How to watch Bargain Hunt 2024 in Europe for free on BBC iPlayer

Bargain Hunt 2024

Bargain Hunt has been a standout part of the BBC’s daytime lineup since 2000. In this program, two teams are given a set budget to purchase antiques at a fair, with the goal of selling them for a profit at an auction.

The show has undergone several minor changes in its format over time, and in 2024, there will be a special episode titled “Barking Hunt” to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the RSPCA.

Here is everything we know about watching Bargain Hunt 2024 in Europe for free…

How to watch Bargain Hunt 2024 in Europe for free?

Bargain Hunt’s 68th season is currently airing on a daily basis on BBC One, and the only online streaming platform where it can be accessed for free is BBC iPlayer.

However, to watch Bargain Hunt 2024 in Europe for free, you would have to use a reliable VPN and follow the easy set of instructions mentioned below:

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5- Search for Bargain Hunt on BBC iPlayer

6- Enjoy

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Bargain Hunt 2024 in Europe for free on BBC iPlayer?

The short answer to this question is geo-restrictions and licensing policies. Well, now let’s get to the detailed explanation. BBC iPlayer is a UK-exclusive VOD platform, which due to geo-licensing issues and preventing unauthorized access only allows users with a British IP address to enter its content library.

If you want to watch Bargain Hunt 2024 in Europe for free on BBC iPlayer, you must first hide your original IP with a virtual location based in the UK, and the only way to do that is by connecting to a British server via a VPN.

As simple as this trick sounds, we can assure you it’s just as effective, and you will be able to have a flawlessly uninterrupted experience of watching Bargain Hunt 2024 in Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, France, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia, Hungary, Netherlands, Czechia, and other European countries for free.

Why is ExpressVPN the best choice to watch Bargain Hunt 2024 in Europe for free?

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Testing NordVPN to watch Bargain Hunt 2024 in European countries for free

Although ExpressVPN is our top choice for watching Bargain Hunt 2024 in European countries for free, there won’t be any harm in preparing ourselves with a worthy alternate option as well, right? The best candidate for that is NordVPN.

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Where to watch Bargain Hunt 2024 in Europe?

Bargain Hunt 2024 is currently available to watch on BBC iPlayer and you will be able to watch it for free without any issues. However, that will only be possible if you’re situated within the UK because this VOD platform is geo-restricted everywhere else.

We also searched various online streaming platforms, such as Canal+ and Sky, but none of them seem to offer this program in Europe. So, does that mean it’s impossible to watch Bargain Hunt 2024 in Europe? Not really.

You can connect to a British server via a premium VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN and change your IP address to the UK to watch Bargain Hunt 2024 in Finland, Sweden, Turkey, France, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia, Hungary, Netherlands, Czechia, and other European countries for free on BBC iPlayer.

Where to watch Bargain Hunt 2024 in Ireland?

If you want to watch Bargain Hunt 2024 in Ireland, the best way to do that is by accessing the show for free on BBC iPlayer.

However, it is worth noting that BBC iPlayer is not officially available in Ireland or anywhere outside the UK, which is why you must use a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN or NordVPN that is capable of effectively changing your IP address.

Once you’ve got a VPN-assigned British IP address, you’ll be able to circumvent all the geo-blocks of BBC iPlayer and seamlessly watch Bargain Hunt 2024 in Ireland for free.

Bargain Hunt 2024 – Release Date

Bargain Hunt originally debuted on BBC One on March 13, 2000, and since then has been one of the most popular annual events on the platform, currently having an IMDb rating of 6.1/10.

The 68th season or simply the 2024 edition of Bargain Hunt premiered on BBC One on June 10, 2024, and you can watch it online on BBC iPlayer.

Bargain Hunt 2024 – Is There a Trailer?

Bargain Hunt 2024 did not receive a trailer from BBC, and as the show has already started airing, it is unlikely a trailer will be released now. However, if they decide to drop a trailer or promo video online, we’ll make sure to update this blog.

Bargain Hunt – What is the Premise of the Show?

Bargain Hunt follows two teams of amateur collectors who have a limited amount of time and money to find items to purchase at an antiques fair.

