Where To Watch Great British Baking Show 2023 In Norway For Free| Watch It On Channel 4!

watch The Great British Bake Off in USA for free

Are you a fan of baking? If yes, then you must’ve heard about one of the best cooking competitions in the world that is solely themed on baking. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about The Great British Baking Show, aka The Great British Bake Off.

The show has been running for over 13 years now, but the fans just can’t get enough of it. After a year-long wait after Season 13, The Great British Baking Show is finally returning for its 14th season on Channel 4. This blog will guide you on how to watch GBBO 2023 from Norway.

How to watch The Great British Baking Show 2023 in Norway for free?

watch The Great British Bake Off in USA for free

September 12, 2023, is the confirmed date for the premiere of The Great British Baking Show Season 14 on Channel 4, and the baking enthusiasts in the UK are ready to stream their favorite cooking competition.

But what about the Norwegian fans of the show? Will they have to wait for The Great British Baking Show Season 14 to release in their country? Certainly not! Follow the steps below and watch it from Norway for free:

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When does The Great British Baking Show Season 14 start?

Cake tins at the ready – the Great British Bake Off is back! After months of eager anticipation, fans can finally mark their calendars for Tuesday, September 26th, when the beloved baking bonanza returns to screens at 8 p.m.

This delicious new season promises a fresh batch of hopefuls vying to prove their prowess with pies, cakes, and creations galore. But the tent isn’t the only new thing – presenting for the first time is the bubbly This Morning icon Alison Hammond, sure to inject extra fun and flair into the proceedings.

So grab your aprons and appetites – the oven doors are opening again. A new era of soggy bottoms, Hollywood handshakes, and mouthwatering masterpieces awaits!

Unfortunately, there’s no word about the show’s broadcasting date in Norway. As of now, it is not even confirmed if the show is even going to stream in Norway. This is where a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN comes into action.

You can change your Norwegian IP address into a securely encrypted British IP and circumvent the geo-restrictions of Channel 4 to watch The Great British Baking Show Season 14 from Norway.

The Great British Baking Show – Official Trailer

Where to watch The Great British Baking Show 2023 in Norway?

We have unfortunate news for you: The Great British Baking Show 2023 is not going to stream in Norway due to content licensing issues. The show officially streams on Channel 4 in the UK, but Channel 4 is a geo-restricted streaming platform limited within the UK.

There is no streaming service in Norway that is streaming the recent seasons of the show. However, you can find the first nine seasons of The Great British Baking Show in Norway on TV 2 Play and Strim.

Watching The Great British Baking Show on TV 2 Play

TV 2 Play is one of Norway’s biggest streaming platforms that is owned by TV 2, a Norwegian TV broadcaster. The platform offers a wide range of content, from Norwegian movies and series to sports channels. You can either access this streaming platform through its website on a browser or by downloading its official app.

When it comes to subscription plans, a lot of TV 2 Play content can be accessed for free with ads. However, for ad-free streaming, you will have to subscribe to one of TV 2 Play’s premium plans. These plans include Total (NOK 399/month), Family and sports (NOK 239/month), Family (NOK 209/month), and Movies and series (NOK 149/month).

Watching The Great British Baking Show on Strim

Strim is a popular VOD streaming platform in Norway that was officially launched in 2020. This streaming platform targets a much more niche audience in comparison to TV 2 Play and other streaming services in Norway. You can find highly-rated classic and indie films, along with popular international TV shows.

This streaming platform also collaborated with independent filmmakers and producers to exclusively stream their movies and TV series as Strim Originals. This solidifies its high standing in the Norwegian streaming market.

Strim is a subscription-based streaming service, and it offers two subscription plans. One is the Stream a Lot plan, which costs NOK 399 /month and comes with 5 power services and 13 TV channels. The other is the Stream Most plan, which costs NOK 449 /month and comes with 7 power services and 32 TV channels.

Both of the streaming services are good and have a lot to offer. However, the main concern remains; none of them have the recent seasons of GBBO. What to do then? The answer is ExpressVPN. We faced the same situation when we wanted to stream The Great British Baking Show from the US, and ExpressVPN proved to be of great help.

Why is the show so popular?

