How To Watch Archer: Into the Cold In Australia on Hulu

Archer Into the Cold

Any Archer fans here? We have good news for you. Our beloved spy is coming for his last hurrah. After the eighth episode of its 14th season, FX’s popular animated show is set to conclude with a special finale event, Archer: Into the Cold.

This extended finale marks the proper end of the series that has enjoyed a dedicated fanbase throughout its 14-year run. The special will be streaming online on Hulu, but only in USA.

If you want to watch Archer: Into the Cold in Australia on Hulu, you must follow the easy-to-understand instructions in this blog. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

How to watch Archer: Into the Cold in Australia?

The process of watching Archer: Into the Cold in Australia is fairly simple. You just have to bypass the geographic restrictions employed by Hulu with the help of a reliable VPN service.

We have outlined the quick steps to watching Archer: Into the Cold in Australia. Check them out now:

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2- Download the ExpressVPN application on your device (Smartphone, PC, Laptop, Tablet, etc.)

3- Connect to an American server from the country list (New York server is highly recommended)

4- Now open the Hulu app or visit the Hulu website in your browser

5- Search Archer: Into the Cold on Hulu

6- Enjoy

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Archer: Into the Cold in Australia?

Hulu uses an advanced IP-tracking mechanism and strict geo-restriction policies that will make accessing any title on the platform, including Archer: Into the Cold, impossible from outside USA.

In such a scenario, what can an eager Archer fan from Australia do? The answer is simple: rely on a premium VPN. If you are asking yourself, “Why do I need a VPN?” the explanation for that rounds back to Hulu’s geo-restrictions.

A premium VPN can easily help you bypass these IP-restricting firewalls from anywhere by hiding your original IP address in a new encrypted location based in the country to whose server you have connected.

For example, in order to watch Archer: Into the Cold in Australia on Hulu, you must connect to an American server via a premium VPN like ExpressVPN, which will grant you a secure American IP address, acting as your entry card into Hulu’s content vault.

Why is ExpressVPN the best choice to watch Archer: Into the Cold in Australia?

If you’re in Australia and eager to enjoy Archer: Into the Cold on Hulu without any geo-restrictions, it’s essential to pick the right VPN. The key aspects to consider include the number of servers, speed, advanced features, and of course, the pricing.

There’s a top-tier VPN service that stands out in all these areas, and it’s ExpressVPN. Known as the leading VPN provider globally, ExpressVPN offers an impressive combination of benefits, making it the ideal choice for watching the special finale, Archer: Into the Cold in Australia, on Hulu.

ExpressVPN has an extensive network of over 3500 servers across more than 105 countries. This vast network ensures you won’t experience any server overload problems, guaranteeing a stable connection for accessing content like Archer: Into the Cold in Australia on Hulu.

The speedy performance of ExpressVPN is also noteworthy. Users can enjoy download speeds up to 96Mbps and upload speeds reaching 85Mbps. Its feature set is equally impressive, including Split Tunneling, MediaStream DNS, an Internet Kill Switch, TrustedServer technology, the Lightway protocol, Threat Manager, and more.

Our tests of ExpressVPN with various geo-restricted titles such as Genie, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13, and Letters to Santa have confirmed its effectiveness and reliability.

In terms of affordability, ExpressVPN offers great value. The subscription comes at just $6.67/month, which includes a one-year plan plus three additional months free, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and 24/7 customer support, all at a 49% discount, making ExpressVPN a cost-effective VPN solution for watching Archer: Into the Cold in Australia on Hulu.

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Testing NordVPN to watch Archer: Into the Cold in Australia

NordVPN is often mentioned as one of the top-tier VPN services, especially when discussing access to region-restricted shows like Archer: Into the Cold in Australia on Hulu. Renowned for its excellent reviews on platforms such as VPNMentor, NordVPN’s performance is exceptional.

Our evaluation of NordVPN mirrored that of ExpressVPN, focusing on server availability, speed, sophisticated features, and cost.

One standout aspect of NordVPN is its extensive network, featuring over 5500 servers across more than 60 countries. This vast selection virtually eliminates concerns about server shortages when trying to access specific content like Archer: Into the Cold in Australia on Hulu.