Each team consists of two members, and they are given a budget and an hour to shop for antiques. They aim to find items they believe will sell for a profit at auction. The teams are assisted by antiques experts who offer advice on what to buy, which can sometimes lead to humorous or enlightening interactions, especially when opinions differ.

After the shopping phase, the items chosen by each team are then sold at a real auction. The team whose items achieve the highest total profit (or smallest loss) wins the episode. The show often includes segments that provide historical context or delve into the details of particular types of antiques, enriching the viewing experience with educational content.

Bargain Hunt 2024 – Who are the Presenters?

Bargain Hunt is not just a show about antiques; it’s a cultural phenomenon that blends excitement, education, and entertainment into one engaging package.

At the heart of the show’s success are its charismatic presenters, who bring their own unique flair and depth of knowledge to the program.

Here are the presenters of Bargain Hunt 2024:

  • Caroline Hawley

As a long-standing expert turned presenter on Bargain Hunt, Caroline Hawley brings a deep passion for antiques and a joyful enthusiasm to her role. Known for her sunny disposition and a keen eye for hidden gems, Caroline thrives on the diversity and unpredictability of life on the road.

Her career in antiques was a natural progression from a profound interest in beautiful objects and their histories. If not in the antique trade, Caroline imagines she might have been an archaeologist or a fashion designer.

Her advice for aspiring antiques enthusiasts is to dive in and learn as much as possible—passion is key to success in this field.

  • Charlie Ross

Charlie Ross’s affable nature and extensive knowledge of antiques make him a favorite among Bargain Hunt viewers.

With a background that might have led him to professional cricket, Charlie instead found his calling in the antiques world by chance. His favorite aspect of the show is interacting with the contestants and auctioneers, making every episode a unique adventure.

Charlie values the familial atmosphere of the Bargain Hunt team and encourages everyone to embrace the joy and learning experience the show offers.

  • Christina Trevanion

Christina Trevanion brings a scholarly depth to her presentation, backed by her professional experience as an auctioneer and antiques expert.

Her journey into the world of antiques was influenced by her father, leading her to a vibrant career she loves. Christina’s favorite part of the job is meeting the enthusiastic contestants and being part of their treasure-hunting adventures.

She believes that Bargain Hunt is not just a show but a celebration of history, craftsmanship, and the thrill of discovery.

  • Danny Sebastian

Danny Sebastian is known for his energetic presence and his knack for making every Bargain Hunt episode fun and engaging. His entry into the antiques trade was serendipitous, sparked by his fascination with mid-20th-century design at an auction.

Danny’s approachable personality and genuine enthusiasm for the trade shine through as he guides teams through the challenges of the show.

He suggests that anyone interested in antiques should immerse themselves fully to experience the diverse opportunities the field offers.

  • Eric Knowles

Eric Knowles is a veteran in the world of antiques, known for his expert knowledge and warm, engaging presenting style.

His career began by chance when his interest in history and architecture led him to a job at Bonhams. For Eric, the best parts of Bargain Hunt are the interactions with contestants and experts, many of whom are old friends.

He sees the show as a wonderful mix of education and entertainment, providing a unique window into the world of antiques.

  • Natasha Raskin Sharp

Natasha Raskin Sharp offers a fresh perspective and vibrant energy to Bargain Hunt. Influenced by her father, she ventured into the antiques trade and quickly found her niche.

Natasha’s favorite aspects of the show are the incredible diversity of locations and the joy of meeting new people. She emphasizes that Bargain Hunt is about more than just antiques—it’s about the stories, the history, and the people behind the objects.

  • Roo Irvine

Roo Irvine is one of the newer faces on Bargain Hunt, but she has quickly become known for her enthusiasm and expertise. After a dramatic career change spurred by personal circumstances, Roo embraced the world of antiques with open arms.

She loves the social aspect of the show and the opportunity to make the auction experience enjoyable for all participants. Roo encourages anyone with a passion for antiques to consider exploring this fascinating field.

Bargain Hunt 2024 – Who are the Experts?

Bargain Hunt features a dynamic and knowledgeable team of experts. Each brings a unique flavor to the show, making it not only educational but also immensely entertaining.