The show, originally conceptualized by Anna Beattie and Richard McKerrow, made its debut on BBC Two before transitioning to BBC One and ultimately landing on Channel 4 due to its remarkable popularity. Throughout these network changes and shifts in hosting personnel, the show’s fundamental essence has remained unwavering.

Format: The Recipe for Success

Each season encompasses a range of 10-13 episodes, featuring a varying number of amateur bakers as contestants. These aspiring bakers engage in a trio of challenges within each episode, including the Signature Challenge, Technical Challenge, and Showstopper Challenge. Contestants face weekly eliminations based on their performance, culminating in a grand finale where a champion is crowned.

The Iconic Tent

A hallmark of the show is its iconic tent setting, which relocates to picturesque British estates in different seasons. The tent serves as both the battleground and home for competitors throughout the series.

Hosts and Judges: The Special Ingredients

Over the years, the show has witnessed a revolving door of hosts and judges. Original hosts Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, along with judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, achieved iconic status. While Paul Hollywood remains a constant, Mary Berry was succeeded by Prue Leith when the show migrated to Channel 4, and the hosting duties have been shared among various personalities.

Cultural Impact: Beyond the Bake

The series has left an indelible mark on culture, sparking a surge in home baking, rekindling interest in traditional British desserts, and sparking dialogues on subjects such as mental health and LGBTQ+ representation.

Global Versions: The Worldwide Rise of Baking

The resounding success of GBBO has spurred numerous international adaptations, including versions in the United States, Australia, and various European countries, underscoring the universal love for baking.

However, it is unfortunate that the original British series cannot be streamed in its entirety in either of these countries. But ExpressVPN made it a lot more easy for us to stream The Great British Baking Show while we were traveling to Australia.

Records and Milestones: Setting New Heights

Not only has the show garnered numerous accolades, but it has also achieved record-breaking viewership, becoming the most-watched non-sporting event in the UK for some years. Its influence is further evidenced by its consistently high ratings and substantial social media following.

Unforgettable Moments: Adding the Finishing Touch

From Nadiya Hussain’s emotionally charged victory speech in 2015 to the infamous “Bingate” incident, the show has delivered countless unforgettable moments that extend beyond the realm of the oven.

Spin-offs and Specials: Extra Delights

The Great British Baking Show has given rise to a plethora of spin-offs, including “An Extra Slice,” “The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up To Cancer,” and holiday specials, providing fans with additional avenues to savor their favorite baking show.

Merchandise and Books: Bringing a Piece of the Tent Home

The franchise has spawned a diverse range of merchandise, encompassing cookbooks, kitchenware, and board games, allowing enthusiasts to infuse their homes with a slice of the Bake Off enchantment.

A Legacy as Sweet as Victoria Sponge

The Great British Baking Show transcends mere culinary competition; it stands as a heartwarming celebration of talent, community, and the pure pleasure of baking. Whether you’re an ardent devotee or a newcomer lured by the aroma of freshly baked bread and pastries, the show extends a warm and inclusive world where all are embraced.

So, preheat those ovens and brace yourself for another installment of The Great British Baking Show, an enduring show that, much like a perfectly leavened loaf, only seems to improve with time.

Is there a Mexican week in The Great British Baking Show Season 14?

One of the main producers of The Great British Baking Show, Keiran Smith, had a detailed interview with Deadline, where he revealed a piece of bitter news with a sweet touch. The bitter part of the news was that GBBO 2023 is not going to feature a Mexican Week. This is due to the bad ratings and negative reviews that the show got last season. Ultimately resulting in National Week’s exclusion from this year’s season.

Now comes the sweet part of the news. GBBO 2023 is confirmed to go back to the roots of baking, focusing more on the original baking cuisine, such as Cakes, Biscuits, Bread, Patisseries, and Chocolates, along with a special addition to this season, the Party Cakes themes.

So, despite the fact that The Great British Baking Show Season 14 is not going to include a Mexican Week, baking enthusiasts still have a lot to look for in this anticipated new season.

Who are the Judges for GBBO Season 14?

The Great British Baking Show is known for not changing its judge and keeping the original spirit of the show alive every season. In the 14th season, we will see Paul Hollywood returning to be one of the judges. Paul has been a part of the show since it debuted on BBC Two back in 2010.

