Where to Watch More Than This in UK | Stream More Than This on Paramount Plus from UK, Canada or Outside US

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Today, we will be looking at More Than This and how you can stream the show online on Paramount+ from anywhere in the world. The show is an Australian drama series exclusive to Paramount+ which in turn is exclusive to the US. The show will begin airing on 4th March 2022 and this is your guide on how to stream More Than This on Paramount+ from the UK or anywhere in the world.

The Australian teen drama stars Olivia Deeble who is also the main writer behind the show. Also starring in More Than This, is Luka Gracie who also gets the credit for creating the characters, Bert Labonte, Kamil Ellis, Ellmir Asipi, Josh Heuston, Oisin O’Leary, Celine Ajobong, Tharanya Tharan, and Selena Brincat.

How to Watch More Than This on Paramount+ in UK or Outside US

The sad news is, Paramout+ is still not available in the United Kingdom. There was news about the American streaming service landing in Britain, but we are looking for a tentative date. If you want to watch the upcoming teen drama “More Than This” on Paramount+ from UK. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Get ExpressVPN for Paramount+ (30day money back guarantee)
  2. Download the app on your device of choice
  3. Select a US IP address from the list
  4. Open Paramount+ on your browser or app
  5. Search More Than This on Paramount Plus from UK
  6. Enjoy the show

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Can I get a Paramount+ account in the UK | Stream More Than This on Paramount Plus in UK

Getting a Paramount+ subscription is not a big deal once you have a VPN, Just follow these steps to get a Paramount account in the UK:

  1. Go to mygiftcardsupply.com and purchase a paramount+ gift card
  2. Buy a gift card for ($25,$50, or $100) and pay via credit card, Bitcoin, or PayPal
  3. After you are done with the payment, an email will be dispatched to the email id you mentioned in the billing details
  4. Select a US IP address from ExpressVPN
  5. Now sign in/ sign up on Paramountplus.com but don’t choose a package
  6. Enter your details, name, email address. For zipping code us 90210 (California) or google another zip code because Paramount+ does not verify your location via Zip code. 
  7. Redeem your Paramount+ gift code here by entering the PIN code you received via email
  8. Now you have a Paramount+ account in the UK so enjoy

Note: To redeem the PIN code sent by mygiftcardsupply.com you will need a Paramount+ account in the UK. So register first (with a VPN) and then redeem the gift code. 

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More Than This – Plot

The coming of age television drama series revolves around five teenagers, their lives in high school, and what they go through from their families to social pressures to personal preferences and even their sexualities. 

The show is a collaboration between The Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF) and Paramount+ as they have announced the show together. The show will be a six-part series and at this point, it is unclear if the season is going to have a second season or not. There’s also no trailer for the show on YouTube so things will only get clearer once it hits Paramount Plus on 4th Mach 2022.

More Than This – Cast

  • Olivia Deeble
  • Bert Labonte
  • Luka Gracie
  • Kamil Ellis
  • Ellmir Asipi
  • Josh Heuston
  • Oisin O’Leary
  • Celine Ajobong
  • Tharanya Tharan
  • Selena Brincat

More Than This – Awards

And since the show hasn’t aired yet on top of having very little information online, there’s no news of the show’s reception. Likewise, for the awards, we will only be able to update the section once the show is out and it gets nominated for any award/accolade. But the cast is really hopeful about the show, including the co-creator Olivia Deeble who has said:

“I am really proud of More Than This. I feel like the characters, words and story are our own, and it is a realistic depiction of how Australian teenagers feel while still being a great series with a whole lot of characters you can fall in love with.”

Final Words

More Than This will stream on Paramount Plus and you can watch it in the UK, Canada, or anywhere outside the US. The show will be available for purchase and rent but there is no news on where it will be available. So enjoy watching More Than This on Paramount+ from UK and until then, stay tuned to The Stream Bible.

Written by Mickel Clark

Mickel is a streaming aficionado who loves nothing more than to pen down his thoughts about the movies, anime and TV shows he has watched and likes sharing hacks on how to stream them online.