In terms of speed, NordVPN doesn’t disappoint. Our comprehensive speed tests showed impressive results, with download speeds reaching 90Mbps and upload speeds at 85Mbps. Such speeds ensure a smooth streaming experience, free from buffering and lag.

NordVPN also shines with its array of advanced features, including Mashnet, Dark Web Monitor, Threat Protection, Kill Switch, Double VPN, SmartDNS, and Private DNS. These features enhance the streaming experience, making it seamless and secure.

We’ve rigorously tested NordVPN’s performance by streaming various titles, such as Let Us Prey: A Ministry of Scandals, A Biltmore Christmas, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 12, and consistently received a high-quality streaming experience.

Moreover, NordVPN’s pricing is competitive. For a two-year plan, it’s only $3.99/month(65% discount). This plan includes an additional three months free, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and 24/7 round-the-clock customer support, making it an excellent value proposition for watching Archer: Into the Cold in Australia on Hulu.

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Where to watch Archer: Into the Cold in Australia?

Australian viewers might be disappointed because none of the local streaming platforms or TV networks have officially announced the premiering of Archer: Into the Cold in Australia.

The popular animated series is available on Netflix in Australia, but unfortunately, only 13 seasons of the show are available due to license distribution issues.

As the latest 14th season of Archer is unavailable in Australia, it ultimately means that the upcoming special Archer: Into the Cold won’t be premiering in Australia anytime soon.

We suggest going for the VPN approach. All you have to do is subscribe to a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN and connect to an American server to bypass Hulu’s geo-restrictive barriers. This will allow you to effortlessly watch Archer: Into the Cold in Australia.

Archer: Into the Cold – Release Date

Archer: Into the Cold will premiere on December 17, 2023. The special will first be broadcast on FX and FXX and accessible on Hulu on the following day, December 18, 2023. This release comes roughly two months after the end of Archer season 14.

Archer is a critically acclaimed animated series that aired for a total of 142 episodes. It is currently rated 8.6/10 on IMDb and 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.

If you like watching TV shows and movies, you can also try The Gilded Age Season 2, Faraway Downs, Christmas with a Kiss, and Bookie.

Archer: Into the Cold – Official Trailer 

Archer: Into the Cold – What to Expect from the Special?

FX has not yet disclosed a detailed storyline for Archer: Into the Cold. However, based on the conclusion of Season 14 of Archer, we can speculate about potential developments.

The season’s final episode saw the United Nations declare all independent espionage organizations unlawful, leading to the closure of The Agency where Archer and his team are employed.

The upcoming special might explore the aftermath of this decision, focusing on how the characters cope with losing their professional identities. The title of the special is also intriguing. It echoes John le Carré’s novel “The Spy Who Came in from the Cold,” which describes a spy’s transition back to ordinary life.

This similarity suggests that Into the Cold could involve Archer and his colleagues attempting to navigate their new lives outside of espionage, possibly still seeking ways to continue their spy activities in some capacity.

The Cast of Archer: Into the Cold

The entire main voice cast of Archer is confirmed to reprise their roles in the final event titled Archer: Into the Cold.

The following official poster for the finale event also suggests the comeback of some recognizable characters:

Although it remains uncertain who else, whether known or new faces, might make an appearance in the finale, we have mentioned the confirmed cast of Archer: Into the Cold below:

  • H. Jon Benjamin as Sterling Archer

H. Jon Benjamin lends his voice to the cunning and often self-involved spy, Sterling Archer. Benjamin is renowned for his voice roles in Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, and Wet Hot American Summer, adding a distinct flavor to each character he portrays.

  • Aisha Tyler as Lana Kane

Aisha Tyler voices Lana Kane, a skilled agent known for her intelligence and combat prowess. Tyler has a diverse acting background, including roles in Criminal Minds, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and Friends.

  • Judy Greer as Cheryl/Carol Tunt

Judy Greer brings to life the eccentric and unpredictable Cheryl/Carol Tunt. Greer’s versatile acting career includes memorable appearances in Jurassic World, Ant-Man, and 13 Going on 30.

  • Chris Parnell as Cyril Figgis

Chris Parnell voices Cyril Figgis, the awkward yet competent accountant-turned-agent. Parnell is also known for his work on Saturday Night Live, Rick and Morty, and 30 Rock.

