Where to watch Tig n’ Seek Season 04 in New Zealand and Australia | on Max

watch Tig n' Seek Season 4 in Canada

HBO Max has announced season four of the top-rated show, Tig n’ Seek. Created by Myke Chilian, it is an animated TV series initially produced for Cartoon Network at The Cartoon Network Studios.

However, if you want to watch Tig n’ Seek Season 4 from Australia & New Zealand, then read on.

How to watch Tig n’ Seek Season 04 in New Zealand and Australia | on HBO Max

Tig n’ Seek Season 4 is set to premiere on HBO Max in the United States. If you are residing in Australia or New Zealand then follow these simple steps to stream Tign’ Seek season 4 in New Zealand or Australia:

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  5. Search Tig n’ Seek Season 4 on HBO Max from New Zealand
  6. Enjoy the cartoon
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How get an HBO Max Subscription from New Zealand & Australia?

HBO Max is one of the best content producers in the US, sadly the streaming giant has not stepped foot in Australia or New Zealand. Follow these steps to get an HBO Max account in Australia:

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  10. Watch Tig n’ Seek Season 4 on HBO Max from Australia & New Zealand.

Tig n’ Seek Season 4- Trailer

Tig n’ Seek Season 4 release date

it was moved to HBO Max, with the first season premiering in July 2023. The second and the third seasons were released in 2021, while the upcoming season four is set to premiere on May 26, 2022, at HBO Max

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Tig n’ Seek Season 4- Plot

The main cast of the series includes Myke Chilian as Tiggy, Rich Fulcher as Boss, Jemaine Clement as This Guy, and Kari Wahlgren as Gweeseek, the cat. The general story of the show follows Tiggy, who is eight years old, and his cat Gweeseek, who builds gadgets for searching for lost items in the city of Wee Gee. The show becomes addictive with Tiggy’s playful and joyous attitude and Gweeseeks’s incredible gadget-building skills. At the same time, the powerful duo humorously solves cases and retrieves the city’s lost items, reporting to the lost and found department. 


Tig n’ Seek Season 4- Reviews

The show’s previous seasons had received an excellent rating of 3/5 on Common Sense Media, 7.3/10 on IMDb, and 7.6/10 on the Rating Graph. Keeping in mind the latter, viewers eagerly wait for season four to drop in with the same quality content shown previously. Not only the kids but adults also love the series because of its surprisingly great humor. 

Wrap Up

Prepare yourself to chuckle even louder as Tiggy and others in the show are set to tackle a much larger genre with more shenanigans, plans, and troubles than before. However, initially, there was a lot of confusion if the show’s season four was actually released or not, but now it is confirmed! You can watch Tig n’ Seek on HBO Max from New Zealand and Australia with ExpressVPN so what are you waiting for!

Written by Mickel Clark

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