Where to Watch Survivor Season 45 in the Canada| Watch it on Paramount (tested)

After 44 seasons of Survivor, the creators are ready to release its 45th season by the end of September this year. The reality show is one of the popular choices among Americans.

It involves leaving a group of competitors in an empty location where they face challenges to survive. Multiple locations in the world are selected every season, with season 45 of Survivor taking place on the Island of Fiji.  Here is what we know about the reality show and how to watch it from the United Kingdom.

How to Watch Survivor Season 45 in Canada| On Paramount

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Watch Survivor Season 45 in Canada| Detailed Explanation

Survivor Season 45 is heading to Paramount in the United States. If you reside in Canada and wish to watch the reality show. Get an ExpressVPN account to change your IP address to an American IP and watch Survivor Season 45 from the United Kingdom.

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Where to Watch Survivor Season 45 in the United Kingdom?

The forty-fourth season of Survivor is heading to Paramount in the United States. You will need a Paramount Plus account subscription to watch the upcoming season of Survivor, which will cost you around £6.99 a month or £69.90 a year.

Sadly, only 15 Survivor seasons are available in the Canadian Library of Paramount Plus. You will need a workable VPN to change your IP address to a US IP and watch Survivor Season 45 on Paramount from Canada.

Survivor Season 45 Release Date

The show will run for 26 days, and one episode will be 90 minutes long. In the history of Survivor shows, season 45 is the first to run for more than 60 minutes per episode.  The release date of Survivor season 45 is Wednesday, the 27th of September, 2023. It will broadcast on CBS at 8 pm E.S.T.

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Survivor Season 45 Trailer

What to Expect from the Reality Show?

Stranded in an isolated location, a new batch of castaways will hunt for food, build a fire, put together a shelter, and compete in tough challenges to win the upcoming season of Survivor. The contestants will embark on a 26-day-long journey that will test their endurance and fortitude at every step. The last person standing takes home a whopping $1 million prize and a prestigious title.

Format of the Show

Survivor 44 will feature 18 contestants, who are initially divided into three tribes. These individuals will be placed in a remote location with meager supplies and have to pass increasingly difficult tests to receive food, shelter, and other things they may require. 

However, the contestants not only have to endure harsh weather and elements of nature but also form alliances with other members to avoid elimination. As the days pass, the contestants face food shortages, and tempers run hot. It often results in new groupings and intense drama. The show also includes twists such as immunity idols, merge events, and tribe swaps to keep things interesting.


Each Survivor episode typically comprises two challenges: one to win a reward and the other to claim immunity from elimination. The tribes go toe-to-toe in the challenges, and the losing side ends up at the Tribal Council, where every member has to vote for the person they want to send back home. After the eliminated contestant leaves the island, the remaining members start getting ready for the next trial.

Who is hosting Survivor Season 45

Four-time Emmy Awards winner Jeff Probst, is returning to host the 45th season of Survivor. The 61-year-old showrunner has been a part of the series since the start in 2000. His role has remained consistent over the years, influencing the functioning of the show.

Jeff has hosted Rock & Roll Jeopardy! and has appeared in Celebrity Jeopardy!, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, and voiced the character of Petey IV in Family Guy.

Survivor Season 45 Contestants

The competitors in the show include seventeen new members and a returning member from the previous season. Bruce Perrault took part in season 44, who had to be sent home due to medical reasons. He couldn’t experience the competition due to an injury so he has been called back to the show to face the challenges.

The other members include Brandon Donlon, Austin Li Coon, Sean Edwards, Hannah Rose, Jake O’Kane, Janani Krishnan-Jha, Juley Alley, Kelly Nalbandian, Kendra McQuarrie, Sabiyah Broderick, Drew Basile, Katurah Topps, Sean Edwards, Dee Velledares, Emily Flippen, Brandon Meyer and Nikolas Alsup.

This year there will be 18 contestants looking to grab the ultimate prize of $1 million. Here is the list of contestants participating in Survivor Season 45.

Tribes of Survivor | Season 45

The cast has always been split into three groups of six in the previous four seasons. A similar pattern is followed in Survivor Season 45. The eighteen members of the cast have been divided into three tribes: Lulu, Belo, and Reba.

Challenges in Survivor Season 45

Around twenty contestants join the show and then divided into groups. The first episode starts with leaving the cast in a place where no humans are to be found, except for the ones competing.

The groups build a camp together with the materials provided to them. This stage is crucial as they can build relationships with their teammates, which may make it possible to reach the finale.

Next, the groups will be involved in a few challenges that they need to win. The winning tribe moves ahead to the next stage, while the one who loses needs to attend the Tribe Council to vote a member away.

The tribe system fades away after the elimination of a few cast members by the middle of the show. At this point, the remaining members will play individually, instead of as a team.

The winner is ready to be decided when two or three top players are left. The jury that casts the vote for the winner is the nine survivors of the show who keep track of the performance of the potential winners.

Wrap Up

Tune into Survivor 45 on the 27th of September, 2023, on Paramount+ for yet another season of intense action, dramatic strategies, and loads of adrenaline rush. The best way to watch Survivor 45 in the UK and Canada is on Paramount Plus with an ExpressVPN account subscription. 

We have tested ExpressVPN with Paramount in the past, and it worked perfectly. Therefore we highly recommend it to all our readers and streaming enthusiasts.

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