How to watch The Incident Room in Europe for free? on Channel 5

The Incident Room

This is the first of two programs bringing audiences into the incident room, which is the central hub of a homicide investigation. It focuses on the 1989 murder of Julie Hogg in Billingham, Stockton-on-Tees.

The Incident Room is heading to Channel 5 in the UK on November 29, 2023. In this blog, you will find everything about the TV series and where and how to watch The Incident Room for free in European countries.

How to watch The Incident Room in Europe for free?

How to watch The Incident Room

The Incident Room is set to premiere on Channel 5 in the UK. since Channel 5 is a regionally restricted streaming platform only accessible in the UK. You will need a reliable VPN to access it from Europe.

Follow these steps to watch Channel 5’s The Incident Room in Europe for free.

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5- Search The Incident Room on Channel 5 in Europe for free

6- Enjoy

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Why do you need a VPN to watch The Incident Room in European countries?

Since we all know about Channel 5’s geo-restrictions, the streaming platform is only accessible from the UK. However, you can access Channel 5 from European countries and watch The Incident Room in Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, France, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia, Hungary, Netherlands, Czechia, etc.

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Watching The Incident Room in Europe with NordVPN

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Where to watch The Incident Room in Europe for free?

Unfortunately, there is no Europeaan streaming platform that has the rights to stream The Incident Room for free in Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, France, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia, Hungary, Netherlands, Czechia.

However, you can still stream the series on Channel 5 from European countries with a reliable VPN. We have also checked BortBox and couldn’t find the documentary.

We have tested NordVPN and ExpressVPN and wrote a short review for you to make an educated decision.

The Incident Room release date

The Incident Room is a two-part documentary set to release on Thursday, November 30, 2023, in the UK. The series is now available on Channel 5, which you can access with a reliable VPN from anywhere outside UK. An official IMDB page for The Incident Room is still missing.

The Incident Room trailer

What is the Incident Room about?

The Incident Room is a series about how police investigate murder. This unique series puts viewers right inside the intense environment of murder investigations. It lets people see first-hand the fast-paced work happening inside the incident room, where every second matters in catching a killer.

The original detectives who actually solved the real cases will guide viewers through how they investigated each crime. Viewers get to watch recreations of them interviewing family, friends, psychologists, forensic experts, and more. This special two-part series shares an insider’s look into the nerve center that drives homicide cases. It lays out all the exciting steps detectives take to find clues, figure out who the suspect is, put together the puzzle pieces, and ultimately catch the murderer.

So the series gives a one-of-a-kind glimpse into how detectives race against the clock inside the incident room to crack cases and deliver justice.

What happened in the actual murder?

Billy Dunlop was found not guilty twice for Julie’s 1989 murder in Billingham despite clear evidence against him. But when Tina Bell, last spotted with Dunlop, turned up dead, he became the prime suspect again. Though her cause of death remains unclear, Dunlop quickly went to jail for violently attacking Tina’s boyfriend and ex-partner.

Later on, Dunlop admitted to killing Julie. He wrongly thought the 800-year-old “Double Jeopardy” law protected him from another trial. This statute says someone can’t be tried twice for the same crime. However, he underestimated Julie’s mother Ann Ming’s resolve.

She tirelessly crusaded for 17 years to get the law changed and allow Dunlop to be retried. Her efforts succeeded, making history. Dunlop finally got convicted of Julie’s murder in this unprecedented second trial.

The cast of The Incident Room

Mark Braithwaite, the lead detective on the case, walks through how his team worked nonstop to apprehend the presumed killer. He outlines the investigation process in detail, transporting viewers directly into each phase of this groundbreaking case that ultimately prompted permanent changes to the British legal system.

Braithwaite provides insider perspectives on how officers strategized day and night in their pursuit of justice, culminating in a trial that set new precedence, allowing retrials under certain conditions after an acquittal. His firsthand account retraces the tireless police efforts and determination required to catch and convict a criminal who previously evaded punishment for murder.

What are the critics saying about the series?

According to Liana Jacob from The Yorkshire Post, Executive producer of the series, Andrew Sheldon said, The concept was to build a replica of an authentic incident room environment used by detectives to depict how officers cracked their most difficult real-life cases. This reconstruction aimed to provide insight into the intense, high-stakes work performed within this normally off-limits hub to ultimately secure justice.

By using a set mirroring an actual incident room’s layout and equipment, the series could intimately showcase the step-by-step process determined detectives employ to piece together clues and catch killers in particularly confounding crimes.

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How many episodes are in The Incident Room?

The docuseries will have two episodes, which will be released on November 30 and December 6. Each episode will be of 60 minutes.

The complete episode guide with release dates is mentioned below.

The Incident Room- Episode #1- November 30, 2023 at 9pm

This series invites viewers inside the intense operations within the incident room. It’s here that detectives work relentlessly to solve gruesome murders and apprehend the perpetrators. This episode focuses on piecing together the chilling details surrounding the homicide of Julie Hogg. Her lifeless body was eventually discovered rotting away concealed behind a bathtub.

We go inside the nerve center of the investigation as officers race to process the sparse evidence available, identify any potential suspects, and ultimately secure a conviction in Julie’s tragic and mysterious death. Step by step, we witness just how detectives persistently chip away at unsolved murders until dangerous killers are taken off the streets.

The Incident Room- Episode #2- December 6, 2023 at 9pm

This episode examines how detectives worked to uncover clues and assemble the full sequence of events leading up to Julie Hogg’s horrific murder. It focuses specifically on this challenging investigation after Hogg’s deceased body turned up stashed behind a bathtub, presenting limited physical evidence for officers to analyze in reconstructing her death.


Is The Incident Room coming to Netflix?

The Incident Room is a British series released on Channel 5 in the UK. There is no word about The Incident Room releasing on Netflix by any source. However, things can change in the streaming world, and we will update this blog accordingly.

Can I watch The Incident Room 2023 on Prime Video?

The Incident Room is not streaming on Prime Video or available for rent on Amazon Prime. The only way to watch it is on Channel 5 from the UK.

Is The Incident Room on Disney in Europe?

The Incident Room is not coming to Hulu or Disney Plus in the US. The best way to watch it is on Channel 5 with a VPN from Europe.

What happened to the killer?

Back in 2005, Julie’s mother Ann Ming predicted that by the 17th death anniversary, Billy Dunlop would finally stand trial again for the murder. Her statement proved eerily accurate – Dunlop did plead guilty at his unprecedented second trial, after initially being acquitted when he claimed evidence was fabricated.

Years prior in 1997, Dunlop stabbed his ex-girlfriend and assaulted her new boyfriend. This earned him 7 years in prison for grievous bodily harm. Behind bars, Dunlop arrogantly boasted about murdering Julie, taunting that double jeopardy protections made him exempt from conviction.

But Ann Ming partnered with senior officer Brian Mckenzie and tirelessly crusaded to change this law. After 17 committed years, her persistence paid off. The statutes changed, forcing Dunlop to face retrial, where he at last confessed to Julie’s long unresolved killing.

Who is the producer of The Incident Room?

The series is produced by True North for Channel 5.

Wrap Up

The Incident Room is the heartbreaking story of a young girl who was brutally murdered by his once-sexual partner. Julie’s mother fought for years for justice and finally got it several years after losing her daughter.

The crime documentary is now streaming on Channel 5 in the UK, which you can access with a reliable VPN and watch The Incident Room for free in European countries. We tested ExpressVPN and NordVPN and wrote a short review discussing features, price, and device compatibility so you can make an educated decision.

Written by Mickel Clark

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