Where to watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Portugal for free| Watch Women’s World Cup 2023 on BBC or ITV from Portugal for free

watch Women's World Cup 2023

We are moving towards the completion of the Women’s World Cup 2023. 32 teams started the tournament, and as of writing this, six are left after the Spanish victory over the Dutch team, and Sweden defeated Japan in the quarter-finals.

We have prepared this guide for you, so read it to the end and find your best option to watch Club World Cup for free in Portugal.

How to watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Portugal for free

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If you are wondering where to watch Women’s World Cup 2023 for free in Portugal! BBC is your best bet. All FIFA Women’s World Cup matches will be streaming on BBC or ITV. Follow these steps to watch Women’s World Cup for free in Portugal:

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  2. Download ExpressVPN on your devices of choice (iOS, Android,
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  3. Open the app and connect to a British server
  4. Now open BBC.com or ITV.com in your browser or in-app
  5. Search FIFA Women’s World Cup on BBC or ITV from Portugal
  6. Enjoy
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Watch Women’s World Cup 2023 in Portugal (FREE)| Detailed Explanation

Here are the detailed steps you need to follow the watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 from Portugal for free on BBC or ITV:

1- Get ExpressVPN for BBC or ITV

You can get three extra months free of ExpressVPN with their annual plan. That’s 15 months for the price of 12. A single subscription simultaneously supports five devices and has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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2- Download the ExpressVPN app on your device

ExpressVPN supports almost all devices, including iOs, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. Using their smart DNS, you can also use ExpressVPN on your smart TV or gaming console.

3- Connect to a British Server

After downloading the ExpressVPN app, open up the ExpresVPN app and connect to a British server to get a British IP address. Since BBC and ITV is only accessible from the United Kingdom, you will need a British IP address to access it and watch the Women’s World Cup from Portugal for free.

4- Enjoy

After connecting to a British server, open BBC or ITV in your browser or in-app, search for FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 on BBC or ITV from Portugal, and enjoy.

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Where to watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Portugal (FREE)?

The Women’s World Cup 2023 broadcasting rights are distributed among several streaming services and tv channels. BBC and ITV is among them, and it is a free-to-air streaming service accessible only in the UK.

You can watch all FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 matches on BBC or ITV for free from Portugal with ExpressVPN. You will need a VPN to access BBC or ITV from Portugal since it is blocked here.

An ExpressVPN subscription will cost you around $6.67/m with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are looking for a local streaming service, RTP, Sports TV, SIC, and TVI are your best alternatives.

Where to FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Online in Portugal

It’s always thrilling to watch the world cup. However, hosting the FIFA Women’s World Cup in New Zealand and Australia this year would be more challenging. The amount of fan enthusiasm is also really high, and they are excited about the beginning of their favorite game and want to support their team.

The official rights for live transmission of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Portugal are held by RTP, SIC, Sports TV, and TVI.

  • RTP

Portugal’s public service broadcasting organization is Radio Television of Portugal or RTP. In addition to many satellite and cable options, it runs three national radio stations and four national television networks. Television advertising money and the broadcasting contribution tax, which is included in utility bills, support RTP.

The current corporation was formed in 2007 when Radio difusao Portuguesa and Radio televisao Portuguesa merged, even though they had been consolidated under a single holding company and had shared a logo since 2004.

  • SIC

A media organization and television network based in Portugal, Society Independent Communication operates several television stations. They are Portugal’s third digital television network debuted on October 6, 1992. Impresa, a Portuguese media company, owns SIC. 

Among the seven major terrestrial channels transmitting from Portugal, it is one of the two private free-to-air channels. In Portugal, it was the most-watched channel from 1995 to 2005 and again from 2019 until the present.

  • Sports TV

A sports-focused premium cable and satellite television network in Portuguese called Sports TV. It has seven cable networks in Portugal, one channel for sports news and one for Portuguese-speaking Africans. On September 16, 1998, the initial Sports TV channel was introduced. It is accessible as a premium subscription channel through all television distribution companies in Portugal.

