How to watch Boat Story Season 1 in Europe for free?

Boat Story Season 1

Boat Story is an upcoming thriller series heading to BBC One in the UK. The series deals with the story of a couple who found a stash of drugs in a boat and agreed to sell it.

In their journey, the duo find themselves chased by a gangster. Can they successfully sell drugs and split the money between them?

In this blog, you will find everything related to Boat Story and where and how to watch Boat Story in Europe.

How to watch Boat Stroy in Europe on BBC?

Boat Story Seasons 1 is heading to BBC in the UK. Since BBC is only accessible from the UK, you will need a reliable VPN to unblock it from Europe.

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6- Enjoy

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Boat Story Seasons 1 in Europe?

Boat Story Seasons 1 is now streaming on BBC One and BBC iPayer in the UK. Since BBC is a regionally restricted streaming channel, you will need a reliable VPN to unblock it from Europe.

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Where to watch Boat Story in Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, France, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia, Hungary, Netherlands, and Czechia

You can watch Boat Story in these European countries by accessing BBC from outside UK. This is only possible with a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

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Watching Boat Story on BBC with NordVPN

NordVPN is considered the best alternative for ExpressVPN. Some publishers have rated it the best, and some say it is better than ExpressVPN. We tested NordVPN’s British servers to watch Boat Story Season 1 from Europe. It worked perfectly, and we binge-watched the first few episodes of the series.

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Boat Story Episode 2 — review

Samuel takes Janet to meet his ex-client, Craig, a jailed drug dealer, hoping Craig’s old connections can help them sell their drugs. However, selling proved more challenging than they expected. Concurrently, The Tailor and his hitman scour the town for the missing shipment.

Meanwhile, local policeman Ben Tooh inadvertently stumbles upon a vital clue related to recent shocking events. Unaware of the imminent danger, Ben is oblivious to how close he is to the truth as The Tailor approaches his mother’s home.

Boat Story Season 1 release date

The first season of Boat Story was released on November 19, 2023, with the second episode streaming on Monday, November 20, 2023. The remaining four episodes will air on the same day next week. The first episode has been rated 8/10 on IMDb.

In the US, the series will be available on Amazon Freevee. There is no word on the Canadian release date of the series, but we expect to see it airing on Carve.

Boat Story trailer

Boat Story Season 1 Plot

Boat Story follows two down-on-their-luck strangers, Janet and Daniel, who come across a huge stash of cocaine while exploring an abandoned boat. Janet recently lost her job in a horrific factory accident, while Daniel is a former lawyer from London with crippling gambling debts.

Thrilled by their unbelievable luck, Janet and Daniel decide to sell the cocaine and split the profits. But soon they find themselves on the run not just from the police, but also from masked hitmen and a ruthless gangster known only as “The Tailor.” The Tailor and his thuggish henchman Guy will stop at nothing to recover this lost drug shipment – the second one to go missing.

As Janet and Daniel try to stay ahead of their pursuers and cash in on the cocaine windfall that could change their lives, they begin to wonder – can they really trust each other? And how far will each of them go to keep the money for themselves? The stakes couldn’t be higher for these two strangers thrown together by chance in Boat Story.

The cast of Boat Story

Daisy Haggard leads the cast of Boat Story as Janet, and Paterson Joseph as Daniel. The duo found a drug stach on a boat and decided to sell it and split the cast.

Daisy Haggard as Janet

The character of Janet, who is short on cash, is played by actress Daisy Haggard in Boat Story. Haggard is probably best known for playing the role of Ally in the Sky comedy series Breeders. Some of her other notable acting credits include Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Back to Life, I Give it a Year, Episodes, and Uncle.

She has also done voice work, providing the voice of Mum in the animated show Hilda. So Haggard is an experienced comedic actress who brings her talents to the role of down-and-out Janet in this new movie Boat Story.

Paterson Joseph as Daniel

The role of Daniel, who discovers the drugs alongside Janet, is played by actor Paterson Joseph in Boat Story. Joseph has appeared in a variety of television shows, including playing Kamal in Noughts and Crosses and Mark Grace in the long-running medical drama Casualty.