  • Amber Nash as Pam Poovey

Amber Nash imbues Pam Poovey with a boisterous and unapologetic personality. Nash’s other voice acting credits include roles in Frisky Dingo and the web series Hart of America.

  • Adam Reed as Ray Gillette

Adam Reed voices the resourceful and witty agent, Ray Gillette. Reed, also the creator of Archer, has been involved in other projects like Sealab 2021.

  • Lucky Yates as Algernop Krieger

Lucky Yates gives life to the brilliant yet bizarre scientist Algernop Krieger. Yates is also recognized for his voice work in Good Eats.

  • Natalie Dew as Zara Khan

Season 14 addition Natalie Dew joins the cast as Zara Khan. Dew’s acting repertoire includes roles in the film West Is West and the television series Footballers’ Wives.

  • Ona Grauer as Katya Kazanova

Ona Grauer returns to voice the enigmatic Katya Kazanova. Grauer’s career spans roles in series like Stargate SG-1, V, and The Collector.

  • Christian Slater as CIA liaison Slater

Christian Slater reprises his role as the suave CIA liaison Slater. Slater is widely recognized for his performances in Mr. Robot, True Romance, and Heathers.

Archer: Into the Cold on Twitter


1- Will Archer: Into the Cold be available in Australia?

The upcoming special finale event, Archer: Into the Cold, might become available to watch in Australia, but there is no way to tell when.

The complete animated series is only available to watch on Hulu in USA, and due to content licensing problems, none of the streaming platforms in Australia have yet been able to acquire the rights for its latest season and upcoming special episode.

The best way an Archer fan in Australia can enjoy the finale event without waiting indefinitely is by using a VPN to unblock Hulu to watch Archer: Into the Cold in Australia.

2- Can I watch Archer: Into the Cold on Netflix in Australia?

Only 13 seasons of Archer are currently streaming on Netflix in Australia. As you know, Archer: Into the Cold is the finale event that follows the eighth episode of Archer Season 14; it seems unlikely that the special will be available on Netflix in Australia any time soon.

To watch Archer: Into the Cold in Australia, we recommend using a reliable premium VPN service like ExpressVPN. You can just connect to an American server via ExpressVPN and enjoy watching Archer: Into the Cold in Australia on Hulu.

3- Can I watch Archer: Into the Cold on Prime Video in Australia?

Unfortunately, Prime Video subscribers in Australia have it worse than Netflix users because the entire animated series is unavailable on Prime Video in Australia.

This is mainly due to content licensing issues, which prevent Prime Video from streaming the popular animated show.

However, there is an easy alternative. You can rely on a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN or NordVPN to watch Archer: Into the Cold in Australia on the US-exclusive platform Hulu.

4- Is It possible to watch Archer: Into the Cold in Australia with a free VPN?

Using a free VPN to watch geo-blocked content like Archer: Into the Cold in Australia is explicitly frowned upon by our streaming experts, and we will never recommend it.

The main reason behind this is that free VPNs cannot effectively bypass the geo-restriction barriers of premium streaming platforms like Hulu and can be easily detected, triggering proxy errors.

To avoid facing this annoying issue while watching Archer: Into the Cold in Australia on Hulu, you must utilize the services of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

5- What is the genre of Archer: Into the Cold?

The entire Archer series, including its upcoming special finale episode, Archer: Into the Cold, is categorized under the genres of Animation, Action, and Comedy.

6- Who is the writer of Archer: Into the Cold?

Adam Reed, who has written almost every episode of the popular animated series Archer, is returning for one last time to write the epic finale event Archer: Into the Cold. Reed has also written episodes of shows like 12 oz. Mouse and The Xtacles.

7- What is the runtime of Archer: Into the Cold?

FX hasn’t yet confirmed the official runtime of Archer: Into the Cold, but as we know, it is going to be a three-parter event; it will most probably be longer than usual Archer episodes.

Wrap Up

FX’s ultimate spy is about to receive a memorable farewell in the upcoming special episode Archer: Into the Cold. If you are a true fan of the ever-so-charming Sterling Archer, you won’t let pesky geo-restrictions prevent you from watching the anticipated finale, right?

Get ready to enjoy Archer: Into the Cold in Australia on Hulu with the help of a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN. We have tested this VPN service to watch various geo-blocked titles and can certainly vouch for its efficiency.

Written by Jacob Ant

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