Football, basketball, tennis, handball, rugby, surfing, golfing, gymnastics, boxing, and American sports are primarily covered in sports TV broadcasts, along with mixed martial arts, motor racing, and futsal. In addition, there are discussions, news, and sports reports.

  • TVI 

Portugal’s fourth terrestrial television channel, Independent Television, usually known as TVI, debuted in 1993. From 2005 until 2019, it ranked Portugal’s most popular television station.  It directly contends with SIC and RTP1. Among Portugal’s seven significant terrestrial channels, it is one of the two private free-to-air channels transmitting from the nation.

Women’s World Cup 2023| What’s happening

What a great semi-final we have just watched. It was Spain against Sweden at the greatest stage of all, and both teams gave their best to win the match, but only the great one succeeded.

The Swedish team had played four semi-finals in the past, so they had a competitive advantage of playing big matches. All that experience and skill was put to use to break the Spanish defense line but resulted in nothing, and the half-time whistle blew.

After halftime, both teams changed their attack strategy; the Spanish side began substituting players and brought the weapon in human form, Salma Celeste Paralluelo Ayingono, to the field. Salma Celeste Paralluelo Ayingono scored the winning goal for Spain in the last match and was looking aggressive as she landed on the ground.

Eva Navarro was also added to the team in the 73rd minute, replacing Alba Redondo. The Swedish team also added fresh players to the team; Olivia Schough and Rebecka Blomqvist were added as substitutes.

Just after their addition, Spain got the opportunity they were looking for when Salma Celeste scored a beautiful goal in the 81st minute. The Spanish lead over Sweden was short-lived, and the substitute Rebecka Blomqvist scored a goal for her team, making the score level again.

However, another counterattack was launched in the nick of time, and tables were turned around when the Spanish defender Olga Carmona scored a thunderous goal the very next minute. The Swedish team tried their best to score a goal and level the score again, they used their thrid substitute, but the Spaniards were firm with their defense line, and Spain won the semi-final and qualified to play the final of women’s World Cup 2023.

The second semi-final was England against Australia, and the winner will face Spain for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

The English team finds an early opportunity to score. It was Russo tackling through the Australian defender and creating opportunities for her teammates, which was picked by Ella Tonne, and she scored a beautiful goal making England dominate the match till half-time.

After half-time, the Australian team came in with a different strategy. They were looking for an early opportunity to settle the score which they found when the Chelse striker Sam Ker forced the ball to the English side.

She was the lone warrior advancing to the English goalpost by passing the English defense. Sam Ker scored a thunderous goal making Australians believe they are still in the game and their dream of winning the world cup is still alive.

The Australian team had two more chances but couldn’t put the ball in. The English teams were in attack mode now. They were doing everything they could to score a goal and put their team on the final bandwagon.

England’s striker Lauren Hemp found a gap in the Australian defense and drove the ball deep into their territory. The Aussies’ poor defending allowed England to take the lead when Hemp scored her team’s second goal. Later, during another English attack, the Australian line of defense utterly collapsed. Alessia Russo capitalized on their mistake by scoring England’s third goal, booking them a spot in the Women’s World Cup final against Spain.

The Australian squad tried their hardest, but England was simply the superior team. Our analysis shows Australia lost because of defensive lapses on its part. Spain will face England in the final played on Sunday, August 20, 2023, at Stadium Australia. You can also watch the Rugby World Cup in USA with an ExpressVPN account on ITV.

Which teams have qualified for the Quarter Finals?

The following teams have qualified for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 quarter-finals.

  1. Japan
  2. Spain
  3. Netherlands
  4. Sweden
  5. England
  6. Australia
  7. Colombia
  8. France

A Brief History of Portugal in FIFA World Cups

The Portuguese national women’s football team is considered one of the weakest teams in Europe. They played their first international match against France in 1981, resulting in a draw. Their biggest defeat was against Germany in a friendly match which ended with Portugal coinciding thirteen goals.

