How To Watch Tracker in European countries for free on CTV


Tracker is a highly anticipated action drama series starring Justin Hartley in the lead role. From the creative mind of Ben H. Winters, inspired by Jeffery Deaver’s novel, The Never Game, this show centers on a survival expert who prefers working alone, earning his keep by offering his services as a bounty hunter of sorts.

His mission is to assist individuals and the police in solving complex mysteries and rescuing those in dire straits. Basically, if you want someone found or something done, he is the one you call.

If you have landed on this page, it means you’ve been looking for a way to watch Tracker in European countries for free. Well, luckily for you, this blog holds all the answers.

How to watch Tracker in Europe for free?

Tracker is an upcoming CBS original series that is going to premiere in the USA on February 11, 2024. However, there’s good news: CTV is also going to be streaming this action-packed series in Canada for free simultaneously.

Are you wondering how that helps you watch Tracker in Europe for free? Well, it doesn’t directly, but we’re here to tell you how it can with 6 short steps.

Without further ado, just check out the easy guide below and watch Tracker in European countries for free without any issues:

1- Get ExpressVPN for CTV (12+3 month free special deal with a 30-day money-back guarantee)

2- Download the VPN app on your preferred device

3- Select a Canadian server from the country list in the ExpressVPN app

4- Open CTV website or app

5- Search Tracker on CTV

6- Enjoy

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Tracker in Europe for free?

Tracker will be available for free online streaming on CTV starting February 10, 2024, but the issue is that only Canadian residents can access this VOD platform.

If you want to watch Tracker in Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, France, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia, Hungary, Czechia and other European countries for free, a VPN is going to be your ultimate companion.

The reason behind a VPN’s necessity in watching Tracker in Europe for free is quite simple. The Canadian platform, CTV, employs strict geo-restriction policies to abide by legal agreements with content owners. The digital barriers exist to maintain the exclusivity of content and prevent piracy.

When you are attempting to watch Tracker in European countries for free, you must hide your original IP address with one based in Canada to get past the location-tracking firewall of CTV, and this is where VPNs will help you.

By utilizing the robust IP-changing capabilities of premium VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, you can easily connect with a Canadian IP address and watch Tracker in Europe for free on CTV.

Why is ExpressVPN the best choice to watch Tracker in Europe for free?

ExpressVPN is often recommended as the top choice for overcoming geographic limitations on streaming platforms like CTV. It’s particularly favored for those looking to access Canadian-exclusive content, such as the action drama show Tracker in European countries for free.

With a vast network comprising 3000+ servers in more than 100 countries, ExpressVPN excels at providing access to global content. Our team of online streaming experts has had positive experiences using this VPN to watch titles like Love & Jane, Suncoast (2024), and Rick Stein’s Food Stories, thanks to its dedicated servers.

Speed tests performed on have demonstrated impressive results, with download speeds of up to 98Mbps and upload speeds reaching 87Mbps on a 100Mbps connection. This level of performance ensures that ExpressVPN will allow viewers to watch Tracker in Europe for free on CTV in 4K HD without any buffering or delays.

ExpressVPN also shines in terms of device support, compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android. It also offers optimized apps for Smart TV users, making it easy to watch geo-restricted shows like Tracker in Europe for free on bigger screens.

A standout feature is the ability to connect up to 8 devices simultaneously, allowing for a shared viewing experience of Tracker in European countries for free among friends.

ExpressVPN enhances streaming with features like MediaStream DNS and the Lightway protocol. It also prioritizes security with AES 256-bit encryption, TrustedServer technology, an Internet Kill Switch, and a Threat Manager, ensuring a safe and smooth streaming experience.

The service is offered at an attractive annual rate of $6.67/month, which comes with three extra months free as part of a 49% discount. ExpressVPN adds value with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support, making it a risk-free choice with readily available help.

Opting for ExpressVPN to watch Tracker in Europe for free on CTV is a wise decision, and you can consider this exceptional premium VPN to have an enhanced streaming experience of all your desired geo-blocked content from anywhere in the world.

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Testing NordVPN to watch Tracker in Europe for free

The debate around the best VPN for bypassing geographical content blocks is ongoing, yet NordVPN often ranks at the top, with ExpressVPN as a strong contender.

This VPN is praised for its extensive server network and its ability to effortlessly bypass geo-restrictions on platforms such as CTV, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu. Technology review sites like have frequently placed NordVPN as high as ExpressVPN in several comparisons.

