How To Watch Aldi’s Christmas Secrets In USA For Free| Watch It On Channel 4

Aldi's Christmas Secrets

Christmastime is almost here, and Aldi, the UK’s fourth-largest supermarket chain, is ready to make this festive season more delightful. The upcoming holiday special, Aldi’s Christmas Secrets, follows the supermarket owners embarking on a quest to find an exceptional product that will amaze its customers.

You can watch Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free on Channel 4. However, there’s a slight twist; Channel 4 is not directly accessible within USA or anywhere outside the UK.

Worry not, streamers! We’re here to save the day with a magical tool called VPN. Just read this blog to learn how to watch Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free with a VPN.

How to watch Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free?

To watch Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free, you will have to rely on a trustable premium VPN that can offer you a British IP address.

This will enable you to access Channel 4’s geo-restricted content library and enjoy this documentary special without any issues.

Follow the simple steps below, and watch Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free with a VPN:

1- Sign up to ExpressVPN for Channel 4 (you will get three extra months free with a 12-month, plus a 30-day money-back guarantee)

2- Download ExpressVPN on your devices of choice (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and more)

3- Select the British Server from the country list

4- Now open in your browser or in-app

5- Search Aldi’s Christmas Secrets on Channel 4

6- Enjoy 

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free?

Channel 4’s content library is geographically restricted within the UK and you won’t be able to access any title from it if you don’t possess a British IP address. This is the main reason why you need a reliable VPN service to watch the Christmas special documentary, Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free.

If you are fairly new to VPNs and geo-restrictions, you might be confused, thinking how can a VPN help. Well, the answer is simple: a VPN can hide your original IP address and change it with a new encrypted IP based in the country whose server you have connected.

Specifically, connecting to a British server using a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN will make it seem like you’re accessing Channel 4 from within the UK, thus granting you access to Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free.

Why is ExpressVPN the best choice to watch Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free?

ExpressVPN is a premium VPN service that stands out for its performance and exceptional reviews, with WizCase giving it an almost perfect rating of 9.8/10. Offering compatibility across various operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux, ExpressVPN proves to be a convenient option when watching titles like Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free on Channel 4.

This premium VPN also allows you to connect on up to 8 devices simultaneously. This has already enabled us to stream various titles like Celebrity Escape to the Country, Vera: The Rising Tide, Vanishing Act, and more on multiple devices without difficulty.

Additionally, ExpressVPN is capable on maintaining blazing-fast connections, with download speeds of up to 95Mbps and upload speeds of up to 83Mbps.

This bandwidth is more than enough to stream 4K-quality content without any buffers and lags. And with features like MediaStream DNS, Split Tunneling, and an Internet Kill Switch, you can get the best VPN experience possible while watching Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free on Channel 4.

ExpressVPN also provides 24/7 customer support for enhanced customer satisfaction, and a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. You can take advantage of all of that at a 49% discount, as ExpressVPN offers their 12-month plan for just $6.67/month with an additional 3 months free.

So, what’re you waiting for? Secure this deal now, and watch Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free with the help of ExpressVPN.

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Testing NordVPN to watch Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free

NordVPN is another premium VPN service that is worth considering if you want to access Channel 4’s Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free.

With over 5500 servers in 60+ countries worldwide, this premium VPN service provider offers impressive reach to unlock location-locked content. VPNMentor gives NordVPN a high 9.4 out of 5 rating, which solidifies its position among the best VPNs in the world.

In our tests, NordVPN showcased excellent performance with download speeds of up to 90Mbps and upload speeds up to 84Mbps.

The service also provides robust security features like AES 256-bit encryption, Internet Kill Switch, Obfuscated servers, Private DNS, and we’ve used it successfully to stream content like Password Holiday Special, The Graham Norton Show Season 31, and The Madame Blanc Mysteries Christmas Special 2023.

Don’t wait too long because, NordVPN has a special 27-month plan for only $3.99/month – a promotion that throws in an additional 3 months free with a 2-year subscription.

Plus, it offers new users a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support, making it a strong contender for VPN options to watch Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free on Channel 4, besides ExpressVPN.

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Where to watch Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free?

Aldi’s Christmas Secrets is currently streaming on Channel 4 in the UK, other than that, there’s no official word on if the documentary is going to be released on any streaming platforms or TV networks in USA.

This is mainly due to geo-licensing issues, of which, a streamer cannot do anything. However, you shouldn’t lose hope just yet, because there is an effective alternative.

You can watch the delightful holiday documentary for free on Channel 4 with a trustable premium VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN by changing your virtual location to the UK.

You can follow the simple process of connecting to a British server via ExpressVPN or NordVPN, and this will grant you unrestricted access to a range of Channel 4 content like Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free.

Aldi’s Christmas Secrets – Release Date

Aldi’s Christmas Secrets premiered on Channel 4 on December 18, 2023. The show is also available to stream online on Channel 4’s official platform.

Aldi’s Christmas Secrets – Official Trailer

Channel 4 did not release an official trailer for Aldi’s Christmas Secrets. As the documentary already premiered on December 18, 2023, it is unlikely a trailer will drop now. However, if any trailer or official clip from the documentary is released, we will shortly update this blog.

