How To Watch Truelove In USA online for free on Channel 4 (Updated)


Truelove is an anticipated British comedy-drama series that is coming to Channel 4 on January 3, 2024. The six-episode series, featuring a remarkable cast of skilled actors, is produced by Clerkenwell Films, known for their successful comedy-drama, The End of the F***ing World.

The show follows around the profound moral dilemma of “Is it ever justifiable to assist in ending a life?” where old friends reunite at a funeral and make a pact to help each other have a proud death, only to face its consequences sooner than expected.

Get ready to experience this emotionally chaotic ride and read this blog to watch Truelove in USA for free with the help of a VPN and a simple set of few steps.

How to watch Truelove in USA for free?

You can watch Truelove in USA for free on Channel 4’s official website or app, but before that, you’ll have to change your IP address to the UK.

Don’t worry; this isn’t some highly technical method, and we’re going to guide you all the way through. Just follow the steps below and watch Truelove in USA for free:

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4- Now open Channel4 in your browser or in-app

5- Search Truelove on Channel 4

6- Enjoy 

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Truelove in USA for free?

The primary challenge in watching Truelove in USA for free, and the reason behind the necessity of a VPN, is the limited availability of the British streaming platform Channel 4.

This exclusivity is due to geo-restriction policies, which prevent certain content and services from being accessed in specific regions. If you try accessing Channel 4 from a blocked region like USA with your American IP address, you’ll encounter an error message indicating the service or content is unavailable in your region.

VPNs are the effective solution to this problem, as connecting to a British server through a premium VPN like ExpressVPN will allow you to effectively hide your actual location and gain access to Truelove in USA for free on Channel 4, regardless of any geo-limitation.

Why is ExpressVPN the best choice to watch Truelove in USA for free?

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Testing NordVPN to watch Truelove in USA for free

Our thorough research for the best VPNs to watch Truelove in USA for free on Channel 4 highlighted NordVPN as another top choice. Renowned for its high ranking in the VPN industry, NordVPN has received impressive reviews, such as an impressive 4.5/5 stars by Techradar. This makes it a viable alternative to ExpressVPN.

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Where to watch Truelove in USA for free?

Are you looking for local streaming options for the upcoming comedy-drama Truelove in the USA? We already knew there were going to be eager streamers like you, that is why we went through a detailed research phase to find where you can watch Truelove in USA for free.

Well, we have bad news for you: Truelove is currently only set to premiere on Channel 4 in the UK on January 3, 2023, and as of now, no American streaming service has announced plans to stream the series.

However, there’s a workaround that includes using a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN. You will have to bypass the geographical restrictions of Channel 4 by getting a British IP address. This will allow you to make it seem like you are accessing the internet from within the UK, enabling you to watch Truelove in USA for free on Channel 4.

Truelove – Release Date

Truelove is officially confirmed to debut on Channel 4 on January 3, 2023, with a total of six episodes. The upcoming comedy-drama hasn’t received an IMDb rating yet, but considering the past record of the team behind this series, it is expected to score high.

Truelove is now available on Chanenl 4 in the UK

Truelove – Official Trailer

Truelove – What to Expect from the Show?

Truelove follows Phil, a retired senior police chief, who at a friend’s funeral, encounters her former teenage love, Ken, an ex-special forces veteran and a divorcee. Despite the passage of time, Phil and Ken realize their feelings for each other remain strong, especially as they handle the challenges of retirement.

At the funeral, amidst flowing drinks, Phil, Ken, and their friends engage in a serious conversation about death. This leads to a tipsy agreement: should any of them face a slow, painful death, they would intervene to ensure a dignified end.

What begins as a seemingly whimsical idea quickly turns into a startling reality, prompting them to grapple with profound moral questions about life and death. This central ethical question unfolds throughout the series, interwoven with a touching romantic narrative between the senior characters.

Their love story is particularly noteworthy, offering a rare depiction of romance among those over 60. Additionally, the series incorporates elements of crime and murder, adding complexity and drama to the storyline.

Truelove – Episode Details

Truelove is a six-episode series that is set to premiere with two episodes on January 3, 2024. The third episode will air the next day, on January 4, 2024. The remaining episodes of the series will be broadcast on subsequent Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Major details about these episodes are still being kept under wraps, but we have mentioned the details that have been officially confirmed by Channel 4 up till now:

Episode 1

Phil, a retired police officer with a notable past, is struggling with boredom thirteen years after leaving the force. Similarly, Ken, a former SAS member, feels lost and out of place.

They reconnect at a friend’s funeral and, during the alcohol-fueled wake, speculate with friends about dying with dignity, preferring a fulfilling life over a long one.

As a half-serious idea, Phil and Ken consider using their skills for an unconventional purpose: assisting terminally ill friends by having Ken end their lives while Phil conceals the act as a natural death. This dark humor turns serious when their dear friend Tom requests their help with his own demise…

Episode 2

Shaken by Tom’s death, Phil and Ken scramble to hide their involvement. Meanwhile, young police officer Ayesha Kareem finds Tom’s body and his boat and starts to doubt it was an accident…

Episode 3

Ayesha’s suspicions about Tom’s death grow, and she’s convinced she’s found murder evidence. At the same time, Marion’s health is failing.

