More twists in Christmas MURDER! predicts EastEnder fans

More twists in Christmas MURDER!

Viewers of the soap opera EastEnders were given one final preview for the upcoming Christmas episode after Monday night’s dramatic installment. This latest trailer has sparked even more mystery and speculation surrounding who will be murdered during the holiday special.

Fans seem perplexed trying to figure out who the victim will be. Excitement is building as the climactic reveal gets closer.

Some fans have dubbed this storyline “Sixmas” since six main female characters – Suki, Stacey, Linda, Sharon, Kathy, and Denise – are at the center of this plot. This group of women has come to be referred to collectively as “The Six.” With only a matter of days until everything comes to a head, theorists continue struggling to unravel the central murder mystery.

Monday night’s intense episode featured an angry clash between Nish and Eve. This occurred after Nish discovered the truth regarding the relationship between his wife and Suki.

As the two hurled insults inside the Walford East restaurant, Suki optimistically awaited Eve’s arrival at the tube station so they could embark on their new life as a couple.

However, Eve never showed up because Nish attacked her from behind with a bottle as she attempted to leave.

Even more disturbingly, Nish then phoned his son Ravi, instructing him in an emotionless tone to complete Eve’s murder.

The tension didn’t end with Monday’s episode alone. Shortly after airing on BBC One, the final Christmas sneak peek emerged, now centering around Suki.

In this trailer, Suki stands outside the Queen Vic pub gazing pensively at a framed photo of herself and her kids.

The frame slips from her hands, glass shattering on the pavement. Next we see Suki frantically sprinting off into the distance.

Quite the perplexing scene!

Could this imply Nish ends up being the one murdered during the holiday special?

Fans remain utterly confused regarding what transpires next and who meets their ultimate demise.

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Luckily, Christmas is swiftly approaching so fans eager to unravel this mystery won’t have to wait very long.

Even Balvinder Sopal, the actress portraying Suki, expressed her own anticipation.

She playfully teased viewers by posting the cryptic social media message “Roll on Christmas!” hinting at the long-awaited revelations in store during the holiday special episode.

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