Heels, Blindspotting, and two major shows cancelled by Starz

Heels starz cancelled

In a notable strategy shift, Starz is pulling the plug on four of its distinct shows amid indications that the WGA strike is nearing its end. Among those not making the cut are the wrestling-centric drama Heels, the light-hearted series Run the World, and the blend of drama and humor, Blindspotting – all fresh off their sophomore seasons.

Moreover, production for The Venery of Samantha Bird is coming to a halt, even though it debuted just before the WGA uproar in spring.

This move is hot on the heels of Starz’s revelation about wrapping up its blockbuster series, Outlander. Consequently, the channel and its streaming counterpart will predominantly focus on the spin-offs of Power and several other shows, one being the spooky laughter-fest Shining Vale.

Adding a silver lining for Outlander enthusiasts, a prequel series named Outlander: Blood of My Blood is slated for a 10-episode run.

The terminated shows certainly weren’t lacking in celebrity clout. For example, Heels spotlighted Arrow star Stephen Amell and had the creative touch of Michael Waldron, famed for his contributions to Loki.

Run the World was steered by Yvette Lee Bowser, and Blindspotting had the creative genius of Daveed Diggs behind it. Plus, The Venery of Samantha Bird was primed to have 13 Reasons Why sensation, Katherine Langford.

Although Starz has been tight-lipped about these shifts, reliable industry sources have corroborated the news, first leaked by Variety and later authenticated by The Hollywood Reporter.

Written by Jacob Ant

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