Where To Watch Super Bowl 2023 in Mexico without Cable| Watch Super Bowl 2023 on BBC from Mexico for free

watch Super Bowl 2023 without cable

Super Bowl LVII is the highly-anticipated upcoming American football championship of the National Football League and is already the highlight of this year for football fans and seasonal fanatics alike. Not just them, it is a considerable attractive force for those bored by sports, if only to witness a ground-breaking performance from a singer loved worldwide like no other. Either way, let us delve into everything you need to know about the much-awaited Super Bowl 2023 and how to watch it from Mexico.

Where To Watch Super Bowl 2023 Without Cable in Mexico?

The fifty-seventh edition of the Super Bowl is happening this year and will be televised live online on BBC in the UK and on Fox sports in the United States. If you are located in Mexico, get an ExpressVPN and watch Super Bowl 2023 for free from Mexico.

How To Watch Super Bowl 2023 in Mexico for free

BBC has the broadcasting rights for Super Bowl 2023, and it is a free-to-air streaming service in the UK. If you reside in Mexico or anywhere outside the UK, get an ExpressVPN account to change your IP address and watch Super Bowl 2023 for free. Follow these steps:

1- Sign up to ExpressVPN for BBC (You’ll get three extra months free with a 12-month plan, plus a 30-day money-back guarantee)

2- Download ExpressVPN on your devices of choice (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and more)

3- Open the app and connect to a British server (UK- IP address)

4- Now open BBC.com in your browser or in-app

5- Search Super Bowl 2023 on BBC One from Mexico (ITV account is free)

6- Enjoy

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Watch Super Bowl 2023 In Mexico For Free| Detailed Explanation

Super Bowl 57 will be streaming on BBC One for free in the UK. Since BBC is only accessible from the UK, you will need a workable VPN to change your IP address and watch BBC One from Mexico or anywhere outside the UK. Here are the detailed steps to watch Super Bowl 57 in Mexico for free:

1- Sign Up For ExpressVPN

You can get three extra months free of ExpressVPN with their annual plan. That’s 15 months for the price of 12. A single subscription supports five devices simultaneously and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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2- Download The ExpressVPN App

After signing up, download the ExpressVPN app from your respective app store. ExpressVPN has dedicated Windows, Android devices, mac OS, iPhones, and Linux applications. You can also use ExpressVPN on your gaming consoles like PS4 or Xbox.

With a single ExpressVPN subscription, you can secure up to five devices simultaneously.

3- Connect To A British IP address

After downloading the ExpressVPN app on your device. Select a British IP address from the country list in the ExpressVPN app. Since BBC One is only accessible from the UK, you will need to connect to a British server to access BBC and watch Super Bowl 2023 from Mexico.

4- Enjoy

After connecting to a British IP address, open BBC.com and search for Super Bowl. You can now watch American Football for free on BBC One from Mexico, enjoy.

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Where to Watch Super Bowl LVII Online in Mexico?

The broadcasting rights for this year’s Super Bowl have been awarded to the Fox network in the United States. Fox is available on almost all cable TV plans for $5.99/per month with a 7-day free trial.

If you are in Mexico or anywhere outside the United States, get an ExpressVPN subscription to change your IP address and watch Super Bowl LVII online on Fox. If you don’t have cable tv options or are one of the cord-cutters, then you can watch Super Bowl 2023 on Hulu (with Live TV), FuboTV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV. You can watch the game on the Fox Sports app if you have a subscription to any of the above-mentioned services.

For Super Bowl fans in the UK, BBC One has the broadcasting rights to stream Super Bowl LVII this year. The kickoff time for the UK viewers will be 11:30 pm which will continue for hours. Another issue is you won’t be able to see the iconic ads that come along with the Super Bowl, which a number of people like to watch.

The Super Bowl 2023 will also be available on Sky Sports in the UK. If you are a Sky TV subscriber with the Sky Sports package, look no further and watch Super Bowl 2023 on Sky Sports from the UK.

Where to Watch Super Bowl LVII on Mobile?

The best option you have to stream Super Bowl 2023 on a mobile phone is with the NFL Plus streaming service. It allows subscribers to watch nationally broadcast games throughout the year.

Super Bowl 2023: Who’s Playing?

The Super Bowl 2023 is set to start on Sunday, February 12, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. EST and will take place at the Arizona Cardinals’ home in Glendale, Arizona. Unfortunately, the Arizona Cardinals have already been eliminated and thus will not get a chance to play in the State Farm Stadium. 

Football fans agree that it is too early to decide who’s playing against whom this season, but there is a relatively mutual consensus about the Buffalo Bills being under the spotlight. Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs top the charts as the favorites, with high chances of the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, and Cincinnati Bengals ending up playing. 

Eight teams are still competing in the playoffs, of which only two lucky ones will make it to the Super Bowl. The Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Cincinnati Bengals are still in the playoffs in the AFC. Conversely, the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and San Francisco 49ers are still in the game in the NFC. 

The Halftime Show Everyone Is Waiting For 

Halftime shows are always highly anticipated and loved by all, but it is bound to be the best this time. The year 2023’s Super Bowl will fulfill dreams worldwide, as the halftime performer is none other than the magnificent Rihanna.

It goes without saying that this world-renowned star knows full well how to put on a splendid show and will unequivocally satisfy the expectations of her fans heartily anticipating her performance. It will be predominantly family-friendly since this is the NFL and will be broadcasted live on television, and will include some of her best songs that we all have come to adore. 

