How To Watch Trigger Point Season 2 in USA For Free On ITVX (Updated)

Trigger Point Season 2

Trigger Point is a British crime thriller series on ITV. It follows a former military bomb disposal expert and Afghan War veteran who leads a bomb squad in London’s Metropolitan Police, applying her expertise to thwart terrorist activities.

Following its initial success, a second season of the Vicky McClure-starring series was greenlit in 2022 and is set to premiere on January 28, 2024. If you’ve been waiting for Trigger Point Season 2 in USA, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog, we’ll discuss important details about the upcoming season and how you can watch Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free. Excited? Let’s begin then!

How to watch Tigger Point Season 2 in USA for free?

Trigger Point is headed to ITV on January 28, 2024, and will be available to watch for free on their exclusive streaming platform, ITVX. However, viewers in USA won’t be able to directly access this service due to geo-restrictions.

A simple solution for this problem is using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass these restrictions. All you need to do to watch Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free is to follow the steps below:

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4- Open ITVX in your browser or in-app

5- Search for Trigger Point on ITVX

6- Enjoy Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free?

The concept of streaming your desired content online has become exponentially popular around the world, but one of the biggest obstacles faced in this is the geographic restriction that prevents you from accessing certain titles in certain locations. You will have to face a similar issue when you’re attempting to watch Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free on ITVX.

ITVX is a region-restricted platform that is only available in the UK, and its robust IP-detecting firewall will immediately block out anyone who tries entering its content library with a non-UK IP address. You might face an error saying:

“Outside the UK?

Due to our broadcast and content licences, you can only watch ITVX in the UK.”

To bypass this annoying roadblock in your streaming journey of Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free, you must use a reliable premium VPN service like ExpressVPN. This tool can grant you the convenient ability to change your virtual location from one country to another.

You will be able to get a fully encrypted British IP address, which will allow you to access ITVX’s geo-restricted library and watch Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free. And that’ll be done by simply connecting to a British server via a trustable premium VPN, such as ExpressVPN.

Why is ExpressVPN the best choice to watch Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free?

When looking for a reliable VPN service for accessing geo-blocked content like Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free on ITVX, you may come across various options online, but one among them shines the brightest, and that is ExpressVPN.

This remarkable VPN service is most certainly the best one in the game, and that is not just claimed by us, but trustable sources like Techradar have reviewed it and have praised it exceptionally. With ExpressVPN, you will be getting a robust server network, high-speed connections, and cutting-edge advanced features.

Starting with its global network of 3800+ servers in 105 countries, ExpressVPN offers a wide range of options when you’re accessing content and services from other regions. You won’t just be able to get a seamless experience of Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free on ITVX, but it will also allow you to watch titles like Hightown Season 3 in UK on STARZ as well.

If you’re wondering how fast ExpressVPN is, you will be surprised to know that our speed tests on this premium VPN service via showcased that it is capable of delivering download speeds of up to 98Mbps and upload speeds of up to 87Mbps while connected to a 100Mbps connection.

With these speeds, ExpressVPN ensures smooth streaming of content like Romance with a Twist in Canada and Karmma Calling in USA on Hotstar. You might also want to look out for the range of advanced features that come with this premium VPN service.

ExpressVPN offers Split Tunneling, MediaStream DNS, Lightway protocol, Internet Kill Switch, AES 256-bit encryption, TrustedServer technology, Threat Manager, and many more tools that can elevate your overall VPN experience and allow you seamless streaming of Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free on ITVX.

There’s one more thing that makes ExpressVPN such a great choice for watching geo-restricted content like Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free on ITVX: its affordable pricing. It is quite impressive how this VPN offers so many high-quality premium benefits but only costs $6.67/month.

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Testing NordVPN to watch Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free

The conversation of worthy VPN options to watch Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free on ITVX cannot end without NordVPN. This is one of the best VPN services in the market and an exceptional alternative to ExpressVPN.

Much like our previously-mentioned VPN option, NordVPN is also thoroughly tested and verified as a reliable choice by trusted reviewing websites like WizCase, which gives it an impressive 9.4/10 rating. We have run our personal tests on this service and judged it on the same criteria as ExpressVPN.

Firstly, we should consider its vast server network that got us by surprise. NordVPN has 5800+ servers that are located in more than 60 countries around the world. With this quantity, one thing is certain you’re never going to run out of server options while watching geo-blocked content like Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free on ITVX.