Episode 4

Phil and Ken re-ignite their romantic relationship. Encouraged by Phil, Ken attempts to reconnect with his estranged family. However, Ayesha begins to suspect her mentor’s involvement in the recent deaths…

Episode 5

Phil becomes suspicious when she learns that Marion’s doctor is unaware of her dementia. Concurrently, Ayesha gets closer to uncovering Phil’s secret.

Episode 6

Phil and Ken confront a shocking truth about Marion. Phil faces the challenge of protecting Ken from destroying his future and rectifying a lost love from fifty years ago.

The Cast of Truelove

The upcoming British comedy-drama Truelove is confirmed to be packing a seriously skilled ensemble in its pocket. Let’s explore the two main cast members who have brought this morally chaotic story to life, along with other supporting names:

  • Lindsey Duncan as Phil

Lindsay Duncan, a seasoned actress known for her roles in Merlin, The Sinking of The Laconia, Doctor Who, and Around The World in 80 Days, portrays Phil, a character with a strong background as a deputy chief constable.

This role reflects her toughness and authority, especially in scenes where she instructs Ken on how to proceed with their plans, only to find him defiantly ignoring her directives.

  • Clarke Peters as Ken

Clarke Peters, renowned for his portrayal of Detective Lester Freamon in The Wire, has a diverse acting portfolio. He has appeared in various TV shows and films such as Life on Mars, Marley & Me, Holby City, and Damages.

His notable roles include playing Nelson Mandela in the television movie Mandela: The Prison Years and Sonny in The Tunnel. In Truelove, Peters plays the character Ken, who is Phil’s former partner.

Additional supporting cast of Truelove includes the following names:

  • Sue Johnston (Best known for The Royle Family, Brookside, and Time)
  • Phil Davis (Best known for Whitechapel and Poldark)
  • Peter Egan (Best known for Unforgotten and After Life)
  • Karl Johnson (Best known for Mum)
  • Fiona Button (Best known for The Split)
  • Kiran Sonia Sawar (Best known for Murdered by My Father)

Truelove – News

Earlier this year, it was reported by Max Goldbart of Deadline that in the upcoming Channel 4 drama Truelove, Julie Walters had withdrawn from her role due to health issues, and Lindsay Duncan replaced her.

The show, created by Charlie Covell and Iain Weatherby, had paused filming in Bristol due to Walters’ severe back pain. The production, distributed by BBC Studios and produced by Clerkenwell Films, resumed later this year.

Walters, who previously battled bowel cancer, had been on a six-year acting hiatus. Duncan, a three-time BAFTA nominee known for roles in Birdman and About Time, then expressed excitement about playing Phil, a character she describes as “intelligent, tough, and complex.”

Truelove on Twitter


1- Will Truelove be available in USA for free?

Truelove may not be directly available to watch in USA for free due to the licensing limitations of Channel 4. It’s set to be released exclusively in the UK, and will only be accessible to those who have a British IP address.

However, American viewers can still watch it by using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN. By connecting to a British server, you can effectively change your IP address to the UK and access Channel 4 to stream the comedy-drama series Truelove in USA for free.

2- Can I watch Truelove on Netflix in USA?

Netflix is not going to offer the Channel 4 original British comedy-drama Truelove in USA, as per the content licensing issues.

However, there’s a simple solution that will allow you to watch this show in USA or anywhere outside the UK on Channel 4, regardless of geo-restrictions: a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

By using ExpressVPN to obtain a British IP address, you can break every geographic restriction barrier and watch Truelove in USA for free on Channel 4.

3- Can I watch Truelove on Prime Video in USA?

It’s not looking for Prime Video users who were eager to stream Truelove because the streaming platform hasn’t made any announcement regarding the matter of adding this British comedy-drama to its collection of TV shows in 2024.

This could very well be due to the same reason Netflix is not streaming Truelove in USA or anywhere around the world: content licensing problems.

However, you can access Channel 4, where the show is going to be streaming, and watch Truelove in USA for free with the help of a premium VPN service, such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

4- Truelove Filming Locations?

The main filming locations of Truelove were Clevedon and Bristol, Southwest England.

5- Who is the producer of Truelove?

Clerkenwell Films is the production house behind Truelove. They are also known for making shows like Misfits, Somewhere Boy, Persuasion, and, of course, the critically acclaimed The End of the F***ing World.

6- Who is the writer of Truelove?

Charlie Covell and Iain Weatherby are the writers of Truelove. Charlie has written episodes in shows like Banana and Gap Year, and Iain is best known for writing the 2009 short film Oscar & Jim.

7- Who is the director of Truelove?

Truelove is directed by Chloë Wicks, who is known for The Flatshare, On the Edge: Cradled, along with Carl Tibbetts, best known for working on projects like The Tunnel and Black Mirror.

8- What is the genre of Truelove?

Truelove is categorized as a Comedy-Drama series.

Wrap Up

Truelove is set to premiere on Channel 4 on January 3, 2024, and promises to tell a profound story of rekindled love and complex moral choices. If you want to watch this comedy-drama series from a geo-restricted location like USA, you will need a VPN.

ExpressVPN is our most recommended choice to watch Truelove in USA for free because we have already had several flawless streaming sessions of geo-blocked titles with this service, and we can confidently assure you that you can try it with without any risks!

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