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watch Belmont Stakes 2022 Live online

The Belmont Stakes is among the three “jewels” of the Triple Crown (along with the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes) and the final leg of horse racing’s triple crown. 

It takes place every June at Belmont Park in Elmont, NY, and if you are here to find out how to watch Belmont Stakes 2022 live online for free then read on.

It is affectionately known as the “Test of the Champion” and is a Grade I horse race run on the first Saturday in June at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York. The race was founded in 1867 and held every year except for 1911 and 1912, when it was canceled due to New York’s newly passed racing law.

How to watch The Belmont Stakes 2022 Live online for free

The Belmont Stakes 2022 will be streaming on ITV in the United Kingdom for free. If you are located in the UK then all you need is an active ITV account and you are all set to watch the Belmont Stakes online. If you are in the US or anywhere outside the UK then follow these steps:

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Belmont Stakes 2022 – What to expect

In 2022, the Belmont Stakes will run 1 1/2 miles, making it the final leg of the Triple Crown. 

In 2020, the race was shortened and turned into the first leg of the Triple Crown, but it returned to its average length and a regular place on the horse racing calendar last year. 

As a result of UBS Arena’s construction within Belmont Park’s backyard, this year’s crowd is expected to be smaller than usual at 50,000 people.

The History of Belmont Stakes

It’s considered the most difficult horse race in the world because it’s so long—the race is 1 1/2 miles long, which is longer than any other flat track race in the world. It means that horses have to make fast decisions about when to speed up or slow down and keep going at a consistent pace for such a long time.

In addition to covering one whole lap, the Belmont Stakes wraps up one round of Belmont Park, which is called “The Championship Track” because it has hosted nearly every major American champion in racing history.

However, one of the fairest racetracks in the country is Belmont Park, known for its significant, broad, sweeping turns and long home stretch. Even though the race is long, horses with tactical speed tend to win: few horses come from far behind the early leaders to close the gap.

The 147th Belmont Stakes was won by American Pharoah in 2015, making him the first horse since Affirmed to win the Triple Crown. In 2018, Justify won the 150th Belmont Stakes and became the 13th Triple Crown winner.

In 2022, the Belmont Stakes will run for the 154th time.

What is at Stake in the Belmont Stakes 2022

The Belmont Stakes has been run at a mile and a half since 1926 (except 2020), running at that distance in 1874–1889.

The purse was supplemented by nominations and entry fees for the first race held in 1867. The total prize money was $2,500, with $1,850 going to the winner.

From Man O’War’s $7,950 in 1920 to Gallant Fox’s $66,040 in 1930, the purse was swollen during the Roaring Twenties. In 1937, War Admiral earned only $28,020 due to the Great Depression but then began to recover.

Unlike any other race, the race is run at 126 pounds (with a 5-pound allowance for fillies). In English Classics, one stone equals 14 pounds, so 126 pounds comes from 9 stones. 

The winners of the 1913 Belmont carried only 109 pounds, while the runners-up had 126 pounds. Before 1900, weight conditions were different.

At the 14th Belmont in 1880, the first post parade was held in the United States. English races were traditionally run clockwise before 1921. After that, the race was run in the opposite direction or counterclockwise.

Frequently Asked Question to watch Belmont Stakes 2022 online

1- Where to watch Belmont Stakes 2022 abroad?

The 154th running of Belmont Stakes can be streamed on ITV for free from anywhere in the world. All you need is a workable VPN to stream Belmont Stakes 2022 from abroad.

2- Who is the fastest racehorse in Belmont Stakes?

The overall speed record is held by nonother than Secretariat (1973), who ran for 2 hours and 24 minutes without a break. His record was never broken by another horse to date, here is a list of the top 10 horses who hold the record of the fastest horse in Belmont Stakes.

Rank Horse Year Time
1 Secretariat 1973 2:24.00
2 Easy Goer 1989 2:26.00
3 A.P. Indy 1992 2:26.13
4 Risen Star 1988 2:26.50
5 Point Given 2001 2:26.56
6 Gallant Man 1957 2:26.60
7 American Pharoah* 2015 2:26.65
8 Affirmed* 1978 2:26.80
9 Tabasco Cat 1994 2:26.83
10 Crem Fraiche 1985 2:27.00

3- Who is the slowest triple crown champion?

Gallant Fox (1930), conquered the race in a time frame of 2 hours and 31 minutes.

4- Where to get the tickets for the 2022 Belmont Stakes race?

If you are looking to reserve a seat to watch the Belmont Stake 2022 race then here are your options:

Tickets Access Price Day
3rd Floor Clubhouse | Diamond Room Food Stations, Premium Drinks, Climate-Controlled $499 Saturday
2nd Floor Clubhouse | Lounge Gourmet Food & Drink, Entertainment, Jockey Appearances $899 Saturday
Garden Terrace | Row 2 & 3 Garden Terrace | 2nd or 3rd Row Table Seat $899 Friday & Saturday

5- Who is the favorite horse in the Belmont Stakes race 2022 | What are the odds?

We The People is the favorite horse in the 154th race of Belmont Stakes. He recently won the Peter Pan Stakes and has three wins in his four starts and is likely to be crowned as the triple crown champion at Belmont Park. Here are some stats for other contenders:

  • Mo Donegal 5-2
  • We The People 7-2
  • Rich Strike 5-1
  • Creative Minister 6-1
  • Nest 8-1
  • Ethereal Road 10-1
  • Skippylongstocking 13-1
  • Barber Road 14-1
  • Golden Glider 20-1
  • Kuchar 33-1

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It’s already time to start looking at the future races that will be even more exciting than this year’s. Hopefully, the same people will run in these races. And let’s hope some more people move up in the ranks too. If you are looking for a quick fix to stream Belmont Stakes 2022 live from the US or Canada then get ExpressVPN and stream the 2022 Belmont Stakes live online for free

The Belmont Stakes usually has a lot of controversies, but in one way or another, it is still an exciting race to watch. So, don’t forget to watch this fantastic event on June 11, 2022.

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