Our own tests confirm these praises, showing NordVPN as a reliable alternative to ExpressVPN and other premium VPNs like Surfshark for accessing content restricted by region, such as Tracker in European countries for free on CTV.

NordVPN offers a network of 5000+ servers in more than 65 countries, facilitating easy access to geo-blocked content from anywhere in the world. Our streaming of shows like Sue Perkins: Lost in Alaska, Tokyo Vice Season 2, and RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs. the World Series 2 was smooth as well, courtesy of NordVPN.

With 480+ Canadian servers, NordVPN offers plenty of options for streaming Tracker in Europe for free on CTV. Yet, the worth of a VPN goes beyond just the number of servers; its effectiveness in streaming is key. Our speed tests show that NordVPN can achieve download speeds of up to 97Mbps and upload speeds of up to 86Mbps on a 100Mbps connection, indicating its efficiency in accessing geo-blocked content without compromising performance or quality.

NordVPN supports a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS, and provides browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, making it convenient to stream Tracker in European countries for free on computers and laptops. It can also be used on gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox through router configurations, which is made possible by its advanced SmartDNS feature.

For streaming, NordVPN introduces the NordLynx protocol, which offers fast and stable connections, and it prioritizes security with AES 256-bit encryption and an Internet Kill Switch. It also offers cutting-edge features like Meshnet, Double VPN, and Onion Over VPN for an improved VPN experience.

Allowing for 6 simultaneous device connections, NordVPN is suitable for group streaming sessions of shows like Tracker in European countries for free on CTV with fellow TV show enthusiasts.

With a 51% discount, bringing the cost down to $3.99/month, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support, NordVPN presents itself as an appealing choice for those wishing to stream Tracker in Europe for free effortlessly.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Where can you watch Tracker for free in Europe?

Tracker is currently only confirmed to premiere on CBS in the USA and on CTV in Canada. If you want to watch Tracker in Europe for free, your only option is to use a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN to change your virtual location to Canada and grant you access to CTV’s content library.

This is because of geo-restrictions and the lack of any official statement from major European streaming platforms like Canal+ and Sky Network. After thorough research and analysis, we have concluded that Tracker won’t be streaming on any European platform anytime soon, which is why it is recommended to go for the next best approach.

With the assistance of trusted VPN services, you can connect to a Canadian server and virtually relocate yourself to Canada, gaining access to Tracker in Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, France, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia, Hungary, Netherlands, Czechia, and other European countries for free without any limitations.

Tracker ‚Äď Release Date

Justin Hartley’s anticipated action drama, Tracker, is set to make its official debut on CBS on February 11, 2024, right after Super Bowl LVIII concludes,¬†and the remaining episodes of the series will be broadcast every Sunday at 9pm ET/PT.

Although this CBS original series doesn’t have an official IMDb rating yet, its rising popularity makes it safe to assume that it is going to be received warmly by the fans.

It is also important to note that Tracker is going to be simultaneously available for free online streaming on CTV in Canada, but the official European release of this series has not been confirmed yet.

Tracker ‚Äď Official Trailer

Tracker ‚Äď What is the Show about?

Justin Hartley takes on the role of Colter Shaw in Tracker, a captivating series that brings to life the character from Jeffery Deaver’s best-selling novel, ‘The Never Game.’ Shaw, a survivalist with a penchant for solitude, traverses the nation in his unique quest for justice.

His journey isn’t just a pursuit of financial rewards through finding missing individuals and personal items; it’s also a deep dive into various mysteries that require his specialized tracking expertise. As Shaw offers his services to both the public and law enforcement, viewers are taken on a thrilling ride across different locales, encountering a myriad of characters along the way.

Meanwhile, Shaw must navigate the complexities of his tumultuous family background, adding a rich layer of personal struggle to his professional endeavors. Tracker promises an engaging blend of suspense, emotion, and intrigue as each episode unfolds a new chapter in Shaw’s quest.

The Cast of Tracker

Tracker features a talented cast but also sets itself apart with its focus on a nomadic protagonist who crosses paths with many, but only a few remain constant in his life. This limited yet impactful main cast allows for a deeper exploration of each character.

