How to watch US Open 2023 in Canada online free| Live Stream US Open 2023 in Canada on 9Now for free

How to watch US Open 2023

Are you ready for thrilling tennis – the US Open is back in New York! The year’s final Grand Slam brings the world’s best players to Flushing Meadows to compete for the title.

The two weeks will be filled with an electrifying tennis show, and Canadian tennis fans are in for a treat. We will discuss everything released to the tennis tournament and where and how you can watch US Open 2023 in Canada for free.

How to watch US Open 2023 in Canada for free?

The US Open 2023 will be streaming on 9Now in Australia completely free. Since 9Now is only accessible in Australia, you will need a workable VPN to access it from Canada.

Here are the steps you need to follow to watch the 143rd US Open in Canada.

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  6. Enjoy
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Watching US Open 2023 in Canada (FREE)| Detailed Explanation

Here are the detailed steps you need to follow the watch US Open 2023 from Canada for free on 9Now:

1- Get ExpressVPN to access 9Now

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2- Download the ExpressVPN app on your device

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3- Connect to an Australian Server

After downloading the ExpressVPN app, open up the ExpresVPN app and connect to an Australian server to get an Australian IP address. 

Since 9Now is only accessible from Australia, you will need an Australian IP address to access it and watch US Open 2023 from Canada for free.

4- Enjoy

After connecting to an Australian server, open in your browser or in-app, search for US Open 2023 on 9Now from Canada and enjoy.

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What’s happening in US Open 2023?

Novak Djokovic advanced to the US Open semifinals with a dominant 6-1, 6-4, 6-4 straight-set win over Taylor Fritz, moving him one step closer to a record-tying 24th Grand Slam title. 19-year-old Coco Gauff continued her impressive run by defeating Jelena Ostapenko 6-0, 6-2 to become the youngest American woman to reach the US Open semifinals since Serena Williams in 2001.

Where to watch US Open 2023 in Canada?

The broadcasting rights for the 2023 US Open are with several streaming services, including 9Now in Australia and ESPN internationally. However, Canadian tennis fans can expect to stream the event on TSN or RDS, but nothing is confirmed.

TSN Canada

TSN, or The Sports Network, has been a cornerstone in Canadian sports broadcasting since it first aired on September 1, 1984. It holds the distinction of being Canada’s first national cable channel dedicated exclusively to sports content.

In the style of its American counterpart ESPN, TSN aimed to be the ultimate destination for Canadian sports enthusiasts. Over the years, it has evolved to offer a wide range of sports programming that includes hockey, which you might expect in Canada, and football, basketball, soccer, golf, and even eSports. We have watched Wimbledon in Canada on TSN.

When it comes to pricing, TSN operates on a subscription model. It’s often included as part of broader cable TV packages, but you can also subscribe to TSN Direct, the network’s own streaming service. As of my last update in September 2021, TSN Direct generally costs around $24.99 per month, with options to subscribe for 6 months or even a full year at discounted rates. It’s worth noting that the price can fluctuate based on promotions or bundled services.

In summary, TSN has a long history of serving Canadian sports fans with quality content, and its flexible pricing options make it accessible whether you’re a cord-cutter or still attached to your cable box. With its extensive coverage of various sports and its evolving digital platforms, TSN remains a key player in Canada’s sports broadcasting landscape.

RSD Canada

RDS, or Réseau des sports, has been a staple in the Canadian sports broadcasting scene since its launch on September 1, 1989. Tailored primarily for the French-speaking audience, RDS serves as a counterpart to TSN, Canada’s English-language sports network. Since its inception, RDS has focused on delivering comprehensive coverage of a myriad of sports, including but not limited to hockey, football, and auto racing. It’s a go-to destination for Quebecers and other French-speaking Canadians who are keen on sports.

Regarding its pricing, RDS typically comes as part of a cable TV subscription package. However, like TSN, RDS also offers its own streaming service, known as RDS Direct. As of my last update in September 2021, the monthly subscription cost for RDS Direct is around $24.99 a month, although discounts were often available for longer-term commitments like a 6-month or annual subscription. Prices can also vary due to promotions or if the service is bundled with other offerings.

