Steve Martin Addresses Little Shop Of Horrors Colleague Miriam Margolyes’ Critique of Him as Exceptionally Talented, Yet Unpleasant

Little shop of horrors miriam margolyes

Steve Martin has issued a rebuttal to claims made by Miriam Margolyes, his fellow actor in the 1986 film Little Shop of Horrors. Margolyes divulged in her recent autobiography, Oh Miriam: Stories From An Extraordinary Life, that Martin’s on-screen behavior was harsh, particularly in a scene where his character roughs up hers. She concluded that while Martin was an incredibly gifted actor, he was unpleasant to work with.

Addressing these claims in a statement to Deadline, Martin expressed surprise and refuted any insinuations that he was reckless or harmful during the stunts. He emphasized that extreme care was taken to ensure Margolyes’ safety during the scene, which was well-rehearsed and monitored by a team of professionals, including the esteemed director Frank Oz.

Frank Oz also weighed in on the controversy, describing Martin as a thorough professional and confirming that all physical actions on set are practiced in slow motion to ensure safety.

Steve Martin and Frank Oz have collaborated on four films together, underlining a relationship built on professionalism and mutual respect. Martin insists that there was no actual physical contact in the contentious scene or any other, defending his long-standing reputation in the industry.

Written by Jacob Ant

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