Over the years, the Portuguese team has improved their skills and worked on team coordination, resulting in qualification for UEFA Women’s Euro Cup in 2017.

Did Portugal Qualify for FIFA World Cup 2022?

The Portuguese football team was the lowest winner in the UEFA qualifying matches for FIFA Women’s Word Cup. It qualifies to play in the inter-confederation play-offs representing Europe.

Ten teams were added to the inter-confederation play-offs from different qualifying rounds. Each team in the inter-confederation round was the lowest-scoring winner and was given a second chance.

Three groups were made with three teams in each. The teams were placed according to their points on the table and previous performances. The Portuguese team qualified for the group final and faced Cameron, which it easily defeated with one goal.

Carole Costa became the candlelight in the darkness when she scored a penalty in the 94th minute, taking her team to the Women’s World Cup 2023.

Haiti and Panama qualified with Portugal to enter the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

The Portuguese women’s team has qualified for the World Cup but will face the Netherlands in its first match on Sun, July 23, at Dunedin. The Portuguese team will face Vietnam, which is easy to defeat, before facing the mighty Americans on Tue, Aug. 1. Here is the complete Portuguese World Cup schedule 2023.

Date Match Time
Sat, July 22 USA vs. Vietnam 11:00 21:00
(July 21)
Auckland (NZL)
Sun, July 23 Netherlands vs. Portugal 17:30 03:30 Dunedin (NZL)
Thu, July 27 USA vs. Netherlands 11:00 21:00
(July 26)
Wellington (NZL)
Thu, July 27 Portugal vs. Vietnam 17:30 03:30 Hamilton (NZL)
Tue, Aug. 1 Portugal vs. USA 17:00 03:00 Auckland (NZL)
Tue, Aug. 1 Vietnam vs. Netherlands 17:00 03:00 Dunedin (NZL)


Portugal Football Team stats

  • Current FIFA world ranking: No. 21
  • Regional ranking: 7th (UEFA)
  • World Cup titles:  None
  • World Cup appearances: 1
  • How qualified: inter-confederation play-offs winner- Group A
  • Coach: Francisco Neto
  • Key players: Carole Costa, Carolina Mendes and Jessica Silva

Portugal Football Team for Qatar World Cup 2022

  • GK: Ines Pereira (Servette)
  • GK: Patricia Morais (Braga)
  • GK: Rute Costa (Benfica)
  • DF: Joana Marchao (Parma)
  • DF: Lucia Alves (Benfica)
  • DF: Carole Costa (Benfica)
  • DF: Ana Seica (Benfica)
  • DF: Diana Gomes (Sevilla)
  • DF: Silvia Rebelo (Benfica)
  • DF: Catarina Amado (Benfica)
  • MF: Dolores Silva (Braga)
  • MF: Fatima Pinto (Alaves)
  • MF: Andreia Norton (Benfica)
  • MF: Andreia Jacinto (Real Sociedad)
  • MF: Tatiana Pinto (Levante)
  • MF: Kika Nazareth (Benfica)
  • MF: Ana Rute (Braga)
  • FW: Diana Silva (Sporting)
  • FW: Ana Borges (Sporting)
  • FW: Ana Capeta (Sporting)
  • FW: Jessica Silva (Benfica)
  • FW: Carolina Mendes (Braga)
  • FW: Telma Encarnacao (Maritimo)

Women’s World Cup 2023- Start Date?

The Women’s World Cup 2023 will be the ninth edition of the women’s sports tournament and the first to take place in Australia and New Zealand. The 2023 Women’s World Cup will start on July 20, 2023 in New Zealand and will continue for a month, ending on 19 August 2023 in Sydney.

Women’s World Cup Qatar 2023 stadiums

The 64 matches of the tournament will take place across ten venues


  • Brisbane Stadium
  • Hindmarsh Stadium
  • Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
  • Perth Rectangular Stadium
  • Stadium Australia
  • Sydney Football Stadium
New Zealand
  • Dunedin Stadium
  • Eden Park
  • Waikato Stadium
  • Wellington Regional Stadium

Which teams have qualified for the Women’s World Cup 2023?

