Where to watch UEFA Champions League final in Greece| Stream Manchester City vs Inter Milan in Greece for free

Champions League Final 2023 in Canada for free?

The crescendo of the European football season is fast approaching, with the UEFA Champions League final just around the corner. A season that started with a few teams, each with their own hopes and dreams, has now been whittled down to just two.

The finest football clubs from across Europe will compete for the ultimate glory on one of the grandest stages in world football. The 2023 Champions League Final will be played on June 10, 2023, and it will be between Manchester City and Inter Milan.

Read more if you are looking to watch the Champions League final match from Greece for free.

How to watch the Champions League Final 2023 in Greece for free?

The 2023 Champions League final will be played between Manchester City and Inter Milan. The football match will be available for live streaming on 9Now in Greece. Since 9Now is a regionally restricted streaming service, you will need a reliable VPN to unblock it and stream the Champions League final from Greece.

Here are the steps you need to follow to watch UEFA Champions League final 2023 from Greece.

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3- Select an Australian IP address in the VPN app

4- Now open https://9Now.com.au in your browser or in-app if you have one

5- Search Champions League Final 2023 on 9Now from Greece

6- Enjoy

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3- Connect to an Australian server

UEFA Champions League Final will be streaming for free in Australia on 9Now. You will need to connect to an Australian server to access 9Now from Greece or anywhere else.

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4- Enjoy

After connecting to an Australian IP address, open the 9Now website (https://9Now.com.au/) and search for UEFA Champions League Final. You can now see the series appearing on your screen. Hit the play button and enjoy.

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Best Greek Channels to watch Champions League Final 2023

The best way to watch the 2023 Champions League Final match in Greece for free is on 9Now with an ExpressVPN subscription. An ExpressVPN subscription is available for $6.67/m with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 9Now account is free.

However, if you are looking for local streaming options, here are a few options.

  • Cosmote TV
  • Mega Channel

Cosmote TV is a TV service owned by the Greek telecommunication operator OTE. It has three packages trousered according to the user’s needs. A documentaries pack for €5 a month, a cinema pack for €10, and a sport pack for €25.

To watch the Champions League final 2023 on Cosmote TV, you will need the sports pack costing you €25. However, an ExpressVPN subscription is cheaper in price, and you can unblock hundreds of restricted channels and services in Greece, like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, etc.

On the other hand, Mega TV is now a free-to-air streaming service in Greece. But we are not sure about the final streaming on it.

Road to the Champions League Final 2023

In the high-stakes game of the UEFA Champions League semi-finals, four teams stepped onto the stage with a burning ambition to elevate their game. The football giants Real Madrid, and Manchester City, clashed on one side, while Italian titans Milan and Inter Milan locked horns on the other.

Manchester City, under the floodlights, crafted a performance of mastery, sweeping past Real Madrid with an awe-inspiring five-goal spectacle while only letting a single goal slip through their net. The architects of this triumph, Bernardo Silva and Julian Alvarez, shone brightly as they each slotted home two goals, making their fans’ hearts beat in hopeful unison of overcoming the Spanish juggernaut. Manuel Akanji put the icing on this victory cake by adding another goal, sealing the deal for City with an aggregate score of 3-0. Their previous encounter at the Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid had ended in a stalemate, but this time, Manchester City was triumphant.

Meanwhile, the Italian showdown between Milan and Inter Milan was a closely contested game, full of tactical finesse and intense duels. In the end, it was Inter Milan who broke through Milan’s sturdy defense and found the back of the net. The hero of the hour was Argentine striker Lautaro Martinez, whose 74th-minute goal turned out to be the death knell for Milan. This lone goal proved decisive, propelling Inter Milan to the Champions League final with an aggregate score of 3-0.

So, the grand finale is set. Inter Milan will march into battle against Manchester City, both teams standing on the brink of Champions League glory.

What to Expect this year?

This year’s final promises to deliver the best football, featuring teams that have fought tooth and nail to get this far. Throughout the tournament, we have seen a plethora of thrilling matches, astounding goals, and mesmerizing skills that have kept us on the edge of our seats. And, as football often proves, there have been surprising upsets that have added to the unpredictable beauty of this competition.

