How to watch Fargo Season 5 in New Zealand for free| On SBS

How to watch Fargo Season 5

Fargo is back with another season, and new episodes are now streaming on Hulu in the US. Fans are eager to see which new actors will join the cast and what direction Hawley takes the latest gripping yarn set in the snowy Midwest region that gives this critically hailed franchise its name.

Here is everything you need to know about the series and how to watch Fargo Season 5 in New Zealand for free.

How to watch Fargo Season 5 in New Zealand for free?

How to watch Fargo Season 5

The fifth season of the award-winning series is now streaming for free on SBS in Australia. You can also access SBS from New Zealand and watch the latest episodes of Fargo Season 5 with a reliable VPN.

Here are the steps to watch Fargo Season 5 in New Zealand for free.

1- Get ExpressVPN to access SBS (12+3 month free special deal with a 30-day money-back guarantee)

2- Download the VPN app on your device (PCMacOS, LinuxAndroid, etc.)

3- Select an Australian server from the country list

4- Now open on your browser

6- Search for Fargo Season 5 on SBS from New Zealand

5- Enjoy the show

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Fargo Season 5 in New Zealand for free?

Unfortunately, Fargo Season 5 is not available for free in New Zealand. The series is available on Hulu in the USA and is now streaming on SBS in Australia for free.

SBS on Demand is a free streaming service with the latest American and British TV shows. You can access SBS from New Zealand with a reliable VPN.

A VPN changes your IP address, allotting you an Australian IP to access SBS. We tested ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark to access SBS from New Zealand and watched the first few episodes of Fargo Season 5. All three worked perfectly, but we would recommend ExpressVPN over others.

Why is ExpressVPN a good choice to watch Fargo Season 5 in New Zealand for free?

ExpressVPN is highly recommended as one of the best VPNs in 2023 by well-respected tech websites like Techradar, VPN Mentor, and Wizcase. We tested it ourselves and were able to successfully use ExpressVPN’s Australian server to access and stream Fargo Season 5 for free from New Zealand.

ExpressVPN has over 3,500 high-speed servers in more than 90 countries. These servers are excellent at unblocking restricted content and websites. Our speed test showed download speeds of 88 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. 

ExpressVPN offers user-friendly apps for major platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux computers and Smart TVs. You can also install ExpressVPN directly on gaming systems like PS4 and Xbox to secure up to 8 devices on one account.

The service uses advanced technologies like MediaStream DNS and Lightway to deliver secure, smooth streaming while bypassing geo-restrictions.

If you take their yearly subscription plan, you can get ExpressVPN for just $6.67/month with a 49% discount. This also includes 3 months free for the first year. ExpressVPN is risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee and provides 24/7 customer support. It’s a great choice for streaming shows like Fargo Season 5 in New Zealand for free.

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Watching Fargo Season 5 in New Zealand with NordVPN

For an affordable top-rated alternative to ExpressVPN, NordVPN is a leading choice. It has been ranked as the #1 VPN service by many major review websites, with some reporting it outperformed ExpressVPN in tests.

We tried NordVPN ourselves and were easily able to access SBS. We watched Fargo Season 5 for free in New Zealand using one of their Australian servers.

Our speed tests showed 82 Mbps download speeds even over a 100 Mbps internet connection. While slightly below ExpressVPN, this is still fast enough for smooth HD and 4K streaming. Impressively, NordVPN offers over 5,800 servers located in more than 60 different countries worldwide.

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Features like NordLynx provide fast and reliable streaming capability. NordVPN encrypts your traffic with 256-bit military-grade security to keep you safe and anonymous while accessing geo-restricted sites and streaming.

You can get a NordVPN subscription for only $4.79/month by signing up for their 2-year plan, which also includes 3 additional months free.

NordVPN guarantees your satisfaction with 24/7 customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. With its impressive capabilities, affordable pricing, and large server network, NordVPN is a good choice for watching Fargo Season 5 in New Zealand.

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Where to watch Fargo Season 5 in New Zealand?

Fargo Season 5 is availabe on Neon TV in New Zealand. You can get a Neon TV subscription for $17.99 per month or $179.99 per year. The basic plan will cost you $12.99 per month, but you will miss out on dozens of movies and TV shows.

The fifth season of Fargo is not streaming on another Kiwiana streaming service. The best way to watch Fargo Season 5 for free from New Zealand is on SBS with a reliable VPN. We tested ExpressVPN and NordVPN and wrote a short review regarding their pricing, features, and servers. You can read the review above and make an informed decision before purchasing a VPN.

What happened in Fargo Season 5 Episode 7

In “Fargo” Season 5 Episode 7, “Linda,” the story intertwines the paths of Dot and Gator. Dot, haunted by her past, discovers Camp Utopia, a sanctuary for abused women, where she confronts her own trauma and seeks help from the camp’s founder. Gator, on a separate mission, mistakenly kills someone and believes he has eliminated his target, Ole Munch. Both characters grapple with the consequences of their actions in this intense episode.

Fargo Season 5 release date

Fargo Season 5 premiered on Hulu in USA on November 21, 2023. Two episodes premiered back to back on the same date, with the rest to be released on a weekly basis. The series has a whopping 8.9/10 rating on IMDb and has Won 6 Primetime Emmys.

Five episodes of Fargo Season 5 have been released. The sixth episode, ‘The Tender Trap,’ will be released on December 19, 2023.

Fargo Season 5 trailer

What to expect from Fargo Season 5

Each new season of Fargo features a completely standalone plot with fresh characters. However, fans often find subtle connections woven between the different seasons. We’ll have to tune in to uncover if there are any links this time around.