Thirty-two teams have qualified for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, and Germany is among them. Here is a list of the teams you will see in the Women’s WC 2023:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • China
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Sweden
  • Spain
  • France
  • Denmark
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Costa Rica
  • Jamaica
  • Zambia
  • Morocco
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Norway
  • Germany
  • England
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Ireland
  • Switzerland
  • Haiti
  • Portugal
  • Panama

Women’s World Cup 2023- Offical Song

There is no theme song for the Women’s World Cup 2023 by FIFA. We will update it if the theme song gets released. In the meantime, you can listen to the official FIFA theme song for the 2026 world cup.

Frequently Asked Questions to Watch FIFA World Cup in Portugal

1- Where can I watch Women’s World Cup 2023 for free in Portugal?

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 will be streaming on BBC in the United Kingdom for free of cost. Since BBC is a geo-restricted service, you need a workable VPN to change your IP address to a British IP and stream FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 free from Portugal.

2- Why do you need a VPN to watch Women’s World Cup 2023 for free from Portugal?

The Women’s World Cup will be streaming on BBC in the UK for free, and since BC is a geo-restricted streaming service, you will need a British IP address to unblock BBC in Portugal and watch FIFA Women’s World Cup from Portugal.

3- Can I watch Women’s World Cup 2023 with a Free VPN?

Yes, you can try it! We have tested several free VPN services, and they didn’t work as per our standards. A free VPN does not give you the liberty of a dedicated server/IP, and you can face slow streaming or be unable to unblock BBC.

The best way out is to spend on a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN and watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Portugal without any hassle.

4- Where to get tickets for FIFA Club World Cup?

The tickets for every game are available on FIFA’s official website. The ticket price varies from category to category and game to game.

The price of Women’s World Cup ticket as quite low as compare to the 2022 FIFA World Cup tickets.

The 2023 Women’s World Cup offers individual match tickets starting at an accessible $10 for children and $20 for adults.

Tickets for the grand finale carry a slightly higher price tag, starting at $20 for children and $40 for adults.

In addition to single match tickets, fans can opt for team and stadium bundles. For instance, a home team package covering the Matildas’ three group-stage matches begins at $35 for children and $70 for adults, with top-tier adult passes reaching up to $200.

The Sydney Football Stadium package, featuring seven matches – the highest of any location, offers prices starting from $80 for children and $160 for adults.

Here is a price comparison of the Men’s World Cup.


Price in Dollar (2018 World Cup)

Price in QAR/Dollar (2022 World Cup)

Opening match $220-$550 QAR 250 ($69) – QAR 800 ($220)
Another group matches $105-$210 QAR 250 ($69) – QAR 800 ($220)
Round of 16  $115-$245 QAR 350 ($96) – QAR 1000 ($250)
Quarterfinals $175-$365 QAR 750 ($205) – QAR 1500 ($425)
Semi-Finals $285-$750 QAR 1300 ($357) – QAR 3480 ($995)
Final $175-$365 QAR 2200 ($605) – QAR 3650 ($1002)

