Jennifer Lopez’s The Mother Trailer released on YouTube

Jennifer Lopez's The Mother Trailer released

The trailer for Netflix’s latest thriller, “The Mother,” featuring Jennifer Lopez in the starring role, has been unveiled.

Last seen in the 2002 action thriller “Enough,” Jennifer makes a captivating comeback with her action prowess in this new adventure.

As Ben Affleck’s significant other takes on the challenge, the upcoming thriller presents a unique blend of adrenaline-fueled action and heartfelt emotion.

“Netflix will premiere the film on May 12,” announced Jennifer Lopez on her Instagram this Tuesday.

Watch the thrilling trailer for THE MOTHER below:

In the film, the renowned pop star portrays a hidden assassin who emerges to safeguard her daughter, whom she had to abandon due to her perilous profession.

In the action-filled trailer, Lopez states, “I’m a killer. But I’m also a mother. And I will die protecting her.”

Commending Lopez’s talents, director Niki Caro mentioned, “I knew Jennifer was the only actress for the role.”

Caro, 56, further elaborated, “Jennifer not only demonstrates her legendary skill and precision in the action sequences, but she also brings her dramatic acting prowess and maternal experience to the core of the film.”


Marry Me actress Jennifer Lopez plays a lethal female assassin who is compelled to leave hiding to defend her daughter from dangerous attackers.

The Mother Cast

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