Some of his other TV credits include roles in Vigil, The Sandman, That Dirty Black Bag, Green Wing, Survivors, and Timeless. So Joseph is an experienced television actor who brings his talents to the role of down-on-his-luck Daniel in this new movie, Boat Story.

  • Tcheky Karyo as The Tailor
  • Joanna Scanlan
  • Craig Fairbrass
  • Phil Daniels

How many episodes are in Boat Story Season 1?

The new BBC series will have six episodes. Two premiered on Sunday and Monday, with the remaining released on the same day every week.

Boat Story Episode 1

Two strangers find a huge cocaine haul on a washed-up boat and think it’s their lucky break. But their fortune soon turns deadly as they’re pursued by mobsters, hitmen, and the cops, all desperate to get the valuable drugs for themselves.

Boat Story Episode 2

After finding the cocaine, Janet and Daniel struggle to figure out how to sell their illegal windfall. Trying to offload the stolen drugs proves more difficult than they expected. At the same time, the ruthless mob boss known as The Tailor is wreaking violent havoc in his relentless pursuit of the drug thieves, leaving chaos in his wake.

Boat Story Episode 3

Janet and Daniel finally succeed in selling the cocaine and happily celebrate their sudden riches. But their joy is short-lived as The Tailor’s merciless henchman Guy hunts them down, getting closer to their trail. Just when they think they’re in the clear, Janet and Daniel make a startling discovery that puts them in even greater peril than before.

Boat Story Episode 4

Time is running out for Janet and Daniel as the dangerous mobsters and police both close in on their sleepy coastal town. With violent forces converging from all sides, Janet and Daniel find themselves caught in the crossfire. They’ll have to think fast and smart to have any chance of surviving as the net tightens around them. Outnumbered and outgunned, the two strangers will need luck and skill to make it out alive before their sleepy town becomes a war zone.

Boat Story Episode 5

After seeing something horrific, Janet and Daniel are shaken and unsure what to do next. They desperately try to figure out their next step, but realize no choice seems completely safe anymore. With their loved ones’ lives now on the line, Janet and Daniel are forced to consider how much they are willing to sacrifice and how far they will go to protect the people they care about most. Pushed into a corner, the two strangers may have to make some dangerous decisions and cross some ethical lines they never thought possible.

Boat Story Episode 6

The series builds to a surprising final showdown between the strangers and the mob boss, with unexpected twists keeping everyone guessing during their climactic confrontation.

Boat Story review

According to The Independent, the new 6-part BBC thriller Boat Story follows two down-on-their-luck strangers, Janet and Samuel, who unexpectedly stumble upon a boat full of cocaine and get swept up into a dangerous criminal underworld.

Trying to sell the drugs, they must outrun both a psychotic French mob boss known as The Tailor and bumbling local police, leading to a darkly comedic series of mishaps and escalating violence. With tones shifting between farce and thriller, Boat Story aims for a stylistic mix of filmmakers like the Coen Brothers and Tarantino. While lead Daisy Haggard gives a terrific performance as the cynical yet sweet Janet, the wafer-thin characterization and relentlessly quippy tone across six episodes becomes grating.

Ultimately Boat Story is a strange tonal match for BBC One, with its graphic violence and black humor more suited to the big screen than a TV series.

Boat Story filming location

The filming locations for Boat Story included Majuba Beach on the Yorkshire coast, where the shooting took place in November 2022. Additional filming was done in the towns of Redcar, Selby, and Halifax in 2023. So the production crew shot scenes across various coastal and inland locations in Yorkshire over the course of late 2022 and into 2023.

Who is the producer of Boat Story

The BBC and Amazon Freevee announced Boat Story as a six-part series in November 2022. It is produced by Two Brothers Pictures, written by the Williams brothers, and stars Haggard, Joseph, and other notable actors.

Wrap Up

Boat Story Season 1 is now streaming on BBC in the UK and on Amazon Freevee in the US. We recommend getting an ExpressVPN account to watch Boat Story Season 1 in Europe. We have tested ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark to access BBC from Europe, and all three worked perfectly.

However, we would pick ExpressVPN as the best VPN to watch Boat Story in Europe due to its highly optimized servers in the UK.

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