Here’s a closer look at the charismatic experts guiding the red and blue teams through the antiques fairs of 2024:

  • Ben Cooper

Ben’s life on the road is a blend of adventure and the occasional challenge of weather and travel. With a deep-rooted passion for antiques instilled from childhood, Ben enjoys the thrill of the hunt and cherishes the interaction with different teams.

His favorite part? Helping teams find hidden treasures and enjoy their experience. If not in the antique world, Ben might have embraced a career in catering or music, reflecting his versatile interests.

  • Catherine Southon

Catherine has found her niche in uncovering hidden gems that often go unnoticed. Her journey in antiques started with the thrill of auctions and evolved from her background in art history.

Catherine’s expertise shines when she discovers overlooked items that turn out to be of significant value, bringing excitement and surprise victories to her teams.

  • Charles Hanson

Charles Hanson’s infectious enthusiasm for antiques is rooted in a deep love for history and storytelling. He views antiques as connectors to the past, with each item holding a unique narrative.

Hanson’s career choice was driven by this passion, and he revels in the theatrical aspects of auctions, which he compares to a stage for drama and romance.

  • Colin Young

Known for his straightforward approach and a hint of humor, Colin brings a practical yet engaging perspective to Bargain Hunt.

He entered the antiques trade somewhat by accident, finding his passion while working at an auction house. Colin’s approach to the show is all about strategic shopping and effective auctioneering, aiming to secure the best deals and avoid potential losses.

  • Irita Marriott

Irita’s unexpected entry into the antique world came from her initial background in retail management.

Her favorite aspect of being an expert on Bargain Hunt is the opportunity to ignite a love for antiques in others. Irita enjoys the challenge of the hunt and the satisfaction of securing valuable finds at smaller, less overwhelming fairs.

  • Izzie Balmer

As both an auctioneer and expert, Izzie embraces the social and competitive aspects of Bargain Hunt.

Her path into the antiques trade started somewhat serendipitously after completing a degree in geography and entering the auction world. Izzie loves the thrill of the auction and the joy of helping teams discover valuable items.

  • John Cameron

John combines his expertise in antiques with a background in carpentry and fine art valuation. His approach is deeply personal, focusing on the stories behind the objects.

Cameron finds joy in learning about the history connected to each item and enjoys the challenge of the auction environment.

  • Jonathan Pratt

Jonathan’s career in antiques was inspired by the charm of the auctioneering world depicted in the television series Lovejoy.

His favorite aspect of being an expert on Bargain Hunt is the lively atmosphere of the auctions, where he gets to engage with both the teams and the audience.

  • Kate Bliss

Kate’s deep-rooted love for antiques comes from growing up in a family immersed in the trade. Her role on Bargain Hunt allows her to combine her expertise in antiques with her skills in building quick rapport with contestants, making each episode a unique experience.

  • Mark Stacey

Mark’s journey into antiques was fueled by his childhood passion for collecting and later transitioned into a full-time career. His favorite part of the show is the interaction with people and the unpredictable nature of the hunt, where discovering the unexpected is always a possibility.

  • Nick Hall

Nick’s entry into the world of antiques was as spontaneous as his career development, starting from a simple job application to becoming a senior valuer.

His favorite moments on Bargain Hunt revolve around the drama of the auction day, where he thrives on the energy and excitement of the bidding war.

  • Ochuko Ojiri

Ochuko brings a fresh and enthusiastic approach to Bargain Hunt, characterized by his unique blend of sarcasm, cynicism, and passion for the trade. His career in antiques allows him to explore his love for unique and quirky items, making each episode an adventure.

  • Philip Serrell

Philip’s involvement in antiques was almost destined, given his background and family connections in the trade. He loves the excitement of auctions and enjoys the challenge of helping teams find treasures among the seemingly ordinary.

  • Raj Bisram

Raj turned his childhood fascination with antiques into a vibrant career. Known for his knowledge and friendly demeanor, he enjoys teaching others about the value and history of hidden gems found in unexpected places.

  • Richard Madley

Richard’s extensive experience in the international auction market brings a global perspective to his role on Bargain Hunt. He enjoys making the auction experience enjoyable and memorable for the contestants, emphasizing fun and learning.

  • Stephanie Connell

Stephanie’s passion for antiques and history shines through in her enthusiastic participation in the show. She aims to make the antiques experience accessible and enjoyable for her teams, helping them discover the joy of finding and owning unique pieces.

