How To Cancel Netflix Subscription On iOS Devices In 2023| Steps + Guide

How To Cancel Netflix Subscription On iOS Devices

Are you one of those iOS users who doesn’t use Netflix frequently and wants to end their subscription? We understand that it’s a waste of money to pay for the subscription you’re not using anymore. So, ending the subscription is the finest choice. 

You just need to go through some simple steps, and you’ll be able to opt out of Netflix in no time. In this guide, you will find all the methods that you can use to cancel your Netflix subscription from your iOS devices. To explore all of them, give this guide a read to the end.¬†

Here is a video tutorial on canceling and deleting a Netflix account with a browser


How to Cancel Netflix Subscription via iTunes?

If you have subscribed to Netflix through your Apple ID, you can unsubscribe it using iTunes. Follow the steps below and cancel your Netflix subscription via iTunes easily:

  1. Go for the Settings app 
  2. Click on your Apple ID at the top of your screen 
  3. Choose View Apple ID 
  4. Select Subscriptions 
  5. Click Netflix from the list 
  6. Tap the cancel subscription button 
  7. Click Confirm 
  8. Your Netflix subscription has been successfully canceled via iTunes 

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription via Apple Store?

The simple steps below must be followed to cancel a Netflix subscription via the Apple Store:

  1. Select your iPhone’s app store 
  2. Tap on your Name 
  3. Go for Account Settings 
  4. Select Subscriptions 
  5. Click on the Edit icon beside the Subscription 
  6. Select Netflix 
  7. Press Cancel Subscription 

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription through the Website?

You can cancel your Netflix membership from your iOS devices through the official Netflix website. Here is the method you need to follow

  1. Open the Netflix website on Safari or any other browser on your iOS devices
  2. Sign in and click the three-line menu in the top right corner 
  3. Click the Account option. 
  4. Scroll down and select Cancel Membership 
  5. Click on Finish Cancelation 
  6. Now, your Netflix subscription has been canceled through the website.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription on Mac?

If you signed up for Netflix through Mac, we must tell you that you also have the option to cancel your Netflix subscription via Mac. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on your Mac.
  2. Open the Netflix website on the browser.
  3. Tap on the Account Option.
  4. Go down and click Cancel Membership. 
  5. After that, select Finish Cancelation.
  6. Your Netflix Subscription is now canceled.

You can always switch to a different Netflix library using a secure VPN. We tested ExpressVPN to access American Netflix on Mac, and it worked perfectly with 88Mbps download speed.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription on Apple TV?

You can cancel your Netflix subscription on Apple TV by carefully following the steps below: 

  1. Turn on Apple TV 
  2. Open settings on Apple TV 
  3. Now click on the user option
  4. Select Account 
  5. Tap on the subscription option. 
  6. Go down and click Cancel Membership 
  7. After that, select Finish Cancelation 
  8. Your Netflix subscription is canceled

You can access American Netflix on Apple TV with a reliable VPN. You can also switch between Netflix libraries and browse hundreds of movies and tv shows if you are bored with Netflix’s content.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription on iPhone and iPad?

Follow the simple steps below to cancel your Netflix membership on your iPhone and iPad:

  1. Tap on the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Select on iTunes and App Store. 
  3. Now tap on your Apple ID at the top and click on Apple ID. 
  4. You will see the subscriptions option here. 
  5. Click on the Manage option. 
  6. Here, you will see your Netflix membership 
  7. Click on this option and select Turn off
  8. Now you’ve successfully canceled your Netflix membership

A VPN lets you change your Netflix library. Last year, one of our teammates in Germany accessed American Netflix on iPhone and watched All American. You can do the same or search the Japanese Netflix library if you are into anime.

How Do I Stop Netflix Autopay on iPhone?

Sometimes, Netflix automatically charges you every month, even if you cancel your subscription. Follow these simple steps to stop Netflix Autopay on iOS devices:

  1. Go for the App Store 
  2. Scroll down to the bottom 
  3. Click on your Apple ID 
  4. Choose on View Apple ID 
  5. Tap manage under subscriptions
  6. Select the Netflix icon 
  7. Click the switch next to Automatic Renewal to turn it off.

Top Reasons to Reconsider Netflix Membership 

  • Accessible on all devices¬†
  • No ads on all subscriptions
  • Tons of movies and shows¬†
  • Unlock other content libraries with a secure VPN¬†
  • Multiple plans for all families¬†
  • K-drams are released on Netflix globally. Some of the best K-dramas are available on Korean Netflix, which you can access with a reliable VPN.

Best Netflix Alternatives 

There was a time when Netflix was the King of the streaming world. But now, times have changed, and multiple streaming platforms have emerged, sidelining Netflix. We would recommend getting Hulu on iOS if you are looking for a true Netflix alternate. Other streaming services are mentioned below.

  • Prime Video
  • Disney Plus¬†
  • Max
  • Paramount
  • Peacock


1- How do I cancel subscriptions on iPhones?

To cancel your subscription on your iPhone, you need to follow the simple steps:

  1. Go for the settings app 
  2. Click your name 
  3. Choose subscriptions 
  4. Click the subscription you want to cancel 
  5. Press the cancel subscription button

2- How do I cancel my subscription to Netflix?

You can cancel your Netflix membership at any point in your account settings and tap the cancel subscription under the membership and billing option section.

3- How do I stop Netflix from charging my card? 

You can easily stop Netflix from charging your card. Follow the steps below and save yourself the trouble of paying extra when you don’t need to:

  1. Just go to the cancel Netflix membership page.
  2. Click Finish Cancellation
  3. Netflix won’t be charging you anything from now onwards.

4- Why should I reconsider before canceling Netflix on iPhone?

Netflix has some of the best movies and TV shows; however, due to geo-restrictions and copyrights, it can’t show everything everywhere all at once.

But with a secure VPN, you can easily change your Netflix region and watch whatever you want to, which was previously unavailable in your country.

Wrap Up 

If you want to cancel your Netflix subscription on your iOS devices, this guide has all the information about how to cancel your Netflix subscription. Just make sure to go through this guide step by step. 

In addition, it is easy to cancel a Netflix subscription on different devices. For example, if you’re willing to cancel a Netflix subscription on Smart TV, you can do that smoothly as well. 

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