Money Heist Spin-off Series BERLIN in development

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Good news for all the Money Heist fans out there, A spin-off series focusing on popular character Berlin has been officially confirmed by Netflix. The series will focus on the past lives of berlin and the professor. The show is titled “Berlin” and set to launch in 2023

Berlin is one of the most engaging and prominent characters in Money Heist, although he died in the first season his aura has continued till the final part. His guest appearances in the storyline kept his character alive.

Fans from around the world found Berlin quite charming, clever, funny and attractive but he has a dark side of being a misogynist and violent man, who is also a sexual abuser.

There are now details about the plot of the new series but fans have speculated that it will be based in the past where Berlin and his brother professor plans a heist with their father. The series will also discuss the love life of Berlin and his 3-4 marriages.

Trailer-Fan made:

Some details about the past of berlin were discussed in Money Heist as he said “Believe me, I have had five divorces. Do you know what five divorces are? Five times I believed in Love.”

The news of the spin-off series comes as Money Heist is ending with its final five episodes set to be streamed on 3rd December exclusively on Netflix.

This is not all, A Korean version of Money Heist is announced and will be available next year. The interesting part is Park Hae-soo from another super hit series “Squid Game” will be playing the character of Berlin.

Written by Mickel Clark

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