In a nutshell, RDS has long been a crucial platform for sports enthusiasts in French-speaking Canada. Its broad spectrum of sports coverage and flexible pricing options have made it an accessible choice for viewers, whether they’re traditional cable subscribers or prefer streaming services. It continues to be a significant player in Canada’s diverse sports broadcasting ecosystem.

Where to watch US Open 2023 for free in Canada?

If you want a free fix to stream the 2023 US Open in Canada, we recommend websites like 9Now and Sony Live. The problem is they are regionally restricted websites that can be accessed with a workable VPN. We have tested ExpressVPN to stream Rugby World Cup in Canada and it worked perfectly.

The second option you have is a paid cable subscription or digital apps like TSN or RSD to watch US Open in Canada. However, there is still a way to stream it for free!

9Now in Australia will have free streams of the US Open 2023. But this website can only be accessed within Australia normally.

With a VPN service like ExpressVPN, you can change your device’s location to Australia and access 9Now from Canada. This allows you to watch the entire US Open 2023 tennis tournament live from Canada without cost. So, using ExpressVPN is an easy tip to stream free matches of the 2023 US Open in Spain this year.

Which Channels will have US Open 2023 in Canada?

The US Open will be broadcast on many channels globally. The best and tested way to watch US Open 2023 in Canada is on 9Now with a reliable VPN.

If you are looking for local sports channels in Canada. Check out the US Open streaming news and schedule with TSN or RSD.

Our team has checked the websites of almost all Canadian sports channels, and none of them have the US Open 2023 broadcasting rights at the time. Therefore, the most cost-efficient way to stream US Open 2023 in Canada is on 9Now with ExpressVPN.

Can I watch US Open 2023 on the official website?

Some matches will be available for free streaming on the US Open official website. However, crucial matches like the semi-final or final will not stream on

Where to watch US Open 2023 in Canada on mobile?

For tennis fans in Canada, the TSN and RSD mobile app provides live streaming of US Open in Canada.

If you are in Canada and want to follow the US Open 2023 on your phone or tablet, simply download the TSN app. You’ll be able to watch live action or replay highlights from all the tennis excitement.

Where is US Open 2023 happening?

For a century and counting, the scorching courts of the US Open have been the ultimate proving ground, turning mere athletes into tennis titans.

Born in the tail end of the 19th century in Newport, this showdown had humble beginnings with lawn tennis and wooden rackets. But it found its true home, its Mecca, in the city that never sleeps—New York. That’s when the story really got cooking.

The DecoTurf stage in the Big Apple has been like Broadway for tennis giants. Billy Jean King strutted her stuff like no other. Serena Williams powered through opponents like a freight train. Their monumental triumphs are as permanent as the concrete and acrylic they battled on.

If tennis courts were racetracks, then the US Open would be the Daytona 500. The quick courts turn every serve and volley into a speed duel, demanding lightning-fast reflexes. No room for hesitance here, folks—only the audacious claim victory on this blue coliseum. Players who gamble with aggressive plays are the ones who hoist the trophy, or go down swinging.

Over a hundred years of hustle and heartbreak, the US Open courts are steeped in the sweat of legends and the tears of the vanquished. It’s where summer puts a bow on itself, and rockets both balls and players into tennis immortality.

What is the prize money for US Open 2023?

There’s going to be a ton of money given out at the US Open this year – $65 million total! That’s the biggest prize money of all the Grand Slams.

The winners get paid a lot:

  • The men’s singles champ gets $3 million
  • The women’s singles winner gets $1.5 million
  • The men’s doubles winners split $700,000
  • The women’s doubles winners split $350,000
  • The mixed doubles winners split $170,000

Even players who lose early get some money.

With so much cash to win, the players will go all out for the title and the big payment. The US Open is gonna have exciting games from start to finish this year!

What is US Open and why is it popular in Canada?

When the New York sun dips below the horizon, Arthur Ashe Stadium flips the switch and the US Open transforms into prime-time magic. The arena, packed to the rafters with 23,000 spectators, becomes a pulsating hive of energy as tennis gladiators step into the floodlit arena. Every thunderous serve and electrifying rally sends the crowd into frenzy, magnifying each moment under the spotlight.

The evening shroud adds a layer of enchantment to the Open, lending a special aura to historic battles. From McEnroe’s fiery antics to Serena’s jaw-dropping comebacks, the night sky seems to add a layer of theatre to their exploits. When the stadium lights up, so does the allure and the drama.