  • Thomas Forrester

Thomas’s love for the auction world is matched by his enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge. His approachable style and deep understanding of antiques make him a favorite among contestants.

  • Tim Weeks

Tim’s vibrant energy and passion for antiques make him a standout expert on Bargain Hunt. He loves the excitement of the hunt and the opportunity to share his knowledge with the teams, making each episode a fun and educational experience.

Bargain Hunt 2024 – Episode Guide

Bargain Hunt airs on BBC One at 12:15 every weekday, with each episode lasting 45 minutes. Don’t miss the special RSPCA episode on Friday, June 14. For complete details, check out the following episode guide for Bargain Hunt 2024:

Monday, June 10, 2024

Charlie Ross explores a museum in York that was once a Georgian townhouse, showcasing an impressive collection of fine furniture, intricate clocks, and significant artworks.

The competition takes place at Wetherby Racecourse where David Harper and Izzie Balmer guide contestants in selecting three items to auction off.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

The episode is hosted by Natasha Raskin Sharp in Harrogate, with experts Richard Madley and Roo Irvine assisting the competing teams, the Reds and Blues, before they head to the auction.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

In Detling, Kent, Mark Stacey and Catherine Southon aid two teams in their hunt for valuable items. Presenter Eric Knowles keeps an eye on the action and delves into a local, rather untidy world championship near the antiques fair.

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Roo Irvine leads the show from Southwell Racecourse in Nottinghamshire. Experts Izzie Balmer and Nick Hall advise the teams on their selections for auction. Roo also discovers the history of wartime surgeons at the National Civil War Centre.

Friday, June 14, 2024

A special episode themed around pets and antiques marks the RSPCA’s 200th anniversary. The teams, accompanied by their dogs dressed in miniature Bargain Hunt fleeces, search for bargains at the Shepton Mallet antiques fair in Somerset. Christina Trevanion hosts, with experts Caroline Hawley and Thomas Forrester managing both the teams and their four-legged partners.

Christina shares her excitement about hosting the pet-themed episode and recalls her own experience volunteering at an RSPCA center as a teenager. She praises the RSPCA’s dedication to helping domestic and wild animals, highlighting the joy of working alongside the enthusiastic dog contestants, Jack and Sprocket.

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Wrap Up

Bargain Hunt promises another thrilling season filled with antique discoveries, spirited auctions, and educational segments that delve into the rich history behind the items.

Whether you’re tuning in for the expert guidance of the charismatic presenters or the excitement of the hunt, this season has something for everyone. So, follow the steps we have provided in this blog and watch Bargain Hunt 2024 in Europe for free today!


1- Where can I watch Bargain Hunt 2024 in Europe?

For all the viewers who have been looking to watch Bargain Hunt 2024 in Europe online, the bad news is that none of the local platforms, such as ARTE, NowTV, Sky Go, etc. have secured the rights for this show.

However, there’s a ray of hope thanks to reliable premium VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN that can change your IP address to the UK with their British servers and allow you to watch Bargain Hunt 2024 in European countries for free on BBC iPlayer.

2- Can I watch Bargain Hunt 2024 on Netflix and Prime Video in Europe?

Whether you’re a Netflix subscriber or Prime Video user, neither of these OTT platforms will allow you to watch Bargain Hunt 2024 because this show is exclusively owned by BBC in the UK and only streams online on BBC iPlayer for free.

The only possible way to access Bargain Hunt 2024 in Europe online is with the help of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN. Just get a British IP address via the VPN and enjoy.

3- Who is producing Bargain Hunt 2024?

Bargain Hunt 2024 is being executively produced by Paul Tucker (Make Me a Dealer) and the series producer is Joanne Dunscombe.

4- What was the biggest profit on Bargain Hunt?

Initially estimated to sell for between £100,000 and £150,000, The Morning Glory and Barbary Bush surpassed expectations, fetching £180,000 and £160,000 respectively. Combined, these sought-after items garnered a staggering profit of £340,000, the biggest in the history of Bargain Hunt.

5- What is the genre of Bargain Hunt?

Bargain Hunt is categorized under the Entertainment, Factual, and Antique genres on BBC One.

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