The second judge this season is going to be Prue Leith, who was once a replacement for Mary Berry and is now a full-fledged part of GBBO for over 5 years. Mary used to be the second main judge with Paul Hollywood since the show began; however, she exited the show after it moved from BBC to Channel 4 in 2017.

Who won the Great British Bake Off 2022?

The Great British Baking Show Season 14 is yet to set sail. Till then, why don’t we take a look at the honorary winner of the last season of GBBO?

We are talking about the Malaysian-born cardiovascular researcher, Dr. Syabira Yusoff, whose baking skills struck a cord in the judges’ hearts last year. Syabira came to London back in 2013 to complete her PhD in genetics and bioinformatics. Even though she always had a passion for baking, she never knew she was going to make such a prominent name in this field.

She went toe to toe with two runner-ups last year, Abdul Sharif and Sandro Farmhouse. Both of them had great potential, and it was clearly a tough competition among the three. But in the end, the best always wins.

Syabira came up with her own vision of a “Summer Picnic,” as she made pork-less pie, heart-shaped sandwiches, and Swiss rolls with elderflower in them. The judges really liked everything, but this wasn’t the thing that earned her the title of the winner. It was her ultimate finisher, the planet-theme bake, which she called “This Is My Home.”

The Great British Baking Show – FAQs

Great British Bake Off 2022 is now streaming on multiple VOD and cable TV services. The series can be watched on Channel 4 with a VPN in the United States.

A few seasons of the British baking show are streaming on Roku and Netflix in the United States.

In the UK, you can watch all Baking show seasons on Channel 4. In Canada, the series is available on CBC Gem, and in Australia, you can stream Great British Bake Off on Binge and Foxtel Now.

Sandro is an influencer and celebrity cakemaker who was part of the 2022 Great British Bake Off. He became an instant sensation and was widely cherished by the fans.

There is no word about him taking part in the fourteenth season of Great British Bake Off. However, it is still possible, and we will be this blog updated.

The Great British Bake Off 2023 will have ten episodes like its previous seasons. The first episode of the Baking show is expected to premiere on September 12, 2023, with the rest to be released on a weekly basis.

A few seasons of The Great British Baking Show are available on Netflix only in the United States. Our team did extensive research and found Seasons 5-10 on American Netflix.

Here is the list of winners of The Great British Baking Show to date.

  • Edd Kimber
  • Joanne Wheatley
  • John Whaite
  • Frances Quinn
  • Nancy Birtwhistle
  • Nadiya Hussain
  • Candice Brown
  • Sophie Faldo
  • Rahul Mandal
  • David Atherton
  • Peter Sawkins
  • Giuseppe Dell'Anno
  • Syabira Yusoff

The Baking show received mixed reviews for its initial season, which improved over time.

Mark Lawson, a writer for The Guardian, said that the Channel 4 show is pretty much the same as before, with just a few tiny differences. He also mentioned that only someone really trying hard to not like the new version could say that it's gotten worse or ruined its recipe.

Michael Hogan, who writes for The Telegraph, thinks that even though Mary, Mel, and Sue are no longer on the show, it's still just as great as it used to be. He said that the four things that make the show fantastic – the connection between the contestants, their friendship, the humor, and the delicious cakes – are all still there and doing well.

Starting in 2014, they've been shooting the show at Welford Park. There was a brief change due to COVID-19 for two years (more on that below). But before 2014, The Great British Bake Off was filmed in Somerset at Harptree Court for series three and four in 2012 and 2013. And back in 2011, for series two, they filmed it at Valentines Mansion in Redbridge.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, The Great British Baking Show Season 14 is coming in September on Channel 4, which is, unfortunately, a geo-restricted British streaming platform and cannot be accessed in Norway. However, this won’t stop streaming enthusiasts from watching GBBO.

We relied on the best premium VPN service there is, ExpressVPN, to watch The Great British Baking Show from Canada, and it worked like a charm. This has allowed us to enjoy all seasons of GBBO on Channel 4 while residing outside the UK, and we have made this blog to share that savory experience with our beloved readers in Norway.

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