But first, here’s the official premise for the upcoming fifth season:

Set in 2019 around Minnesota and North Dakota, the story follows Dorothy “Dot” Lyon, a typical Midwestern housewife who ends up confronting dark secrets from her past. This suddenly lands Dot in serious legal trouble.

Roy Tillman, a rancher, preacher and self-proclaimed upholder of the law has long been searching for Dot. Convinced that his authority puts him above the law, Roy enlists his eager yet hapless son Gator and a mysterious drifter named Ole Munch to hunt Dot down.

As her deepest secrets start to unravel, Dot tries to shield her unsuspecting husband and family from her mysterious origins. But her doting husband Wayne keeps seeking help from his disapproving mother Lorraine, a powerful debt collection CEO.

Eventually, Dot’s odd behavior also grabs the attention of two police deputies, drawing them into the twisty case. And when legal issues loom, Lorraine assigns her top corporate lawyer Danish Graves to come to her beleaguered daughter-in-law’s aid. After all, family comes first.

But resourceful Dot possesses an almost supernatural ability to survive against the odds. And with her back against the wall, she’s about to reveal why nobody should ever cross a mother Lyon.

The cast of Fargo Season 5

Here are the main cast members of Fargo Season 5

  1. Juno Temple as Dorothy ‘Dot’ Lyon: Known for “Atonement” (2007), “The Dark Knight Rises” (2012), “Maleficent” (2014).
  2. Jon Hamm as Roy Tillman: Famous for “Mad Men” (TV series, 2007-2015), “Baby Driver” (2017), “The Town” (2010).
  3. Joe Keery as Gator: Notable works include “Stranger Things” (TV series, 2016-present), “Free Guy” (2021), “Molly’s Game” (2017).
  4. Sam Spruell (The Gold) as Ole Munch: Recognized for “Snow White and the Huntsman” (2012), “Taken 3” (2014), “The Hurt Locker” (2008).
  5. David Rysdahl (Black Mirror: Mazey Day) as Wayne Lyon: Featured in “Nine Days” (2020), “No Exit” (2022), “Oppenheimer” (2023).
  6. Jennifer Jason Leigh as Lorraine Lyon: Known for “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” (1982), “Last Exit to Brooklyn” (1989), “Backdraft” (1991).
  7. Richa Moorjani (Never Have I Ever) as Indira Olmstead: Starred in “Never Have I Ever” (TV series, 2020-present).
  8. Lamorne Morris (New Girl) as Witt Farr: Recognized for “New Girl” (TV series, 2011-2018), “Woke” (TV series, 2020-2022), “Call Me Kat” (TV series, 2021-present).
  9. Dave Foley (A Bug’s Life) as Danish Graves: Known for “The Kids in the Hall” (TV series, 1988–1995), “A Bug’s Life” (1998), “NewsRadio” (TV series, 1995-1999).

How many episodes are in Fargo Season 5?

The fifth season will have five episodes. Here is the episode guide for Fargo Season 5 with release dates.

  1. Season 5, Episode 1 – “The Tragedy of the Commons” Release Date: November 21, 2023
    Dot faces unexpected challenges, leading her back into a life she thought she had left behind.
  2. Season 5, Episode 2 – “Trials and Tribulations” Release Date: November 21, 2023
    Roy strives to restore balance, while Lorraine grows increasingly doubtful.
  3. Season 5, Episode 3 – “The Paradox of Intermediate Transactions” Release Date: November 28, 2023
    Dot and Wayne defend their territory, Roy eliminates a hindrance, Witt senses deceit, and Gator takes decisive action.
  4. Season 5, Episode 4 – “Insolubilia” Release Date: December 5, 2023
    Munch makes a daring decision, Indira and Witt seek answers, Wayne faces a setback, and Gator falls short of expectations.
  5. Season 5, Episode 5 – “The Tiger” Release Date: December 12, 2023
    Dot executes strategic diversions, Roy encounters a formidable opponent, and Indira aids a new acquaintance.
  6. Season 5, Episode 6 – “The Tender Trap” Release Date: December 19, 2023
    Lorraine ends things, Gator probes deeper, Wayne uncovers something unexpected, and Indira introduces a fresh viewpoint.
  7. Season 5, Episode 7 – “Linda” Release Date: December 26, 2023
    Dot embarks on an extraordinary adventure.
  8. Season 5, Episode 8 – “Blanket” Release Date: January 2, 2024
  9. Season 5, Episode 9 – “Episode #5.9” Release Date: January 9, 2024
  10. Season 5, Episode 10 – “Episode #5.10” Release Date: January 16, 2024

What are the critics saying about Fargo Season 5

According to Michael Starr from the New York Post, In my experience, the best way to watch the FX anthology series Fargo is not to overanalyze it but rather sit back and take it in like a fine wine – appreciating its flavorful eccentricities and occasionally goofy qualities as you go.

Created by Noah Hawley, the show is meant to be savored for its colorful cast of offbeat characters and uniquely quirky perspective. Rather than get hung up dissecting plot points, I’ve found it more rewarding to relax and let the bizarre yet captivating Fargo universe wash over you in all its distinctiveness. With its singular flair, the series is crafted to hit the spot in an unconventional way when absorbed in the moment rather than scrutinized. Much like fine dining, Fargo offers a distinctive sensory experience to be enjoyed on its own terms.

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Wrap Up

There you go. We have mentioned the best way to watch Fargo Season 5 in New Zealand for free, and that is on SBS with a reliable VPN. We have tested ExpressVPN and NordVPN to access SBS from New Zealand, and both worked perfectly.

We have also written a short review for you discussing the features, servers, and device compatibility they offer, so you can make an informed decision.

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