The UEFA Champions League final is not just a game; it’s a spectacle filled with drama, emotions, and football of the highest quality. The competition embodies the spirit of teamwork, dedication, and passion for the beautiful game. It’s the epitome of club football, where every game is a final, and every goal can be the difference between glory and heartbreak.

As the finalists prepare for this monumental match, they’ll be acutely aware of what’s at stake. With every pass, every goal, every save, they’ll be writing their chapter in the annals of football history. The chance to etch their names on the coveted trophy is a dream for every player and the culmination of a journey that started many months ago.

Can Inter Milan Win the Champions League 2023?

It has become a norm in the football world to support the underdog teams. 70% of people want to see Inter Milan win the Champions League Final, while the rest has some football knowledge and stick with Manchester City.

Here is why Inter Milan can lose the Champions League final match.

The mystery behind Inter’s gameplay is akin to deciphering an ancient language with no key; it seems to lack coherence and structure. In their quarter-final clash against Benfica, the Portuguese squad exhibited a strategy that was recognizable, demonstrating their clear vision on the field. On the other hand, Inter’s frontmen performed with a baffling lack of synchronization. Some pressed, some didn’t, their actions seeming to stem more from whimsy than any preordained plan.

Seasoned football pundits have drawn comparisons to a style that feels eerily similar to the onset of the new millennium or even as far back as 1990. It’s a strategy that, by all modern rules, shouldn’t find success in 2023. It’s an approach that sits in stark contrast to the high-pressing paradigm that Guardiola himself has significantly contributed to shaping.

However, the idiosyncrasies in Inter’s style of play aren’t the only way they’ve disregarded the established norms of modern football to secure a spot in their sixth Champions League final.

Surely, Inter boasts a rich heritage in football and is a celebrated participant in the competition’s annals, having clinched the European Cup on three memorable occasions. Still, their current form is far removed from the aura of a “super club,” and nowhere near the golden days that once graced their 115-year-old history. The ever-evolving landscape of football indeed has its amusing quirks.

Interestingly, none of the glittering Inter rosters that boasted of stalwarts such as Ronaldo, Roberto Baggio, Christian Vieiri, Lothar Matthaus, Jurgen Klinsmann, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Youri Djorkaeff, or Karl-Heinz Rummenigge could come within sniffing distance of a Champions League final. Yet, here they are, standing on the brink of glory with Robin Gosens and Matteo Darmian leading their charge.

However, with a new game play and a plan they can defeat Manchester City and win their first Champions League final match.

Why is the Champions League so good to watch?

The Champions League final is also a feast for the fans. The anticipation, the nervous energy, the camaraderie – it’s an experience like no other. Supporters from around the world will be glued to their screens, living every moment, every goal, and every decision with their team. The roar of the crowd, the collective sighs, and the eventual euphoria or despair make this event more than just a match.

As we await the final whistle and the eventual crowning of the Champions League victor, one thing is clear: we’re in for a football spectacle that will be remembered for years to come. Let’s look forward to witnessing the beautiful game at its best, showcasing the unity and spirit that football brings to millions worldwide.

Key Players: Stars Ready to Shine

The Champions League final consistently showcases a spectacular array of football prowess, with players who have the potential to dictate the game’s fate. In 2023, spectators are in for a treat, as a constellation of footballing stars prepare to take to the pitch, eager to enchant with their mastery, inventiveness, and unyielding drive.

These central figures step into the spotlight of the final, carrying the weight of their team’s hopes for triumph on their shoulders. Frequently, it is their display of skill and tenacity that becomes the pivot point between basking in the euphoria of victory or tasting the bitterness of defeat.

The star players of the match can be the following.

  • Bernardo Silva- Manchester City
  • Julian Alvarez- Manchester City
  • Erling Haaland- Manchester City
  • Rodri- Manchester City
  • Bernardo Silva- Manchester City
  • Kevin De Bruyne- Manchester City
  • Piotr Zieliński- Inter Milan
  • Victor Osimhen- Inter Milan
  • Nicolò Barella- Inter Milan
  • Lautaro Martínez- Inter Milan
  • Romelu Lukaku- Inter Milan


1. When and where will the Champions League final 2023 take place?

The grand finale of the 2023 Champions League is planned to unfold at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey, on the specific date of June 10, 2023.