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Where to watch Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free?

Trigger Point is an ITV original series that is only accessible for free on the British streaming platform ITVX. As of now, none of the American streaming platforms have announced the premiere of Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free,

However, ITV has confirmed that the second season of the crime drama series will be available to watch as a box set after its original broadcast on the platform. In USA, it is expected to be available on BritBox sometime later in 2024, and you’ll be able to access it with a $7.99 per month subscription.

Currently, the only viable option to stream Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free is via a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN or NordVPN that can provide you with an optimized British server to unblock ITVX.

Trigger Point Season 2 – Release Date

Trigger Point originally debuted on ITV on January 23, 2022, and was impressively well-received with an IMDb rating of 6.4/10 and a Rotten Tomatoes score of 80%.

Trigger Point’s second season is set to debut on Sunday, January 28, 2024, at 9pm. Excitingly for those who prefer to watch all episodes at once, ITV has announced that the complete six-episode series will be accessible for binge-watching right after its initial broadcast on ITVX.

Alternatively, for viewers who prefer a more gradual approach, the series will maintain a weekly schedule, airing on Sunday evenings throughout February. The final episode will be shown on Sunday, March 3rd.

Note: Trigger Point Season 2 is now available on ITVX.

Trigger Point Season 2 – Official Trailer

Trigger Point Season 2 – What to Expect from the Show?

Lana, recently back from training Ukrainian bomb disposal units and not yet resuming active duty, is conducting a standard briefing for security personnel from top financial firms about bomb terrorism. Suddenly, a bomb explodes in the city center. Lana, being nearest to the event, faces the dilemma of whether she’s prepared to handle it.

Brierley has expressed a desire to explore more deeply the psychological aspects behind Lana Washington’s remarkable resilience and ability to persist despite experiencing significant loss and overwhelming challenges.

He comments on Lana’s strength and appeal, noting her toughness but acknowledges that her traumatic experiences inevitably impact her. He’s intrigued by the idea of diving deeper into her character in future seasons, questioning whether it’s beneficial to confront these issues or better to continue living with them.

Brierley further explains the complexity of Lana’s situation. He suggests that while the logical step for Lana would be to seek assistance and discuss her inner doubts and fears, she fears that doing so might diminish her effectiveness. This internal conflict between seeking help and maintaining her strength forms a crucial part of her character’s journey.

The Cast of Trigger Point Season 2

Trigger Point is back with its thrilling second season on January 28, 2024, and the cast lineup promises an intense journey. Let’s delve into the characters and the talented actors who bring them to life below:

  • Vicky McClure as Lana Washington

Vicky McClure returns as the protagonist, Lana Washington, a skilled bomb disposal operative. Lana’s character is known for her resilience and expertise in high-pressure situations.

McClure, renowned for her role in Line of Duty and This Is England, brings depth and intensity to this character, making Lana’s journey a compelling watch.

  • Mark Stanley as DI Thom Youngblood

Playing Lana’s slightly over-attentive boyfriend, DI Thom Youngblood, is Mark Stanley. His character adds a layer of personal drama to Lana’s life. Stanley’s previous work includes roles in Game of Thrones and White House Farm, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

  • Kris Hitchen as John Hudson

As part of Lana’s EXPO team, John Hudson, portrayed by Kris Hitchen, is back as well. His character adds to the dynamic of the bomb disposal team. Hitchen’s notable work includes his role in Sorry We Missed You and The War Below, displaying his ability to portray relatable and grounded characters.

  • Nabil Elouahabi as Hassan Rahim

Nabil Elouahabi plays Hassan Rahim, another key member of the EXPO team. Known for his work in EastEnders and The Night Of, Elouahabi brings a solid presence to the series.

  • Eric Shango as Danny

Danny, played by Eric Shango, is a young and energetic member of the team. Shango, an emerging talent, has appeared in various stage productions, bringing freshness to the series.

  • Kerry Godliman as Sonya Reeves

Kerry Godliman returns as Sonya Reeves, a bomb data expert and Lana’s trusted colleague. Godliman is known for her role in After Life, where she showcased her ability to blend drama with subtle humor.

  • Kevin Eldon as Jeff Washington

Kevin Eldon plays Lana’s father, Jeff Washington. Eldon’s extensive career includes roles in Hot Fuzz and GameFace, adding an experienced touch to the show.

