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Hotstar vpn detected error

So just a few moments ago, you downloaded Disney+ Hotstar’s app and even signed up for the thing just you so you could stream your favorite TV show or live sports coverage. But as you’re about to run your favorite program, you get an error that says, VPN Detected. Uh-oh! So what now? Don’t worry, this post is just for you. Read the full post to know how to fix Hotstar’s VPN Detected error.

Disney+ Hotstar and VPNs | The Ultimate War

Okay, so to give you a basic brief about this amazing app, Hotstar is a streaming app now owned by Disney and is actually a sister or rather a daughter app of Disney+. There are so many Disney originals on Hotstar at the moment. However, it’s Indian version is home to so much beyond Disney+ originals. Hotstar is also available in a handful of other regions like Thailand and Canada but the content vastly differs. The Indian variant, surprisingly, is like a hot cake at the moment. It’s the one variant with the highest demand.

But of course, there’s one teeny-tiny problem with that. If you’re outside India and are trying to access Hotstar, you will either only be able to access the Hotstar library of your region or will not be able to access the app. Worse, it won’t even show up on your Play Store or App Store, if Hotstar isn’t natively available in your region.

And this is where a VPN comes in. With a VPN, you can download Hotstar’s Indian apk from third-party sites like APK-Mirror and even be able to get the subscription for less than half the price. So you’re basically gaining access to the biggest Hotstar library at less than half the cost. Sounds too good, right? Maybe it is too good to be true. 

What is Hotstar VPN Detected Error and Why Does it Occur?

With most free VPNs, you’ll likely run into a VPN Detected Error. What is this VPN Detected Error you ask? Well, because free VPNs are used by millions around the world, streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and the service in case Hotstar eventually smarten up and blacklists their IPs. With no good customer support for free VPN users, they get stuck with the VPN Detected Errors and remain unable to watch their favorite programs.

Sometimes, even paid VPN users are getting this error, but upon reconnection to another IP or another server, the error is usually resolved and even if the problem doesn’t resolve itself by then, there’s always their 24/7 customer support, ready to help you out, fix your Hotstar VPN detected errors and make sure Hotstar works perfectly okay on your PC or mobile device. 

And how can you be sure you’re facing the same error? Simple. If it reads the following, you know it’s the same error and that it can be fixed:

“You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off these services and try again. If you continue to see this after turning off the proxy, please….”

Will Hotstar Work Without A VPN?

Of course – but only if you’re already in India. You see, most streaming platforms have deals with production companies and studios due to which these platforms only have permission to show a said show, movie, or program in the permitted region. This is why most streaming services feature different content as you move from one library to another.

VPNs are like a universal hack with which every library and every streaming service becomes accessible. And of course no production company or studio or even in some cases, the said channel would want that. So precisely for that reason, users end up getting VPN detected errors in almost all major streaming services, including Hotstar.

How to Fix The Hotstar VPN Detected Error in 2022

watch hotstar in australia

It’s highly likely you’re here after using a free VPN, wondering if you can even unblock Hotstar. But rest assured, you can. Just make sure the VPN you’re using has the following features and you’ll be all set to steam Hotstar online. 

  • The VPN should have a Built-in Kill switch 
  • A huge number of servers dedicated to streaming, especially Indian servers for Hotstar
  • Prevention against DNS leaks and IPV6
  • Not limited to bandwidth
  • Blazing fast speed for streaming

ExpressVPN has all the above-mentioned features to help you watch Hotstar in Australia, UK, USA, or from anywhere in the world. We have tested ExpressVPN from a number of regions and the results are up to our expectations. If you are facing the VPN detection error in Hotstar then follow these simple steps to resolve it:

  1. Get ExpressVPN for Hotstar (12+3 month special deal with 30day money-back guarantee)
  2. Download the VPN app on your device of choice
  3. Select an Indian IP address from the list (India – Mumbai)
  4. Turn on the Kill switch (the kill switch is on by default)
  5. Clear cookies in your browser
  6. Open the Disney+ Hotstar on your browser or in-app
  7. Enjoy

express vpn

But How Can Hotstar Detect a VPN?

I keep getting this question all the time from my friends and family members whenever I explain how they can access their favorite streaming service from anywhere in the world. The thing is, Hotstar tracks your IP. So when you’re not using a VPN, the streaming service is able to identify your location based on your IP and then serve you content (or the error) accordingly.

Most people then try to use a free VPN, but with a free VPN, Hotstar and other platforms quickly realize how many sessions they’re getting from the same free VPN IPs that literally everyone has access to. And so, those IPs get blocked as well and the result is that dreadful VPN detected error.

To Unblock Hotstar, Get The Best VPN For Hotstar

So yes, keep the free VPNs out of your mind as you plan how to get around this VPN-detected error on Hotstar. And if you really wish to bypass this error and unblock Hotstar from anywhere, use either ExpressVPN or NordVPN. These two work without fail – tested and proven!

1- ExpressVPN – the Best VPN to Fix Hotstar Proxy Error

stream hotstar in australia

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Disney+ Hotstar from anywhere, our team has tested it and on a 100Mbps connection, we got 92Mbps. ExpressVPN has 160 servers in 90+ countries which are highly optimized for speed and fast streaming.