Aldi’s Christmas Secrets – What to Expect from the Documentary

Aldi’s Christmas Secrets, unveils the holiday preparations at the famous supermarket. Witness the lively backstage hustle as four exceptional suppliers, including a London-based butcher and the creators of the oldest Cheddar, work tirelessly to craft Aldi’s Christmas feast.

Fans can expect to be astounded by incredible facts: Aldi anticipates over 130,000 new shoppers each week and produces an astonishing amount of Barber’s Cheese, enough to fill four Olympic-sized swimming pools. The documentary also shows Kevin the Carrot, Aldi’s beloved mascot, who even has a stunt double for the season’s most talked-about advertisement.

The Cast of Aldi’s Christmas Secrets

Although not much is known about the cast of Aldi’s Christmas Secrets, viewers can expect to see the following members:

  • Five lucky winners: The documentary includes segments where these people win a unique Christmas experience courtesy of Aldi.
  • Aldi staff: Team members from various sectors such as food creation, logistics, and marketing, offering their perspectives and expertise.
  • Suppliers: Interviews with primary suppliers, like the butcher based in London and the proprietors of a Cheddar cheese farm, who talking about their roles and contributions to Aldi’s Christmas selections.
  • Kevin the Carrot: Although not a regular member of the cast, Kevin the Carrot plays an important role in Aldi’s Christmas promotions appearing in the form of animations or voice narrations.

Aldi’s Christmas Secrets – News

As reported by Marketing Communication News, in a unique festive campaign, communications agency Clarion, working with Aldi since 2012, orchestrated the nation’s first bottomless Pigs in Blankets Restaurant in Islington.

Launched in late November, this pop-up culinary event aimed to boost Aldi’s brand appeal before Christmas. The event showcased a six-course menu featuring Aldi’s extensive range of Pigs in Blankets, including a special feature – a ‘Press for PIBs’ button allowing guests to order unlimited servings.

The highlight of the campaign was the creation of the World’s Longest Pig in Blanket, a six-metre-long delicacy made from 150 rashers of bacon, weighing 3.2kg and having a 42cm circumference when coiled. This innovative idea garnered over 550 media coverages, reaching an audience of 134 million.

Additionally, the campaign included a contest where British food suppliers presented festive food ideas to Aldi’s Managing Director of Buying, Julie Ashfield, and Communications Director, Richard Thornton. The winning product will be available in Aldi stores from December 19th, enhancing the festive offerings and further establishing Aldi as a quality and value-driven retailer.

Clare Sutton, Managing Partner at Clarion, says;

“It was fun to step out from behind the camera for a change and to have a snapshot of everything from the initial brainstorm to execution captured on screen.

“Competition is always fiercest at Christmas, so it’s more important than ever to think outside the box. It’s also an opportunity to create some really fun campaigns that get people talking. Pigs in Blankets are synonymous with Christmas – and Aldi has its biggest ever range this year – so it made sense to bring one of the nation’s favourite sides to the fore.

“Getting people to better understand what PR involves and why it’s important to a business will hopefully help to attract new top talent to the industry – and as one of our most successful campaigns to date, it was an ideal one to feature. The team worked tirelessly to deliver it and we’re incredibly proud of the results.”

Aldi’s Christmas Secrets on Twitter


1- Is Aldi’s Christmas Secrets available in USA for free?

Unfortunately, Aldi’s Christmas Secrets has not been picked up by any American streaming platform or TV network, and it does not look like the documentary will be accessible in USA anytime soon.

However, there is an alternative option, where you will have to use a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN.

By connecting to a British server, and changing your American IP address into one from the UK, you can access Channel 4, where this documenatry is streaming. This provides a perfect solution to watch the Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free.

2- Is It possible to watch Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA with a free VPN?

The short answer to this is no. Free VPNs are not a reliable option for streaming geo-restricted content like Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free on Channel 4.

This is because they offer blacklisted IPs that are easily detected, and come with with various security risks and poor performance issues.

According to our streaming experts, the best option for watching titles like Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free, is none other than using a trustworthy premium VPN service like ExpressVPN, which offers strong encryption and fast speeds.

3- What is the genre of Aldi’s Christmas Secrets?

Aldi’s Christmas Secrets is a Documentary streaming on Channel 4.

4- Aldi’s Christmas Secrets Filming Locations?

Although, there are multiple locations of ALDI, and no specific filming location was announced by Channel 4, we believe that ALDI’s HQ in Batavia, Illinois served as the filming location for Aldi’s Christmas Secrets.

5- What is the runtime of Aldi’s Christmas Secrets?

Aldi’s Christmas Secrets, the latest documentary on Channel 4, has a runtime of 1 hour.

Wrap Up

Aldi’s Christmas Secrets takes viewers and seasoned shoppers of the renowned supermarket chain on a festive journey behind the scenes of the holiday preparations at Aldi. This Christmas special documentary is unfortunately, not accessible to viewers in USA due to geographical restrictions.

But with a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN, you can now join in on the fun and explore Aldi’s extraordinary festive world. Just connect to an British server, and unblock Channel 4 to watch Aldi’s Christmas Secrets in USA for free.

Written by Jacob Ant

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