As if Rihanna’s performance wasn’t reason enough to make this Super Ball one of the best and one to remember, there is a high chance that she will not be the only star of the show, albeit the biggest. We may also get a chance to see Jay Z on stage with Rihanna, or at least that is what the fans are looking forward to.

Since Roc Nation is producing the show, is it witless to expect Shawn Carter or another star from the Roc Nation roster? Absolutely not. Is it expected that the earnestly waiting fans will get more sneak peeks into the halftime show as the Super Bowl gets closer. 

Where To Watch Super Bowl Without Cable In Mexico

You can stream Super Bowl 2023 on FOX. But if you are a proud millennial cord-cutter, you can watch the game live through various TV subscriptions such as YouTube TV, FuboTV, and Hulu.

Who will sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl?

Chris Stapleton has been finalized to sing the National Anthem to start the Super Bowl 2023. Stapleton is an American country performer best known for his album Starting Over. He has won several awards, including Grammys, CMA, and Academy of Country Music.

For Super Bowl 56, country music artist Mickey Guyton was chosen to perform her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

Who is most likely to win Super Bowl 2023?

Although it is still too early to tell which teams will make it to the final match, many sports pundits believe Kansas City Chiefs have the best odds to win the 2023 Super Bowl.

Which Ads Will We See in Super Bowl 2023?

Super Bowl ads are one of the reasons to watch the game for many viewers. Brands spend millions of dollars to gain a single spot in the Super Bowl ad spot. We have to watch the Super Bowl LVII to see which brands made it to the game in 2023, while some ads are already hinted on social media.

Walter White from Breaking Bad shared a picture of himself on Instagram holding a pack of PopCorners with the Super Bowl date mentioned in the picture description. On the other hand, Dortios is not far behind PopCorners. Doritos’ official Twitter handle shared a picture of a celebrity eating the nachos with the Super Bowl date on the image. The face of the celebrity has not been revealed yet, and we guess we have to wait to see who he really is.

Who are the previous winners of the Super Bowl?

The two teams that have won the most Super Bowl games at six each are New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers. On the other hand, the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers have both won five championships each, followed by Green Bay Packers and New York Giants with four wins each. Here is a complete list of Super Bowl winners since 1967.

Super Bowl Edition



1 January 15, 1967 Green Bay Packers
2 January 14, 1968 Green Bay Packers
3 January 12, 1969 New York Jets
4 January 11, 1970 Kansas City Chiefs
5 January 17, 1971 Baltimore Colts
6 January 16, 1972 Dallas Cowboys
7 January 14, 1973 Miami Dolphins
8 January 13, 1974 Miami Dolphins
9 January 12, 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers
10 January 18, 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers
11 January 9, 1977 Oakland Raiders
12 January 15, 1978 Dallas Cowboys
13 January 21, 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers
14 January 20, 1980 Pittsburgh Steelers
15 January 25, 1981 Oakland Raiders
16 January 24, 1982 San Francisco 49ers
17 January 30, 1983 Washington Redskins
18 January 22, 1984 Los Angeles Raiders
19 January 20, 1985 San Francisco 49ers
20 January 26, 1986 Chicago Bears
21 January 25, 1987 New York Giants
22 January 31, 1988 Washington Redskins
23 January 22, 1989 San Francisco 49ers
24 January 28, 1990 San Francisco 49ers
25 January 27, 1991 New York Giants
26 January 26, 1992 Washington Redskins
27 January 31, 1993 Dallas Cowboys
28 January 30, 1994 Dallas Cowboys
29 January 29, 1995 San Francisco 49ers
30 January 28, 1996 Dallas Cowboys
31 January 26, 1997 Green Bay Packers
32 January 25, 1998 Denver Broncos
33 January 31, 1999 Denver Broncos
34 January 30, 2000 St. Louis Rams
35 January 28, 2001 Baltimore Ravens
36 February 3, 2002 New England Patriots
37 January 26, 2003 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
38 February 1, 2004 New England Patriots
39 February 6, 2005 New England Patriots
40 February 5, 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers
41 February 4, 2007 Indianapolis Colts
42 February 3, 2008 New York Giants
43 February 1, 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers
44 February 7, 2010 New Orleans Saints
45 February 6, 2011 Green Bay Packers
46 February 5, 2012 New York Giants
47 February 3, 2013 Baltimore Ravens
48 February 2, 2014 Seattle Seahawks
49 February 1, 2015 New England Patriots
50 February 7, 2016 Denver Broncos
51 February 5, 2017 New England Patriots
52 February 4, 2018 Philadelphia Eagles
53 February 3, 2019 New England Patriots
54 February 2, 2020 Kansas City Chiefs
55 February 7, 2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
56 February 13, 2022 Los Angeles Rams
57 February 12, 2023 TBA

Where will the Super Bowl take place in the future?

After Super Bowl 57 in Arizona, the final NFL game will move to Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada, for the 2024 championship match. In 2025, the event will be held at the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans.

Wrap Up

Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated sports events of the year, with viewership reaching approx 100 million worldwide. If you are wondering where to watch the 2023 Super Bowl online in Mexico, get an ExpressVPN subscription for $6.67/m with a 30-day money-back guarantee and watch it on BBC.

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