This isn’t just another tournament; it’s the grand finale of the Slam season. Young guns aiming to make their mark, seasoned warriors eyeing one last hurrah—the air is thick with desperation and hope. In this sanctified tennis cathedral, with the crowd as its boisterous choir, aspirations come true and legends get their due.

As the 2023 lineup readies to grace this electrifying stage, Arthur Ashe Stadium promises another night of unforgettable tennis theatre. For those tuning in from Canada, catch all the action for free on 9Now, by way of a dependable VPN. The drama is just a click away.

US Open 2023 Schedule

Session Date Time of Day Start Time Match Schedule
1 Mon 28 Aug Day 11.00am Men’s / Women’s 1st Round
2 Mon 28 Aug Night 7.00pm Men’s / Women’s 1st Round
3 Tue 29 Aug Day 11.00am Men’s / Women’s 1st Round
4 Tue 29 Aug Night 7.00pm Men’s / Women’s 1st Round
5 Wed 30 Aug Day 11.00am Men’s / Women’s 2nd Round
6 Wed 30 Aug Night 7.00pm Men’s / Women’s 2nd Round
7 Thu 31 Aug Day 11.00am Men’s / Women’s 2nd Round
8 Thu 31 Aug Night 7.00pm Men’s / Women’s 2nd Round
9 Fri 1 Sep Day 11.00am Men’s / Women’s 3rd Round
10 Fri 1 Sep Night 7.00pm Men’s / Women’s 3rd Round
11 Sat 2 Sep Day 11.00am Men’s / Women’s 3rd Round
12 Sat 2 Sep Night 7.00pm Men’s / Women’s 3rd Round
13 Sun 3 Sep Day 11.00am Men’s / Women’s Round of 16
14 Sun 3 Sep Night 7.00pm Men’s / Women’s Round of 16
15 Mon 4 Sep Day 11.00am Men’s / Women’s Round of 16
16 Mon 4 Sep Night 7.00pm Men’s / Women’s Round of 16
17 Tue 5 Sep Day 12.00pm Men’s / Women’s Quarterfinals
18 Tue 5 Sep Night 7.00pm Men’s / Women’s Quarterfinals
19 Wed 6 Sep Day 12.00pm Men’s / Women’s Quarterfinals
20 Wed 6 Sep Night 7.00pm Men’s / Women’s Quarterfinals
21 Thu 7 Sep Day 12.00pm Women’s Semifinals / Men’s and Women’s Doubles Semifinals
22 Fri 8 Sep Day 12.00pm Men’s Doubles Final or Mixed Doubles Final / Men’s Semifinal 1
23 Fri 8 Sep Night 7.00pm Men’s Semifinal 2
24 Sat 9 Sep Day 12:00pm Mixed Doubles Final or Men’s Doubles Final / Women’s Final
25 Sun 10 Sep Day 1:00pm Women’s Doubles Final / Men’s Final

Who is playing in US Open 2023?

Men and Women will do their best to score points in the tennis war. Here are a few notable matches in the 2023 US Open.

Notable Men’s matches in US Open 2023

Matchup No. Player 1 vs. Player 2
No. 1 Carlos Alcaraz vs. Dominik Koepfer
No. 2 Novak Djokovic vs. Alexandre Muller
No. 3 Daniil Medvedev vs. Attila Balazs
No. 4 Holger Rune vs. Roberto Carballes Baena
No. 5 Casper Ruud vs. Qualifier
No. 6 Jannik Sinner vs. Yannick Hanfmann
No. 7 Stefanos Tsitsipas vs. Milos Raonic
No. 8 Andrey Rublev vs. Emil Ruusuvuori
No. 9 Taylor Fritz vs. Steve Johnson
No. 10 Frances Tiafoe vs. Learner Tien
No. 28 Chris Eubanks vs. Soonwoo Kwon

Notable Women’s matches in US Open 2023

Matchup No. Player 1 vs. Player 2
No. 1 Iga Świątek vs. Rebecca Peterson
No. 2 Aryna Sabalenka vs. Maryna Zanevska
No. 3 Jessica Pegula vs. Camila Giorgi
No. 4 Elena Rybakina vs. Marta Kostyuk
No. 5 Ons Jabeur vs. Camila Osorio Serrano
No. 6 Coco Gauff vs. Qualifier
No. 7 Caroline Garcia vs. Qualifier
No. 8 Maria Sakkari vs. Rebeka Masarova
No. 9 Marketa Vondrousova vs. Qualifier
No. 10 Karolina Muchova vs. Storm Hunter

Before Roger Federer, there was a tennis master, Richard Sears. Richard Sears has the best figures in US Open tennis. He has won the title seven times, along with William Larned and Bill Tilden, before the tennis tournament went international.