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023| Fixtures

Date Match Time (UTC) Group Location
Jul 20, 2023 New Zealand v Norway 08:00 A Eden Park
Jul 20, 2023 Australia v Republic of Ireland 11:00 B Stadium Australia
Jul 20, 2023 Nigeria v Canada 03:30 B Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
Jul 21, 2023 Philippines v Switzerland 06:00 A Dunedin Stadium
Jul 21, 2023 Spain v Costa Rica 08:30 C Wellington Regional Stadium
Jul 22, 2023 United States v Vietnam 02:00 E Eden Park
Jul 22, 2023 Zambia v Japan 08:00 C Waikato Stadium
Jul 22, 2023 England v Haiti 10:30 D Brisbane Stadium
Jul 22, 2023 Denmark v China 13:00 D Perth Rectangular Stadium
Jul 23, 2023 Sweden v South Africa 06:00 G Wellington Regional Stadium
Jul 23, 2023 Netherlands v Portugal 08:30 E Dunedin Stadium
Jul 23, 2023 France v Jamaica 13:00 F Sydney Football Stadium
Jul 24, 2023 Italy v Argentina 07:00 G Eden Park
Jul 24, 2023 Germany v Morocco 09:30 H Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
Jul 24, 2023 Brazil v Panama 12:30 F Hindmarsh Stadium
Jul 25, 2023 Colombia v South Korea 03:00 H Sydney Football Stadium
Jul 25, 2023 New Zealand v Philippines 06:30 A Wellington Regional Stadium
Jul 25, 2023 Switzerland v Norway 09:00 A Waikato Stadium
Jul 26, 2023 Spain v Zambia 08:30 C Eden Park
Jul 26, 2023 Japan v Costa Rica 06:00 C Dunedin Stadium
Jul 26, 2023 Canada v Republic of Ireland 13:00 B Perth Rectangular Stadium
Jul 27, 2023 USA v Netherlands 02:00 E Wellington Regional Stadium
Jul 27, 2023 Portugal v Vietnam 08:30 E Waikato Stadium
Jul 27, 2023 Australia v Nigeria 11:00 B Brisbane Stadium
Jul 28, 2023 England v Denmark 09:30 D Sydney Football Stadium
Jul 28, 2023 Argentina v South Africa 01:00 G Dunedin Stadium
Jul 28, 2023 China v Haiti 12:30 D Hindmarsh Stadium
Jul 29, 2023 Sweden v Italy 08:30 G Wellington Regional Stadium
Jul 29, 2023 France v Brazil 11:00 F Brisbane Stadium
Jul 29, 2023 Panama v Jamaica 13:30 F Perth Rectangular Stadium
Jul 30, 2023 Germany v Colombia 10:30 H Eden Park
Jul 30, 2023 South Korea v Morocco 11:00 H Hindmarsh Stadium
Jul 30, 2023 Norway v Philippines 08:00 A Eden Park
Jul 30, 2023 Switzerland v New Zealand 08:00 A Dunedin Stadium
Jul 31, 2023 Canada v Australia 11:00 B Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
Jul 31, 2023 Japan v Spain 08:00 C Wellington Regional Stadium
Jul 31, 2023 Costa Rica v Zambia 08:00 C Waikato Stadium
Jul 31, 2023 Republic of Ireland v Nigeria 11:00 B Brisbane Stadium
Aug 1, 2023 Portugal v USA 08:00 E Eden Park
Aug 1, 2023 Vietnam v Netherlands 08:00 E Dunedin Stadium
Aug 1, 2023 Haiti v Denmark 12:00 D Perth Rectangular Stadium
Aug 1, 2023 China v England 11:30 D Hindmarsh Stadium
Aug 2, 2023 Panama v France 11:00 F Sydney Football Stadium
Aug 2, 2023 Jamaica v Brazil 11:00 F Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
Aug 2, 2023 South Africa v Italy 08:00 G Wellington Regional Stadium
Aug 2, 2023 Argentina v Sweden 08:00 G Waikato Stadium
Aug 3, 2023 South Korea v Germany 11:00 H Brisbane Stadium
Aug 3, 2023 Morocco v Colombia 07:00 H Perth Rectangular Stadium


The most popular and captivating sport to watch in Portugal is football. Since these networks hold the official license for live transmission of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, you can access RTP, SIC, Sports TV, and TVI to watch the tournament in Portugal. 

If you wish to watch the Women’s World Cup 2023 in Portugal for free, get ExpressVPN and watch the competition on BBC.

We have tested ExpressVPN to watch BBC from outside the UK, and it worked. This is why we highly recommend getting an ExpressVPN subscription to all our readers and football enthusiasts.

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