  • Natalie Simpson as DS Helen Morgan

Newcomer Natalie Simpson plays DS Helen Morgan, adding new dynamics to the storyline. Simpson’s previous roles in North Sea Connection and Outlander have prepared her for this complex character.

  • Julian Ovenden as Commander John Francis

Julian Ovenden joins as Commander John Francis. Known for his work in Bridgerton and Downton Abbey, Ovenden brings charm and intensity to his role.

  • Tomiwa Edun as Alex

Finally, Tomiwa Edun plays Alex, a new addition to the team. Edun, recognized for his performances in Young Wallander and Trying, is set to bring a fresh perspective to the series.

Trigger Point Season 2 – Episode Guide

ITV hasn’t released major plot details about the upcoming episodes of Trigger Point Season 2, but you can check out the release schedule of all six episodes of the anticipated new season of this crime thriller below:

  • Episode 1 – January 28, 2024
  • Episode 2 – February 4, 2024
  • Episode 3 – February 11, 2024
  • Episode 4 – February 18, 2024
  • Episode 5 – February 25, 2024
  • Episode 6 – March 3, 2024

Trigger Point Season 2 – News

The cast of the ITV series Trigger Point has hinted at a significantly more dangerous scenario in the upcoming second season. Vicky McClure, one of the stars, revealed that the new season will involve a more complex adversary than before, leading to a challenging and tense situation for the Metropolitan Police and the bomb disposal team, with an increase in explosives compared to the previous season.

Newcomer Natalie Simpson, portraying DS Helen Morgan, hinted at an intense season filled with drama and numerous fatalities, advising viewers not to grow too attached to any characters. Another main actor, Nabil Elouahabi, who plays the head of the bomb disposal squad, Hass Rahim, also spoke about the increased risks in season 2, suggesting that his team will face severe consequences.

You can check out the complete article on RadioTimes.

Trigger Point Season 2 on Twitter


1- Will Trigger Point Season 2 be available in USA for free?

Trigger Point Season 2 is expected to drop as a box set of BritBox in USA after its initial run on ITV in the UK, but the problem is that an exact date hasn’t been confirmed yet, and watching the crime thriller series on BritBox won’t be free of cost and will require you to get a monthly subscription.

If you want to catch all-new episodes of Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free without any problems or delays, the best option at your disposal is to use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN to bypass the geo-restrictions of ITVX and watch the show on the British streaming platform with ease.

2- Is Trigger Point Season 2 on Netflix in USA?

Trigger Point Season 2 is not confirmed to be streaming on Netflix in USA or anywhere else in the world due to licensing issues. If you are a Netflix subscriber who was looking forward to watching Trigger Point Season 2 in USA, we have a better option for you.

You can watch the upcoming season of ITV’s gripping crime thriller with the help of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN. All you need to do is connect to a British server and unblock ITVX, where you’ll be able to watch Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free.

3- Can I watch Trigger Point Season 2 on Prime Video in USA?

Prime Video is not offering any season of Trigger Point in USA, and we have also conducted thorough research and found that this show is not available on the platform in any region around the world.

What does that mean for eager streamers who want to access Trigger Point Season 2 in USA? You will have to go for the next best alternative, which is using a reliable VPN.

By getting a British IP address via a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN or NordVPN, you will get unrestricted access to Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free on ITVX.

4- Trigger Point Season 2 Filming Location?

Trigger Point Season 2 is filmed at various locations in London, UK.

5- Who is the creator of Trigger Point?

Daniel Brierley is the creator of ITV’s acclaimed thriller drama Trigger Point. He is also known for making shorts like My Face Is in Space, Checkpoint, and Graceland.

6- What is the genre of Trigger Point?

Trigger Point is an exciting Action, Thriller, and Crime Drama series on ITV.

Wrap Up

Trigger Point Season 2 is set to be a gripping continuation of ITV’s riveting action drama series, promising an intense blend of thrill, suspense, and layered storytelling. As viewers eagerly anticipate the show’s January 28, 2024 premiere, geo-restrictions might keep you from experiencing this thrilling journey. But not anymore!

You can watch Trigger Point Season 2 in USA for free on ITVX with the help of our most trusted VPN provider, ExpressVPN, which ensures you get the most seamless experience of your desired geo-blocked content from anywhere in the world.

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