Richard Sears has the best record with seven victories in a row. His record is still unbeaten in the US Open tournament. After the US Open went international, we saw the rise of Jimmy Connors in the 1970s, Pete Sampras in the '90s, and Roger Fereder in the early 2000s.

The three of them have won US Open five times, but the Swiss tennis player did in with a champions touch. He won the US Open title from 2004-2008, five in a row, setting a new record in modern tennis.

The 20-year-old, Spanish tennis player "Carlos Alcaraz" is the current defending US Open champion. He has also won the 2023 Wimbledon and looking to get this year's second Grand Slam championship.

At just 19 years old, Carlos Alcaraz has rapidly emerged as one of the most talented and exciting young stars in tennis. Hailing from Spain, Alcaraz has quickly risen up the ATP rankings thanks to his aggressive playing style, speed, and athleticism.

In 2021, Alcaraz announced himself on the big stage when he became the youngest man to reach the US Open quarterfinals since 1963. He continued to turn heads in 2022, winning his first Masters 1000 title at the Miami Open and then reaching his first Grand Slam quarterfinal at Roland Garros.

Alcaraz cemented himself as the next big thing in men's tennis when he won his first Grand Slam title at the 2022 US Open. Still a teenager, he defeated Casper Ruud in the final to become the youngest-ever US Open men's champion. Following the tournament, he also became the youngest world #1 in ATP history.

With his limitless potential, Alcaraz looks poised to win many more majors and hold the top ranking for years to come. His dynamic game and youthful exuberance have many predicting he could dominate the sport in the post-Big 3 era. Carlos Alcaraz has already accomplished remarkable feats, but his career appears just to be getting started.

Carlos Alcaraz, the young Spanish tennis is trained by 2003 French Open Winner Juan Carlos Ferrero.

We have calculated the championships of US Open after it went international. The United States is one of the most prominent countries in the tournament, with 19 championships.

Australia, Switzerland, and Spain are second on the list, with 6 championships each, followed by other European countries.

Several websites are selling US Open 2023 tickets online. Here are a few options for you.

  • US Open Website - You can purchase tickets directly through the official US Open website ( They offer tickets for all session types, including day and night matches.
  • Ticketmaster - As the official ticketing provider, Ticketmaster sells tickets to the US Open on their website. You can select seats for specific courts and sessions.
  • StubHub - This popular resale/exchange marketplace lets fans resell US Open tickets. It's a good option for finding last minute tickets.
  • Vivid Seats - Another secondary ticket seller with a large inventory of seats for all days and courts. Prices may fluctuate based on demand.
  • USTA Membership - Becoming a member of the USTA (United States Tennis Association) provides pre-sale ticket access before the general public.
  • Box Office - You can buy tickets in person at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center box office during the tournament. Limited selection.

For the premier courts (Arthur Ashe, Louis Armstrong) night session and finals tickets will be the most in-demand. Act fast for the best availability, especially on weekends. Prices typically rise closer to the tournament dates.

Unfortunately, this year's US Open will not be streaming on Prime Video. Last year's US Open was made available for Prime Video customers in the UK; this year, a deal has been done with Sky Sports in the UK.

Wrap Up

The topic of watching US Open 2023 in Canada for free has been discussed thoroughly. You have 9Now to watch it for free with an ExpressVPN account or get a TSN or RSD subscription to stream in on TV, mobiles, or Laptops.

Our experts have tested ExpressVPN to access geo-blocked streams many times. It has worked well for watching Tour de France in Canada, the US Open 2023 in Germany, the Giro d’Italia 2023, and other sports from different countries for free.

So, for tennis fans in Canada looking for a free US Open 2023 live stream, we highly recommend using ExpressVPN to access 9Now. This will let you watch all the action from the US Open championship without paying anything.

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