How to watch Troy on Netflix US | Stream Troy on Netflix from the US in 2022

Troy Netflix US

Troy, the movie, is a 2004 epic historical drama based loosely on Homer’s Iliad. Presumed to be true, this movie tells the story of love and war between two kingdoms, Sparta and Troy. While Homer’s poem has existed since 762 A.D. more or less, in 2004, Hollywood finally caught up with the idea and released a movie on this epic war drama.

Shooting for Troy began between April and June 2003 and the movie was finalized and released on May 13, 2004, at Cannes Film Festival. Despite being made and marketed at such a huge scale, the movie was somewhere between mediocre to a success story, especially considering its 185 million budget. If you want to watch Troy on Netflix, read on.

Regardless of its success or lukewarm reception, the movie had some of the top AAA cast members including but not limited to Brad Pitt as Achilles, Eric Bana as Hector, Orlando Bloom as Paris, Diane Kruger as Helen, Brian Cox as Agamemnon, Sean Bean as Odysseus, Brendan Gleeson as Menelaus, Rose Bryne as Briseis, Saffron Burrows as Andromache, Julie Christie as Thetis, and Peter O’Toole as Priam, the King of Troy.

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The movie tells Homer’s Iliad in a narrative that follows the events of Trojan prince Paris (Orlando Bloom) falling in love with Helen (played by Diane Kruger), who is already married to Menelaus’, The King of Sparta, and then fleeing to Troy with Paris. However, this enrages Menelaus and King Agamemnon (portrayed by Brian Cox),  Menelaus’ brother, cash on this rage to declare a war on the Kingdom of Troy.

How to Watch Troy on Netflix from the US | Troy Netflix

Troy Netflix

At the moment Troy can not be watched on American Netflix and that is because the flick was removed from Netflix US due to copyrights and distribution rights. If you want to watch Troy on Netflix from the US, follow these simple steps:

  1. Get Express VPN
  2. Download and Install it on your device
  3. Select a UK IP address from the country list (UK – Wembley)
  4. Open Netflix in browser or app
  5. Search Troy on Netflix
  6. Enjoy

How to Watch Troy on Prime Video | Stream Troy on Amazon Prime

troy prime

Troy is available to stream on Prime, only if you are residing in the UK. Folks from other countries will get a message “The title is not available in your country”. You can watch Troy online on Prime Video with an active Prime subscription and a VPN. Follow these steps:

  1. Get Express VPN for Prime
  2. Install it on your device
  3. Select a UK IP address from the list (UK – Wembley)
  4. Open Prime Video on PC, Mobile, or TV
  5. Search Troy on Prime
  6. Stream the movie

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Watch Troy Online on rent

The 2004 Brad Pitt movie is available from rent on the following websites.

Troy Reviews and Ratings

The movie was made with a budget of USD 175-185 million and it was only managed to gross USD 497.4 million. The critics gave the movie a mixed response with IMDb rating the movie a favorable score of 7.3 while sites like Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes gave it only 56% and 54% respectively. Even Roger Ebert gave the movie, 2/4 stars.

Troy on Netflix – Awards & Nominations

All the critical reception aside, the movie got nominated for an Oscar for Best Achievement in Costume Design (Bob Ringwood), Awards of the Japanese Academy for Best Foreign Film, Golden Trailer Awards for Best Music and it even won awards like ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards for Top Box Office Films, Irish Films and Television Awards for Best Supporting Actor in Film/TV (Peter O’Toole), and Teen Choice Awards for Choice Movie Actor: Action (Brad Pitt).

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Troy – Cast

  • Brad Pitt as Achilles
  • Eric Bana as Hector, Crown Prince of Troy
  • Orlando Bloom as Paris
  • Diane Kruger as Helen
  • Brian Cox as Agamemnon
  • Sean Bean as Odysseus
  • Brendan Gleeson as Menelaus
  • Rose Byrne as Briseis
  • Saffron Burrows as Andromache
  • Julie Christie as Thetis
  • Peter O’Toole as Priam
  • Garrett Hedlund as Patroclus
  • John Shrapnel as Nestor
  • Nigel Terry as Archeptolemus
  • James Cosmo as Glaucus
  • Julian Glover as Triopas, King of Thessaly
  • Vincent Regan as Eudorus
  • Trevor Eve as Velior
  • Tyler Mane as Ajax


You can watch Troy on Netflix with a UK IP address. If you are located in the United States, use a VPN and stream Troy on Netflix. You can also consider Prime Video as an alternate for Netflix. Use a UK IP address to watch Troy on Prime.

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