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Every family has its secrets. However, the enigmas and mysteries shrouding the Naik Raikar family in The Raikar Case are in a league of their own. The classic whodunit murder mystery by Voot sheds light on the sanctity of familial relationships and how people can go down the rabbit hole of deceit and vengeance in the blink of an eye. If you are here to watch The Raikar Case in the US then read on.

The Raikar Case is directed by Aditya Sarpotdar and comprises seven episodes. The web series focuses on the murder of the youngest son of a rich and influential family, which sparks a thrilling investigation that unveils the dirty laundry of the victim’s relatives. The crime drama premiered on Voot on May 12, 2020.

How to watch The Raikar Case in the US | Stream it on Voot Select

The Raikar Case is a crime thriller web series streaming only on Voot Select. Voot is accessible only in India and if you want to stream The Raikar Case on Voot from the US then follow these steps:

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  4. Now open Voot.com and sign in with your credentials
  5. Search The Raikar Case on Voot from the US
  6. Enjoy the web series
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How to subscribe to Voot Select from the United States?

Voot Select is only accessible in India, but that does not mean you can not get a Voot Select subscription from the US. Follow these simple steps to get Voot in USA:

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  6. After entering the ID, select upgrade and it will take you to the payment screen
  7. Voot is currently available for INR 299/year (limited time offer), the regular price is 499/year
  8. You can pay for Voot Select via UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card, Amazon Pay, and Internet Banking. Voot accepts both Visa and Master cards.
  9. Enter your payment details and press the make payment button
  10. Congratulations! you have successfully subscribed to Voot Select from USA

The Raikar Case- Plot

The Raikar Case is set in the scenic coastal city of Goa, where the suspicious death of Tarun Raikar has left his loved ones shocked and worried. Once the authorities rule out suicide as the cause of his death, SP John Pereira is tasked with investigating the apparent murder and finding the killer. However, it soon becomes painfully evident that someone close to Tarun is responsible for ending his life.

In a bid to keep the viewers glued to their seats, the web series puts several potential culprits under the spotlight. As the police get closer to unveiling the real murderer, the secrets that the family hides also begin to surface, revealing an intricate web of conspiracies, deceits, and love. The main cast of The Raikar Case includes Atul Kulkarni, Ashwini Bhave, and Parul Gulati.

Voot’s official YouTube channel aired the trailer of The Raikar Case on April 4, 2020. The clip begins with a montage of a seemingly happy and perfect Naik Raikar family. However, it soon takes a dark turn as each of the vital family members becomes a potential suspect in the murder of one of their own.

The Raikar Case- Release and Reception 

The Raikar Case thrilled the general viewers and critics with its storyline and execution. The web series also has a rating of 7.1/10 on IMDb based on 2.5k user reviews. 

Wrap Up

The bottom line is you can watch The Raikar Case on Voot from the United States and outside India with a workable VPN service. We highly recommend getting ExpressVPN to watch Voot from Australia and other countries. 

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