The actors behind these roles are set to bring richness to the action series created by Ben H. Winters. Check out our detailed exploration of the cast and characters of Tracker below:

  • Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw

Justin Hartley, renowned for his heartfelt portrayal of Kevin Pearson in the critically acclaimed series This Is Us, steps into the shoes of Colter Shaw, a lone-wolf survivalist with a knack for tracking.

Shaw’s life on the road is a quest for justice, propelled by his expert tracking skills as he aids both private citizens and law enforcement. Hartley’s transition from the drama-filled life of Kevin Pearson to the rugged, nomadic existence of Colter Shaw showcases his versatility and depth as an actor.

Fans might also recognize Hartley from his iconic role of Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow, in The CW’s Smallville.

  • Fiona Rene as Reenie

Fiona Rene, who viewers may recognize from I Know What You Did Last Summer and¬†Fire Country, plays Reenie, a lawyer with a complex past intertwined with Shaw’s.

As Shaw often finds himself at odds with the law, Reenie becomes an indispensable ally, leveraging her legal expertise to guide him through troubled waters.

Rene’s performance adds a layer of intrigue and history to Shaw’s journey, hinting at a shared backstory that’s ripe for exploration.

  • Robin Weigert as Teddi

Robin Weigert, celebrated for her roles as Calamity Jane in the gritty western Deadwood and Abby Ableman in the 2013 thriller drama movie Concussion, portrays Teddi. Alongside Velma, Teddi forms part of the duo that assists Shaw in finding work and connecting with the right people to solve his cases.

Weigert’s experience in bringing complex characters to life adds depth to Teddi, making her more than just a side character; she is a pivotal figure in Shaw’s world.

  • Abby McEnany as Velma

Abby McEnany, known for her work on Work in Progress, takes on the role of Velma, completing the duo with Teddi. Together, they are not just animal lovers but also key players in providing Shaw with the resources and connections he needs.

McEnany’s portrayal of Velma brings humor and warmth to the series, offering a counterbalance to the intense and often dark themes explored in Shaw’s adventures.

  • Eric Graise as Bobby

Eric Graise steps into the role of Bobby, a hacker and tech wizard with skills that are indispensable to Shaw. Having starred in Locke & Key and Step Up, Graise brings a certain charisma and expertise to Bobby, making him a crucial asset in Shaw’s investigative endeavors.

Bobby’s tech-savvy nature and Graise’s performance highlight the modern tools at Shaw’s disposal despite his nomadic lifestyle.

Tracker – Episode Details

At the time of writing this blog, only the plot synopsis for the first two episodes of Tracker, along with the release dates and titles of the next two, have been confirmed.

Major details about these episodes are being kept under wraps by CBS, but it has been confirmed that Tracker is going to have a total of 13 episodes in its debut season.

We have mentioned everything we know about the upcoming episodes of Tracker below:

Episode 1 – Klamath Falls

Release Date: February 11, 2024

Synopsis: Colter delves into the case of 14-year-old Gil Brown, believed to have been abducted by his biological father, who has a history of criminal activities.

During the investigation, Colter encounters his own set of challenges, necessitating assistance from the legal expert, Reenie Greene.

Episode 2 – Springland

Release Date: February 18, 2024

Synopsis: While assisting a young woman in her search for her adventurous sister, Colter uncovers clues that hint at a sinister secret discovered by the sister in the days leading up to her disappearance, revealing the dark underbelly of their close-knit community.

Episode 3 – Shasta – February 25, 2024

Episode 4 – Missoula – March 3, 2024

What are reviewers saying about Tracker?

Terry Terrones from Paste Magazine has reviewed Tracker, saying Justin Hartley’s portrayal of Colter, whether through sarcastic humor, engaging banter, action-packed confrontations, or sharing poignant tales from his unique upbringing, presents a character that is both relatable and likable.

Hartley’s performance is a highlight, making it hard for audiences to resist his charm. Additionally, Tracker is brimming with potential, but it’s not without its shortcomings. The series offers fewer action-packed scenes than some might expect, focusing more on Colter’s ability to outsmart rather than physically overpower his adversaries.

Although the intellectual approach to resolving conflicts is a refreshing change, there remains a desire for more traditional action sequences. Tracker positions itself as a more family-oriented counterpart to Reacher, prioritizing a broader appeal over intense violence.

What has Justin Hartley said about his role in Tracker?

Talking with the New York Post, Justin Hartley expressed that returning to action roles is a refreshing change for him, as it’s been quite a while since he’d tackled such physically demanding parts.