ExpressVPN is compatible with all your streaming devices, it works perfectly on Windows, macOS, Linux, Phones, and all Gaming Consoles. The VPN has a built-in kill switch that cut-offs the internet traffic if the VPN is somehow disconnected.

ExpressVPN is offering a special deal with 12+3 months free only for $6.67/mo. You can get the deal right now with a 30day money-back guarantee.

express vpn

2- NordVPN – the Largest Server Network VPN to Connect to Hotstar

get hotstar from australia

NordVPN is by far the VPN with most servers around the globe, it is the most popular VPN among the user community. NordVPN has more than 5000 servers in 60+ countries and each server is highly optimized for streaming and security.

NordVPN is offering 256bit military-grade encryption to keep your data safe and secure, it also has a built-in kill switch to hide your activity from everyone.

We tested NordVPN to watch Hotstar from UK, USA, Germany, and other countries and the results were astonishing. NordVPN unblocks Hotstar with a high speed.

On a 100 Mbps connection, we got 88 Mbps, which is ideal to watch Hotstar from anywhere in the world.

You can get NordVPN for $3.99/mo (2-year deal) with a 30day money-back guarantee.

Hotstar VPN Detected Error Still Persisting? Try These Bonus Tips 

Are you still getting the same “Hotstar VPN detected error” on your app/browser after getting Express and Nord? No worries at all. Try these hacks:

  1. Try another VPN server (of the same region, e.g. India for Hotstar)
  2. Make sure your VPN’s kill switch feature is turned on.
  3. Try refreshing the page. Ctrl+Shift+R after connecting a VPN usually does the trick
  4. If not, close the browser completely, then restart it.
  5. Try switching your browser if you’re using a PC. Chrome and chromium-based browsers work the best for streaming.
  6. Contact your VPN provider’s support team. ExpressVPN and NordVPN have a 24/7 support.

Frequently Asked Questions to Fix VPN Detected Error in Disney+ Hotstar

1- What is a VPN detected error in Hotstar and why does it happen?

The famous VPN detected error in Hotstar happens when you try to bypass geo-restrictions while using Hotstar. For example, if you are based in USA and want to watch Hotstar with a free VPN.

Hotstar will detect the IP address of a free VPN, resulting in showing your the VPN detected Error in Hotstar. To prevent Hotstar from detecting your location use a workable VPN and stream Disney+ Hotstar from Germany, France, or anywhere else.

2- What is the Playback stream not available error in Disney+ Hotstar?

This error usually occurs when the information stored in a user’s devices needs to be refreshed. This error is quite common among Hotstar users and you can eliminate this error by doing the following:

  • Restart your device
  • Clear the Hotstar app data
  • Clear browser cookies
  • Press Ctrl+Shiht+R if you are using Chrome

3- Something went wrong (We are working on it, Please try again in a bit)

This error usually occurs when a lot of users are trying to access the same content, or your browser can not load all the scripts to play your favorite content. Or there is an ad-blocker or an extension installed in your browser that is preventing the Hotstar player to load all the scripts successfully. Here is how to fix this error.

  • Check your internet connection and restart the internet device
  • Try a different browser
  • Clear browser cache
  • Clear app data
  • Try using incognito or guest mode in Chrome
  • Reinstall Hotstar application
  • Check Firewall permission

4- Please check your internet connection and try again [MN-1004] – Hotstar Smart TV Error

This error is faced usually when you watch Hotstar on Smart TV, here is how to fix it:

  • Close your app and re-open it
  • Restart your TV
  • Change your internet connection
  • Change DNS IP address on your Smart TV

5- What is error hp-4030 in Hotstar and how to fix it?

The error hp-4030 occurs when Hotstar detects that you are using a VPN to watch Hotstar content. It will persist in showing this error until you turn off the VPN or proxy service that you are using. If you are not using a proxy or a VPN service and the issue occurs, then contact your ISP.

6- Hotstar error HWEB-1006: you seem to be offline

This error occurs when the Hotstar app can not find an active internet connection to stream content. This can happen due to poor Wi-Fi signals, loss in internet connectivity, frequency interference with the internet signals, etc. Try these hacks to solve this error:

  • Restart your internet device
  • Switch to a different internet connection
  • Improve your Wi-Fi signals

7- Hotstar error 01008: Problem connecting to Disney+ Hotstar

Another error that usually happens due to poor internet connection, resolve this issue by restarting your internet device.

8- How to fix Error Code PB-1415 in Hotstar?

This error occurs when too many users try to access Disney+ Hotstar from the same account. It happens when you share your user ID and password with your friends and family members and a number of users are trying to watch Hotstar at the same time. Disney+ Hotstar allows 2-4 screens to watch content simultaneously.

Fix: Log out from all devices and change your password.

9- Error: 711 | How to fix Error 711 in Hotstar?

If you try to download more than 5 premium/ VIP videos on a single account you will get error:711. Fix this error by limiting the number of VIP downloads by one at a time.


So there you have it, more than half a dozen ways to successfully fix the Hotstar VPN detected issue. To recap, use a reliable VPN. And if that doesn’t work, make sure to try out all the above steps by yourself before you reach out to the provider’s customer care team. Let us know if this post worked out for you. Veronica out!

Written by Mickel Clark

Mickel is a streaming aficionado who loves nothing more than to pen down his thoughts about the movies, anime and TV shows he has watched and likes sharing hacks on how to stream them online.