How to watch Jeopardy! Australia 2024 in UK for free on 9Now

How to watch Jeoparday! UK 2024

Australia is getting its own version of Jeopardy! hosted by Stephen Fry. The series will feature a group of clever Australian experts who are asked a few difficult questions, and the winner will be announced later in the game show.

The series will have six episodes and air on Channel 9 and 9Now. Here is everything you need to know about the series, including its release date, contestants, trailer, episodes, and where and how you can watch Jeopardy! Australia in UK for free.

How to watch Jeopardy! Australia in UK online for free?

Jeopardy! Australia will air on Channel 9 and 9Now in Australia. Because the channel is geo-restricted, you will need a VPN to access 9Now from outside Australia.

Follow these steps to watch Jeopardy! Australia in UK online for free on 9Now.

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3- Connect to an Australian server from the country list (the Melbourne server is highly recommended)

4- Open 9Now in your browser or the app.

5- Search for Jeopardy! Australia 2024 on 9Now

6- Enjoy

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Jeopardy! Australia in UK?

Channel 9 is one of the most popular Australian channels. However, like BBC, ITV, Hulu, and a lot of other channels, it is geo-restricted and only accessible for free from Australia. If you try accessing 9Now from outside Australia, you will get the location error and can not watch your favorite TV shows and programs.

But wait! With the assistance of a reliable VPN, you can easily access 9Now from outside Australia and watch Jeopardy! Australia in the United Kingdom for free.

We have personally tested ExpressVPN and NordVPN to access 9Now from outside Australia and watched Married at First Sight Australia Season 11 in the past. We recommend you do the same for Jeopardy! Australia 2024.

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Watching Jeopardy! Australia 2024 in UK with NordVPN

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Where can I watch Jeopardy! Australia in UK?

We don’t have any intel on the streaming status of Jeopardy! Australia in UK. However we are expecting that it will air on Sky or Now TV in the UK. But nothing is confirmed as of writing this review.

Therefore its is advised to invest in a premium VPN like ExpressVPN. You will need to connect to an Austrlaian IP address to access 9Now and watch Jeopardy! Australia 2024 from UK online for free.

Jeopardy! Australia release date?

Jeopardy! Australia is heading to Channel 9 in Australia and will start airing on Saturday, April 20, 2024, at 7.30 pm (AEST). The series is a spinoff of Jeopardy! UK, which released its new season on January 1, 2024.

The series is expected to attract positive reviews and ratings on IMDb.

Jeopardy! Australia trailer

The trailer for Jeopardy! Australia has not been released by 9Now. We will update this blog with the trailer if it gets releaed.

What to expect from Jeopardy! Australia?

Jeopardy! Australia, hosted by the esteemed English broadcaster and actor Stephen Fry, brings together a group of sharp Australian contestants to compete in one of the longest-standing game shows globally.

In a twist on the usual question-and-answer format, “Jeopardy!” displays answers as brief, written clues. Contestants are required to phrase their responses in the form of a question that matches the clue provided. This battle of wits offers contestants the chance to accumulate substantial cash rewards the longer they remain in the competition.

Who is the host?

The new series is hosted by renowned English actor Stephen Fry, who has been a solid pillar of the LGBTQ community and has been confirmed as the host for the show. Known as a distinguished actor, comedian, and television personality,

Stephen’s performances in V for Vendetta and Wilde have solidified his reputation. Open about his sexuality from an early age, Fry faced bullying in school due to it and did not become sexually active until he was 16.

Jeopardy! Australia episodes

The new Jeopardy spinoff series will have six episodes, which will air weekly. Here are more insights on the episodes.

Jeopardy! Australia- Episode 1- April 20

Jeopardy! Australia- Episode 2- April 27

Jeopardy! Australia- Episode 3- May 4

Jeopardy! Australia- Episode 4- May 11

Jeopardy! Australia- Episode 5- May 18

Jeopardy! Australia- Episode 6- May 25

More details on the episodes will be updated shortly.

Who are the contestants in Jeopardy! Australia?

The names of Jeopardy! Australian contestants are still not public. However, we know they are Australian expats living in the UK.

We will update this review with contestant names as soon as possible.

Jeopardy! Australia in News

In a recent interview, Stephen said, “Jeopardy! has a format that – strikingly unusual as it seems at first – just gets under the skin of an audience, and reveals more and more depths of delight,”

“Not to mention more and more depths of knowledge amongst the population. I reckon Australia will welcome this uniquely beguiling and endlessly rewarding game and I just can’t wait to get started.”

Wrap Up

Jeopardy! Australia is the new spinoff series we all were waiting after Jeopardy! UK. So far we have discussed everything related to the quiz show including its release date, host, episodes and where can you watch Jeopardy! Australia 2024 in UK online for free.

We have personally tested ExpressVPN and NordVPN to access 9Now from outside Australia and left a review discussing their price, servers, and features.


Is Jeopardy! Australia 2024 coming to BBC or Disney in UK?

Jeopardy! Australia will air on Channel 9 in Australia and will stream on 9Now. The new quiz show won’t be released on BBC or Disney+ in the UK.

What is the genre of Jeopardy! Australia?

The program is placed in the game show genre.

Is Jeopardy! Australia coming to Prime?

Jeopardy! Australia will not be released on Prime or Netflix and will air exclusively on Channel 9 in Australia. We will update this blog if a Prime or Netflix release date is announced later.

What is the filming location of Jeopardy! Australia?

The new game show is filmed in Manchester, England.

What channel in UK has Jeopardy! Australia?

Jeopardy! Australia won’t be airing in the UK. The quiz show will air on Channel 9 in Australia.

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