2. How can I buy tickets for the Champions League final?

Acquiring tickets for the final can be a challenge, as they are mostly distributed among the participating teams and UEFA’s partners. However, a limited quantity might be offered to the general public via UEFA’s official website (https://www.uefa.com/tickets/).

3. Who are the past winners of the Champions League?

Numerous prestigious clubs have held aloft the Champions League trophy, including but not limited to Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, AC Milan, and Manchester United.

Leading the pack is Real Madrid with a record fourteen titles and seventeen finals under their belt. Milan follows closely, boasting seven titles and eleven final appearances. Bayern Munich and Liverpool have each clinched the illustrious trophy six times.

Currently, the finalist Inter Milan has two Champions League trophies to their name, while Manchester City is yet to taste victory in this competition. If Manchester City emerges victorious, it will be a historical first-time Champions League win for them.

4. Can the final go into extra time and penalties?

Absolutely, if the scores remain equal after the standard 90 minutes of play in the final, the game goes into an extra half-hour of play. Should the deadlock persist even after extra time, the championship is decided by a thrilling penalty shootout.

5. Which player holds the record for the most goals scored in a Champions League final?

The record for the most goals netted in Champions League finals is currently held by Cristiano Ronaldo, who has scored four goals across his final appearances. Trailing just behind Ronaldo is Gareth Bale, who has found the back of the net thrice in finals for Real Madrid.

Which Teams are in Champions League 2023

The teams which qualified to play the group matches of Champions League 2023 are listed below.

Nation Club UEFA Coefficient
How qualified
Austria RB Salzburg 21 1st, Austria Bundesliga
Belgium Club Brugge 44 1st, Jupiler Pro League
Croatia Dinamo Zagreb 34 1st, Croatian HNL
(via Playoff Qualifying)
Czech Rep. Viktoria Plzen 55 1st, Czech First League
(via Playoff Qualifying)
Denmark FC Copenhagen 41 1st, Danish Superliga
(via Playoff Qualifying)
England Manchester City 3 1st, English Premier League
England Liverpool 2 2nd, English Premier League
England Chelsea 5 3rd, English Premier League
England Tottenham Hotspur 14 4th, English Premier League
France PSG 7 1st, Ligue 1
France Olympique Marseille 38 2nd, Ligue 1
Germany Bayern Munich 1 1st, Bundesliga
Germany Borussia Dortmund 19 2nd, Bundesliga
Germany Bayer Leverkusen 30 3rd, Bundesliga
Germany RB Leipzig 13 4th, Bundesliga
Germany Eintracht Frankfurt 26 Europa League winners
Israel Maccabi Haifa 169 1st, Israeli Premier League
(via Playoff Qualifying)
Italy AC Milan 45 1st, Serie A
Italy Inter Milan 23 2nd, Serie A
Italy Napoli 25 3rd, Serie A
Italy Juventus 8 4th, Serie A
Netherlands Ajax 15 1st, Eredivisie
Portugal Benfica 27 3rd, Liga Portugal
(via Playoff Qualifying)
Portugal Porto 16 1st, Liga Portugal
Portugal Sporting CP 28 2nd, Liga Portugal
Scotland Celtic 51 1st, Scottish Premiership
Scotland Rangers 33 2nd, Scottish Premiership
(via Playoff Qualifying)
Spain Real Madrid 4 1st, La Liga
Spain Barcelona 6 2nd, La Liga
Spain Atletico Madrid 9 3rd, La Liga
Spain Sevilla 12 4th, La Liga
Ukraine Shakhtar Donetsk 22 1st, Ukraine Premier League

Wrap Up

Get ready, football fans. The UEFA Champions League Final 2023 is upon us – may the best team win!

We have listed the best possible way to stream the 2023 UEFA Champions League Final match in Greece and Canada. All you need is a reliable VPN to access 9Now from outside Australia and watch the final match from anywhere.

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