How to Watch Vampire Night on Netflix in 2023| is it still streaming?

Vampire Night Netflix

Vampire Night is a supernatural fiction Japanese animated series published in a Shoujo manga magazine, LaLa by Hakusensha. The series was aired in 2008 from April 8 to July 1 and was applauded because of the bewitching expressions of the characters. 

If you are here to find out how to watch Vampire Night on Netflix, just read on.

Vampire Night has been removed from Netflix in 2023

How to Watch Vampire Night on Netflix | Vampire Knight Netflix

Vampire Night Netflix
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Yuki’s quest as guardian of the Day Class continues in both seasons of Vampire Night and both seasons are available on Netflix to be streamed but not in all the regions. If you are residing in the US or Canada, you are in luck because Vampire Night is on Netflix in these countries but not in the United Kingdom or Australia.

If you can not see the title appear in front of you then use a VPN to watch Vampire Night on Netflix from the UK, Australia or anywhere in the world. Just follow these steps:

  1. Get ExpressVPN for Netflix [$6.67/month]
  2. Download & Install it on your device of choice
  3. Select a Canadian IP address from the list [Canada – Toronto]
  4. Open Netflix on your TV/Mobile/PC
  5. Search Vampire Night on Netflix UK
  6. Enjoy the series

How to Watch Vampire Night (2008) Online for FREE?

Vampire Night Peacock
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There are a number of ways through which you can stream Vampire Night for free online but some of them are illegal and can cause disturbance in your life. Torrenting is the most famous method of streaming but it has it’s own pros and cons. The best and tested method to stream Vampire Night for free is on Peacock TV in the US. If you are not located in the US follow these steps:

  1. Get ExpressVPN for Peacock
  2. Download the VPN app on your device
  3. Select a US server from the list
  4. Open and register for free
  5. Search Vampire Night on Peacock and enjoy

You can stream a number of TV shows, movies and anime series on Peacock TV for free with a VPN.

Where else can I watch Vampire Night online?

Vampire Night is available on a number of streaming platforms, some of which are listed below.

  • In the US, you can stream Vampire Night on Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, Hoopla, Tubi TV, Crunchyroll, VRV, Funimation Now, Roku & Vudu.
  • In Canada, you have a few options to stream Vampire Night online; Netflix, Hoopla and Crunchyroll.
  • Australian fans can not stream Vampire Night because the anime is not streaming anywhere in Australia. The only option they are left with is streaming Vampire Night on Netflix with a US IP address or watching Vampire Night for free on Peacock.
  • The same goes with the UK streamers. Since the title is not available to stream in the United Kingdom. The Birts can watch Vampire Night on Netflix with a VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions to Watch Vampire Night on Netflix and Online

1- How many seasons are there of Vampire Night?

There are 2 seasons of Vampire Night which were released in 2008 by the name “Vampire Night” & “Vampire Night: Guilt”.

2- How many episodes of Vampire Night seasons are there?

There are a total of 26 episodes. both seasons have thirteen episodes.

3- Is Vampire Night season 3 in development?

There is no news of Vampire Night season 3 to be developed and released. Fans can only hope if the series gets renewed.

4- Will Vampire Night season 3 be on Netflix | Vampire Night season 3 released date on Netflix?

We can not say for sure that the third season will be on Netflix but yes chances are high.

5- Is Vampire Night removed from Netflix?

Yes, Vampire Night was removed from some locations in early 2022 but you can watch Vampire Night on Netflix with a VPN from anywhere in the world.

6- Vampire Night genre, what is the genre of the show?

7 – When is Vampire Night season 3 coming out?

There is no date of confirmation on season 3 of Vampire Night. An online petition was created by the fans in 2009 demanding the third season. The petition got more than fifty two thousand signatures online on

8- What else can I watch on Netflix with a VPN?

There are a number of TV shows and movies on Netflix and with a VPN you can unlock its full potential. If you are into anime you can stream Sword Art Online, NarutoNaruto ShippudenYuri on IceAttack on TitansThe Discastous life of Saki KRick and Morty (all seasons)DC TitansFullmetal AlchemistDeath Note, and many more on Netflix.

Vampire Night – Trailer (Fan-made)

Vampire Night – Characters & Cast

The character of Yuki Kuran is voiced by Yui Horie and Mela Lee (EN), Mamoru Miyano (JA), and Vic Mignogna’s (EN) voices are behind Zero Kiryu, who is a vampire hunter and older twin brother of Ichiru Kiryu who is Yuki Kuran’s partner. The character of Kaname Kuran, who is head of the Kuran family and a pureblood vampire, is voiced by Daisuke Kishio and Ezra Weisz.

Vampire Night – Reviews & Ratings

The name of the second season is Vampire Night: Guilty. The episodes were aired on TV channels such as TV Aichi, TV Hokkaido, TV Osaka, TV Tokyo, and others from 7th of April to 1st of July 2008 and were produced by Studio Deen. The series is one of the top-rated animated series and gained 7.4/10 ratings on IMDb and the Rating graph. Moreover, rated this series a total of 6.9 /10. More than 90% of the audience liked this series with zero bad reputation on the Tomatometer. Licensed by Viz Media, The Manga serialized animated series Vampire Knight was divided into two drama CDs.

Wrap Up

The anime is a treat to watch for anime fans. If you are in the US you can watch it right now on Netflix, Hulu, and Peacock but by chance, if you are not residing in the US or Traveling abroad use a VPN to stream Vampire Night outside the UK. You can also buy the series on Apple TV, Google Play Movies, and Vudu.

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