Hartley said that he really missed engaging in stunts and action sequences, and thankfully, this role allows him to dive back into that. What initially drew Justin Hartley to Tracker was the unique and captivating character at its core, a type of role that’s quite novel for television.

He added in his statement that after reading the book, he was absolutely convinced that Colter Shaw’s character¬†deserved to be brought to life on screen.

Tracker on Twitter


1- Will Tracker be available in Europe for free?

Tracker is currently not confirmed to premiere on any European streaming platform, both free and subscription-based. This unfortunate situation stems from licensing issues with CBS, which has only lent the official rights for this crime drama to CTV in Canada.

Although you won’t be able to directly stream Tracker in European countries for free, there is an easy solution to bypass this geo-limitation: using a premium VPN.

You need a Canadian IP address, which will be assigned to you by a trusted VPN service like ExpressVPN once you connect to its Canadian server. After changing your virtual location to Canada, you can watch Tracker in Europe for free on CTV.

2- Is Tracker on Paramount+ in Europe?

Tracker is set to premiere on CBS on February 11, 2024, and it will also be available to stream online on Paramount+. However, the problem is that every country has a different Paramount+ content library, and this series is currently only confirmed to premiere in the USA.

If you want to watch Tracker in Europe on Paramount+, you will have to use a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN, which offers you a range of optimized American servers and is capable of changing your European IP address into an American one.

3- Can I watch Tracker on Netflix in Europe?

Netflix won’t be offering Justin Hartley’s upcoming action drama series, Tracker in Europe or anywhere else in the world because it does not possess the official streaming rights for this show.

As we know, Tracker is a CBS original series, and the network has only allowed Paramount+ to stream this series in the USA and CTV in Canada.

If you’re interested in watching Tracker in European countries for free, the best option is to use a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN or NordVPN to access it on CTV with an encrypted Canadian IP address.

4- Can I watch Tracker on Prime Video in Europe?

A lot of CBS content eventually becomes available on Prime Video, but there is no way to tell when or if the upcoming series Tracker will be available to watch on Prime Video in Europe or any other region.

This is due to a lack of official announcements by CBS and Prime Video. However, online streaming enthusiasts who want to watch Tracker in Europe shouldn’t be concerned about that because accessing CTV with a VPN is your best option to enjoy this series.

Connecting to a Canadian server via a premium VPN like ExpressVPN will allow you to bypass all the geo-restrictions and watch Tracker in Europe for free on CTV.

5- Who is the creator of Tracker?

The upcoming action drama show on CBS is created by Ben H. Winters, who is also known for producing Dan Stevens’ critically acclaimed X-Men series, Legion.

6- What is Tracker based on?

Tracker is based on the best-selling suspense thriller novel titled The Never Game by Jeffery Deaver. This novel is the first part of a series featuring a young man who scours the internet for individuals offering rewards for locating missing persons, followed by thrilling events.

7- Who are the executive producers of Tracker?

Alongside Ben H. Winters and Justin Hartley, Tracker has an impressive lineup of executive producers, including Ken Olin, who has also directed episodes in the series and is best known for other projects like Thirtysomething, Alias, and Brothers & Sisters.

Other than that, Hilary Weisman Graham is also one of the executive producers of the action drama series. She is best known for writing in shows like Orange Is the New Black, Bones, and Social Distance.

8- Tracker Filming Locations?

Tracker was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and among its various filming locations, a lot of scenes were also filmed in Vancouver Film Studios.

9- How many episodes will Tracker have?

It has been confirmed that Tracker will have a total of 13 episodes, premiering every Sunday from February 11, 2024, onwards.

10- What is the genre of Tracker?

Tracker has been categorized in the Crime, Drama, and Action genres.

Wrap Up

For all TV show enthusiasts who crave the thrill of the chase, Tracker is an excellent pick, inviting you into the complex world of Colter Shaw, created by Jeffery Deaver.

So, get ready to experience this action-packed journey by streaming Tracker in European countries for free with the help of our guide. All you need to do is get an ExpressVPN or NordVPN subscription, which unlocks the limitless online streaming possibilities for you.

Written by Jacob Ant

Jacob Ant is a seasoned entertainment writer over a decade of experience in film, TV, and media. With a deep passion for streaming content, he not only enjoys engaging with it but also shares valuable writing hacks and insights to assist others in the field