How Fast Is Naruto with and without Kurama| Detailed Explanation (2023)

How Fast Is Naruto?

Being the son of none other than the fastest shinobi of his time, Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, it’s unsurprising that Naruto Uzumaki is considered among the fastest shinobi of all time. But how fast is he exactly?

Let’s get the answers to these questions.

How Fast Is Naruto?

It has been difficult to figure out just how fast Naruto was because he had different modes over the course of the anime, and each of those modes had different speeds. Despite this, fans have ascertained that Naruto in Kyuubi mode was faster than the speed of light. This was ascertained from his fight against the Fourth Raikage.

The last two remaining Jinchuriki, Naruto and Killer B, became frustrated when they were forbidden from fighting in the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Naruto engaged the Fourth Raikage in a duel since it was his duty to keep the two from getting involved in the war. He was just the second person in the duel, after his father, to avoid the Fourth Raikage’s lightning chakra-infused fastest punch with the help of his Kyuubi mode.

How Fast Is Naruto Without Kurama?

Does this mean he was nothing without Kurama? Was Kurama the sole reason Naruto was so fast? In fact, Naruto was quicker in his prime and as an adult than he had been throughout Naruto Shippuden.

This was visible in Boruto when Naruto just managed to withstand the god-like Momokishi in hand-to-hand combat without entering any of his modes.

This was a marked improvement from the Naruto of younger years, who could barely deal with attacks coming at the speed of sound without Kurama.

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How Fast Is Naruto In Kurama Mode?

Naruto achieved the Kurama mode, an improvement to the Kyuubi mode, after befriending Kurama. As a result, he was even quicker than in Kyuubi form. He effortlessly overcame Momokishi in Kurama mode.

How Fast Is Naruto In Sage of Six Paths Mode?

Once he got half of the Rikkudou Sennin’s chakra and that of the other tailed beasts as well, Naruto unlocked his Sage of Six Paths Mode. He became even faster.

In this form, Naruto, along with Sasuke, pummelled Kaguya Otsutsuki, the Naruto verse’s god.

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How Fast Is Naruto In His Ultimate Form?

Naruto’s ultimate form, the Baryon Mode, was revealed not in Shippuden but in Boruto in his fight against Isshiki. It came about as a desperate last-resort measure once Isshiki was able to easily beat both him and Sasuke in their prime. Kurama lent him strength, and Naruto readily used it, not knowing that its source of power was Kurama’s life force.

Sasuke’s Sharingan had always let him see and prepare for the fastest and strongest of moves, yet, up against Isshiki, even his Sharingan could barely see Isshiki’s moves. But when Naruto entered Baryon Mode, the Sharingan was totally unable to see him move.

So, Naruto, in his Baryon Mode, was much faster than Minato with his Flying Raijin teleportation technique.

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