrain throughout its course. It takes over three weeks every June, beginning with a prologue (short time trial) and ending with a mountain stage on Alpe d’Huez.

The Tour de Suisse is part of the UCI World Tour. To participate in this phenomenal event, riders must be invited by either their national federation or their team management. They can also qualify through the UCI World Ranking (which considers their results from races between January 1 and May 31).

The winner is decided by points awarded based on their performance throughout the adventure rather than just one stage or day at a time like other races. They also receive bonus points for winning stages or finishing higher up on their team leaderboard (if they’re not already leading that category).

What else can you watch with a VPN?

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The Tour de Suisse is a massive event in cycling. The event also attracts many spectators and provides an excellent hosting location for the sport. People should realize this opportunity if we want to make Biel-Bienne a mass tourism destination!

Even though the Société du Tour de Suisse is a Swiss-registered foundation, the event will bring together cyclists worldwide for an exciting and unforgettable race. This year’s 65th-anniversary race offers its fans mountainous routes, some crossing the Swiss borders twice. 

The Tour de Suisse will create lasting memories for athletes and spectators who will immerse themselves in this beautiful corner of Europe.

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